What does Popolo mean in Spanish?


Noun in the masculine gender. (Gen)eration) of people The (common) people are referred to as the (classe) il popolo.


What exactly is a Popolo, taking all of this into consideration?

A pressure group established to protect the interests of commoners (in this case, wealthy merchants and businessmen) against the interests of the nobility, which had previously had exclusive control over commune governments in the communes (city-states) of 13th-century Italy, was known as the Popolo.


What does the Spanish word pupu mean?

 popo. ≈ I flatter. The word popo is the first person singular present tense version of the word popar in the first person singular.


Aside from that, what exactly does Pololo mean?

Pololo is a kind of shirt (Chile) Word forms include pololo and polola. Boyfriend/girlfriend is a male term and a feminine noun used informally.


What exactly does the term “Shoots” signify in Hawaii?

shoots (which are not similar) (Hawaii, slang) Okay, that’s OK; that’s fine; of course.


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What exactly is the Grasso Popolo?

When it comes to affluent townspeople in Italian communes from the 13th to the 15th centuries, they are referred to as Popolo Grasso (literally, fat urban residents).


What exactly does the word Popolo imply in Hawaiian?

“Purple” is the Hawaiian term for it. Popolo. Blacks. ‘Black person’ is a Hawaiian expression.


What was the identity of the Popolo minuto?

The popolo grasso was made up of affluent and important professionals and guild members who ruled over commerce and municipal administration in the Renaissance period. As the nouveau riche got entrenched and the old feudal nobility died out or became destitute, the popolo grasso finally produced its own aristocracy.


What exactly does the word Cachar signify in Chile?

‘Catch’ is derived from the English verb “to catch,” and it is used in a similar manner to the English phrase “did you catch that.” It may alternatively be translated as “to comprehend.”


What does the Chinese character Po Po mean?

The Chinese term po – pó is an abbreviation ( mother in law in Chinese)