What does my bean mean in slang?


Smol is an endearing way of referring to someone or something that is little in stature—so charming that you want to squeeze them.


 As a result, what is the meaning of bean slang?

The Meaning of the Word BEAN “Clitoris” is the Latin word for “bean.” So now that you know that BEAN is an abbreviation for “Clitoris,” please do not thank us. YW! What exactly does the term BEAN mean? BEAN is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is defined above in the BEAN definition section. BEAN is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang word that is explained above in the BEAN definition section.


One can also wonder what rappers are referring to when they use the term Bean.

Ecstasy (MDMA) pills or tablets are referred to as a noun. She had just recently purchased a bean from the DJ.


One may also wonder what Bean means in terms of sexuality.

The following are examples of definitions: hidden sexual behaviour with someone other than one’s partner. (Show 1409 more results)


What does it mean to “take a bean” imply?

verb tense – transitive to abuse or mistreat Alternatively, 2. to engage in sexual activity I’m going to extract a bean from you.


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 Are beans a kind of Xanax?

Xanax, often known as “bars” or “beans,” has become a mainstay of the party scene, where it is commonly found. The benzodiazepines Xanax and other benzodiazepines are responsible for around 30% of all prescription overdose fatalities each year.


What does the slang phrase “beans on a stick” mean?

A beanpole is defined as a stick used to support a growing bean plant, or as a slang word for a person who is both tall and skinny, as defined by the dictionary. A beanpole is a slender metal rod that is used by a farmer to keep his bean plants growing erect while they are in the field. A supermodel who is both tall and thin is an example of a beanpole.


What is a synonym for the term “beans”?

Bean is referred to by many different names. Noun. A plant that belongs to the leguminous family. haricot. Go to the meanings of “haricot.”


In what way does one become a bean person?

By hitting them in the head with an item. More Examples of Sentences using Synonyms More information about bean may be found here.


What is the bean meme, and how does it work?

Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture, popularly known as The Bean, has been the object of a long-running battle of Facebook memes, with a small group of Chicagoans organising Facebook events to draw attention to the artwork. It is a diverse spectrum of events that have gathered thousands of online RSVPs, ranging from the ridiculous to the somewhat offensive.


In what context does it make sense to “roll off a bean”?

When someone gets high on MDMA, they are said to be “rolling on a bean” (Ecstasy). Bean is slang for MDMA in tablet form, which is pronounced “bean.” According to him, he is unable to enjoy his ecstasy high in peace since others are aware that he is high (MDMA has a few tell-tale signs). And, of course, he is unable to sleep due to the fact that MDMA has a side effect of sleep disruption.


What does skiing have to do with sexuality?

It seems like skiing is really a succession of progressively wicked sex activities involving various groups of ladies and males, therefore I’ll make a point of avoiding them in the future. Nighmares that make you happy.


What exactly does Bob imply in terms of sexuality?

Bend Over Boyfriend is a slang word for engaging in sexual activity with a partner.


What does the term “Tapout” signify in terms of sexuality?

To hook up with or engage in other sexual activities with someone is one of the definitions. smack that *ss in the face.


What exactly is a rum and coke in terms of sexuality?

Rum and Coke are two of the most popular alcoholic beverages. You’re a good option for a sexual partner. The presence of rum and coke indicates that you are not attempting to impress us in any way. Everyone’s opinion of your drink is immaterial to you; you like it and it makes you happy, so what else does it matter? Exactly.


What exactly does the term SMOL BOI mean?

Something really little and endearing


What exactly does the term Thicc mean?

It is slang meaning having a full-figured physique, particularly one with a large buttocks and a curved waist. It is used both sexually and ironically in various contexts.


What is the origin of the nickname “bean”?

It has been used as a nickname for someone who is nice to be around for a long time. Bean’s moniker derives from the Middle English word “bene,” which means “friendship.” Bean’s meaning might be translated as “fair skinned.”


What is the correct way to pronounce the word been?

Pronunciation of the word “been” As a non-native speaker, I often hear the word ‘been’ pronounced as /b?n/ rather than /bi?n/, which is what I would anticipate given the double ‘ee’ in the word. The phonetic transcription for the British entry in the MacMillan dictionary is /bin/, but the phonetic transcription for the American item is /b?n/.