What does the word Saumensch mean?


Saumensch is a combination of the German terms Sau and Mensch (= pig and human), and it is a general phrase that may be used to refer to both women and men (girl and boy). Saukerl is a little more difficult to translate. It is a mix of the terms Sau and Kerl (which mean pig and (male form of) man).

People often wonder whether the term “Saumensch” is derogatory?

“Saukerl” is a real (though not often used) German swearword, but “Saumensch” is not. Update: As Mirko Klemm pointed out, the phrase “Saumensch” is, in fact, a pretty particular and not very often used disparaging slur for girls or women in several Swabian dialects.


In a same vein, what does Saumensch du Dreckiges say?

(Noun) A filthy term of German origin that is used to characterise a lady. “Saumensch, you dreckiges! You dirty pig!

What is it about Liesel that makes Rosa refer to her as Saumensch?

Another word that has enormous significance is Saumensch, which Rosa refers to Liesel as when she does something wrong or is irritating, but which Liesel eventually recognises as a harsh term of affection. She finds comfort in this in the same manner as she gets comfort in Hans’s smokes and accordion music.

What does the term Arschgrobbler mean?

arschgrobbler is a German term meaning “ass scratcher.”

What exactly does Watschens mean?

A Watschen is NOT a nice hiding place; rather, it is the bavarian term for Ohrfeige, which is a smack in the face. A good hiding place would be a “Tracht Prügel” or to have your “Hintern versohlt.” Answered by jill d #170087 5 years have passed since 7/28/2014 6:12 a.m. Yes, the term literally translates as “a slap on the ear” or “a slap on the cheek.”


What does the word Schmunzel mean in English?

chuckle. In German, the word “chuckle” is used. In German, the word schmunzel is used to describe a chuckle.


What does the term “Caughtoutedness” mean? 

“Criminal behaviour will do that to a person, particularly a youngster,” the author says. They foresee a plethora of caughtoutedness.” I know this is something I believed in as a child: being caught.


What is a Knoller, exactly?

Knoller(noun) is a person who tolls a bell.


What is the title of the second book Liesel steals?

The second book that Liesel stole was named The Shoulder Shrug, and it was taken from a Nazi book burning. There isn’t much information provided about the book, other than the fact that it features a Jewish opponent, which is why it was present at the book burning.


Why did Liesel’s mother abandon her? 

Paula Meminger (Liesel’s Mother) Liesel’s father was taken away by the Nazis before to the novel’s beginning because he was a Communist, and the reason her mother – Paula Meminger – was placing both of her daughters in foster care was to protect them from Nazi persecution.


What does Liesel regard to be the scent of friendship?

When the weather is bad, they take class in the basement, where Liesel paints words on the wall with a kerosene lamp. She determines that the scent of kerosene and cigarettes represents friendship, her Papa, and their time together. For example, Liesel starts to identify the accordion with her Papa and with a sense of security.


Who is Rudy’s hero, and why is he so?

One of the good guys Rudy is an athlete who admires the African-American Olympic runner Jesse Owens and wants to be like him so much that he covers himself with charcoal and runs the track like Jesse.


Who is it that teaches Liesel how to read?

Hans Hubermann is a German writer and poet.


What book does Max offer Liesel?

The ‘Standover Man’ is a character in the film The Standover Man, which was released in 1995.


What methods does Liesel use to learn to read?

Hans discovers that Liesel is unable to read any words on her own, so he starts teaching her the alphabet using sandpaper and a painter’s pencil. Hans continues to read to and educate Liesel every night, despite her continuing nightmares.


How does Rosa Hubermann pass away?

Liesel has been assigned with the delivery of the laundry. Many families eventually relieve her of her responsibilities as a result of wartime economic constraints. Rosa is killed in 1943 when Himmel Street is destroyed, leaving just one survivor.


Why is the statistics record of Liesel’s book Stealing’s death so significant?

Death’s statistical record of Liesel’s book-stealing is noteworthy in and of itself, but it is also significant because it demonstrates Liesel’s defiance to the Nazi government. Despite her defiance, Liesel is able to avert death on a regular basis. Death, as a character, is interested in this. The principal means by which Liesel opposes the Nazi dictatorship is stressed in the title.