What happened to Hamlet in the end?

What happened to Hamlet in the end?


Upon learning that his uncle has been deceived again again, Hamlet stabs his uncle with the poisoned sword, pleading for him to forgive him and place the guilt squarely on Claudius' shoulders. As of the conclusion of Act V, all of Hamlet's family members have died; Fortinbras is given the Danish throne, fulfilling Hamlet's last wish.


Also, how exactly does Hamlet die at the conclusion of the play?

Even if Laertes is successful in injuring Hamlet, the poison does not cause Hamlet to die instantly. Claudius is subsequently stabbed in the gut with the poisoned sword, and Hamlet makes him to drink the remainder of the poisoned wine as punishment. Claudius perishes, and Hamlet perishes quickly after obtaining his retribution.


Aside from that, who lives at the conclusion of Hamlet?

One of Hamlet's most important characters is Hamlet himself, as well as Claudius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Polonius, Laertes, and the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern play. However, as the curtain falls at the conclusion of Shakespeare's play, only Horatio lives.


What is the significance of Hamlet's last scene in this context?

Claudius and Laertes lay the stage for Hamlet's demise as they decide to assassinate him during a fencing competition. After spending the whole play wondering whether to revenge his father's death or commit suicide, Hamlet is given the opportunity to carry out both deeds in the last scene.


Is the conclusion of Hamlet satisfactory?

"Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet," Laertes requests (5.2.330), which Hamlet readily accepts. The conclusion of Hamlet, on the other hand, is not simply dismal in terms of death. Because the play's protagonist was redeemed and regained favour, it is rewarding in that readers and viewers have someone to root for once again in the play.


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Is Hamlet madly in love with Ophelia?

Despite the fact that he was madly in love with Ophelia, Hamlet advises Laertes, "Be buried soon with her, and so shall I." (V.i.296). In the play, Hamlet expresses his feelings for Ophelia in many ways: when he confesses his feelings to her, when he advises her to become a nunnery in order to protect herself, when he writes her the letter, and after he learns that she has died.


What is the fatal defect in Hamlet's character?

The terrible defect in Hamlet's character is his incapacity to act. The incapacity to attempt suicide, the difficulty to come to terms with murdering his mother, the decision to put on a play in order to postpone killing Claudius, and the inability to kill Claudius while he is praying all demonstrate that Hamlet chooses not to take action.


What is the most famous phrase that Horatio delivers at the conclusion of the play?

"Now comes the cracking of a noble heart," Horatio remarks. I bid thee a good night, beautiful prince, and angelic flights will lead thee to thy slumber!" "Goodnight, beautiful prince, may the angels sing you to sleep," the phrase means.


What caused Ophelia to become insane?

Answer and explanation: Ophelia becomes insane in Hamlet as a result of Hamlet's death of her father, Polonius, in the play. His death would have been tragic enough on its own; the fact that it happened is much more tragic.


At the conclusion of Hamlet, who is crowned king?



What causes Ophelia's death?

When Gertrude informs Laertes and Claudius that Ophelia has drowned in Act IV, scene vii, they are shocked. Despite the fact that she was perched on a branch of a tree with all of her blooms, the branch snapped and sent her into the ocean. Ophelia perished because she slipped into the sea and did not have the strength to get herself out of it when she was grieving.


What was Hamlet's motivation for killing Polonius?

Hamlet was certain that Claudius was spying on him from behind the tapestry, and he wished to assassinate his unscrupulous uncle.. The play's overall plot is that Hamlet mistakenly murders Polonius after mistaking him for King Claudius, whom he thinks is watching on him from behind the tapestry in Gertrude's room.


In Act 1, at the conclusion of the first act, what is Hamlet's plan?

The king and his council consider the possibility of a conflict and agree to let Laertes, the son of the king's lord chamberlain (Polonius), to leave the palace and return to his studies. Understanding that Hamlet is distressed, he attempts to make apologies by persuading Hamlet to quit sorrow and remain in Denmark rather than going to school. Hamlet accepts the offer to remain.


What is the last thing Hamlet says before he dies?

The Last Words of Hamlet The phrase 'I am dying' or 'I die,' or even 'I am dead' is repeated many times to his companion Horatio. As the dying king of Denmark, Hamlet makes provisions for the future of the country in his last brief speech.


What causes Horatio's death?

Osric seemed to have been caught off guard and stabbed in the back. He does, however, return to the scene to deliver his line about Fortinbras' "warlike salvo" of shots. Depending on the interpretation, Horatio may be slain at the conclusion of the play, like in Ingmar Bergman's 1986 production.


What is the point of Hamlet dying?

In light of the unknowns surrounding the hereafter, Hamlet is terrified of dying. However, his options all come down to death - either by suicide or by assassinating his uncle Claudius. Attempting to put an end to his inner problems, he turned to religion, hoping to discover justifications for either committing himself or finding the resolve to murder Claudius.


What occurs following Ophelia's death in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

What caused Ophelia's death in Shakespeare's Hamlet? At the end of Act 4 Scene 7, Queen Gertrude recounts that Ophelia attempted to climb up a willow tree, but that a branch had broken and fallen on her, plunging her into the creek, where she perished. Ophelia, according to Gertrude, looked to be "incapable of her own suffering."


What gives Hamlet the knowledge that he is about to die?

After informing Horatio of his impending death, Hamlet exchanges a final act of forgiveness with Laertes, who dies shortly after absolving Hamlet of his crimes. The sound of marching reverberates through the hall, and a shot can be heard in the distance. His last words are that he wanted Fortinbras to be crowned King of Denmark, and then he passes away.


In the tragedy of Hamlet, who should be held responsible?

In Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Claudius may be held responsible for all of the disasters that occur. He was responsible for the ruin of many of the characters in the drama because of his nasty disposition. The assassination of the King, the choices made by Claudius, and the way in which he manipulates Laertes all contribute to the sad events that take place.