What grocery stores qualify for Discover cashback?

What grocery stores qualify for Discover cashback?


Transactions made at stand-alone grocery shops are not included in grocery store purchases, according to the Discover website. Groceries bought in convenience shops, petrol stations, wholesale clubs, or supercenters such as Walmart or Target will not be eligible for the discount.


To put it another way, which food retailers are eligible for Discover cashback?

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM: Members of the Discover it® and Discover® More® credit cards only: Earn 5 percent Cashback Bonus at grocery stores (stand-alone), Walgreens (stand-alone), and CVS (stand-alone) from 1/1/20 (or the day on which you activate 5 percent, whichever is later) through 3/3/20 on purchases of up to $1,500 at participating locations.


Is Kroger eligible for Discover cashback as well? Lastly,

In response to Discover IT's 5 percent cashback for grocery stores Retailers such as Walmart and Target are excluded from the programme since they are considered 'discount' businesses. But since Kroger and Meijer are considered "supermarkets," they will be eligible for the 5 percent cashback offered by Amazon.


Is Walmart considered a food shop for the purposes of Discover cashback in this manner?

In most cases, the Walmart/Target shops that were designed from the bottom up to be comprehensive grocery stores (as most of them are today) code as grocery (5411), and hence qualify as grocery for Visa/MC credit cards that pay additional cashback for grocery purchases.


Is Costco considered a food shop for the purposes of the Discover programme?

You may use a Discover card while purchasing online at Costco.com, despite the fact that the firm exclusively takes Visa credit cards in-store at its warehouse clubs. Only American Express credit cards are accepted on the website; Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards are also accepted.


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What is the procedure for receiving cashback from Discover?

In addition to having no annual fee, the Discover it® Cash Back card offers 5 percent cash back in chosen rotating categories up to a quarterly maximum, and 1 percent unlimited cash back on all other transactions automatically via the Discover it® Cash Back programme. The 5 percent is restricted to $1500 in expenditure every quarter, with the remaining 1 percent being applied after that. It is necessary to activate the system.


Is it possible to earn cash back on my Discover card when I shop at Walmart?

A "cash over purchase" function is available solely from Discover, which is the only major credit card issuer to provide it. This enables you to receive cash back at more than 60 big businesses (like Ralphs and Walmart), saving you the hassle of having to go to the ATM every time.


What is the amount of cash back that Discover offers?

Each three-month cycle, Discover gives 5 percent cash back in bonus areas that are different from one another. To be eligible for the most recent categories, you must opt in (or "activate" your account) online. Once you've completed this step, you'll get 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 in bonus category spending every quarter. All other purchases are eligible for a 1 percent cash back reward.


Do credit cards treat Walmart as if it were a food store?

Walmart is often classified as a superstore rather than a food shop. But if you visit the Walmart grocery website and buy purchases online, the transaction may be classified as groceries, depending on the issuing institution. Take a look at all of the responses from our credit card specialists.


How can I become a member of Discover 5 cash back?

What is the procedure for enrolling in the 5 percent Cashback Bonus programme? It's completely free and simple. If you currently have a Discover it® or Discover® More® card, you may activate your account by logging into your Account Center or calling 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). Keep in mind that you must activate your account every quarter.


What constitutes a supermarket in the eyes of American Express?

Supermarkets in the United States Gristedes. Foodtown. Meijer. Shoprite. Make a pit stop and shop. Vons. Whole Foods Market. Winn-Dixie.


What is the best way to receive cash back at the grocery store?

When cardholders swipe or dip their cards at an electronic cash register, the possibility to earn cash back is embedded into the checkout process. Receiving cash back at grocery shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, and a variety of other retail establishments has been commonplace in recent years.


What is the best way to obtain Discover cashback on Amazon?

Go to the Amazon "Cashback Bonus from Discover" page and click on "Link your rewards account now" to complete the process. You will be presented with the Amazon Sign In screen. Fill out the form with your Amazon account details. Your browser will redirect you to the Enroll a New Card page when you've logged in.


Is Walmart considered a supermarket? Amex?

As part of its definition of "supermarkets," American Express does not cover specialised food shops; select natural food stores; corner grocery stores; superstores such as Amazon; Target; or Walmart; or warehouse clubs such as Sam's Club and Costco.


What is the value of the Discover cash back of $5?

Find out more about it Cash-Back Calendar for the Year 2020 with a 5 percent rebate 5 percent Cash-Back Bonuses are available. Categories When Should You Enroll? Q2 is the second quarter of the year (April-June) Gas stations, ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, and wholesale clubs Now we're in the third quarter (July-September) Restaurants and the use of PayPal As early as May 1st, Q4 (October-December) Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and Target.com are examples of online retailers. As early as August 1st,


Is Sam's Club considered a food shop by the government?

Costco and Sam's Club are excluded from almost every credit card rewards programme since they are considered "club" retailers. In truth, "superstores" such as Walmart Supercenter do not provide this service. Grocery shops, such as Publix, Kroger, and Whole Foods, are stores that are primarily focused on food.


What is the optimal number of credit cards I should have?

Briefly, you should have at least two cards, with each card coming from a different network (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) and each card providing you with a different kind of reward (cash back, miles, rewards points, etc.). What is an excessive number of credit cards?


What is the greatest credit card for earning cash back?

Credit Cards with the Highest Cash Back Rates Discover it® Cash Back is available. Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a cash-rewards credit card issued by Capital One®. The American Express Blue Cash Preferred®Card is a cash-back credit card. Capital One® SavorOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a cash-rewards credit card issued by Capital One®. Citi® Double Cash Card is a debit card that doubles as a cash card. The Visa® Cash Wise® card from Wells Fargo. Cardholders of the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card. The American Express Blue Cash Everyday® Card is a blue cash card that may be used everywhere.


Is Walmart considered a food shop for the purposes of Chase?

Grocery shops have a 5x category this quarter, which isn't unexpected given that Chase often attempts to match the same cash back categories as the Discover It card. As a reminder, Costco, Sam's Clubs, Target, and Walmart do not qualify as grocery shops under the federal definition.