What is difference between top and bottom?

What is difference between top and bottom?


When it comes to human sexuality, the term "bottom" refers to the individual who is penetrated. Summary: The terms "top" and "bottom" are diametrically opposed to one another and have a wide range of applications. The fundamental meaning of "top" is something or someone who occupies the highest position, while the fundamental meaning of "bottom" is something or someone who occupies the lowest place.


Furthermore, what does the term "straight" imply at the top or bottom?

Originally Answered: What does it imply if you are at the top of the list or at the bottom of the list? In sexual terms, a top is often defined as the one who gives or penetrates. The person on the bottom is the beneficiary. A top may be stretched to indicate a larger function in a sexual encounter, such as the one who is in charge of the proceedings.


Furthermore, are the top and bottom the same as the Dom and the sub?

Roles in a scene are shown at the top and bottom of the page (or play partnership). Unless otherwise agreed upon, there will be no focus on power exchange. Decisions may be made at both the top and the bottom of the hierarchy. Dom/sub = The roles that are played in the power exchange (most usually in a relationship).


Simply put, what does the phrase "top and bottom girl" refer to?

Whenever there's a discussion regarding gay or lesbian sexuality, it seems like the topic of "tops versus bottoms" comes up more often than not. To be clear, a top is one who provides penetration or stimulation (dominant), while a bottom is one who receives penetration or stimulation (subordinate) (submissive).


What does a bottom b * * * * look like?

A bottom girl, bottom lady, or bottom bitch is a word used in the United States to refer to a prostitute who is at the top of the prostitute hierarchy working for a certain pimp. A bottom girl is often the prostitute who has been with the pimp for the longest period of time and who regularly earns the most money for her services.


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What does the word Bottom signify in the Lgbtq community?

Bottom - A person who is thought to be more submissive during sexual relations is referred to as a bottom. A low ranking does not always imply a lack of power. In Latin American cultures, this is often referred to as a 'pasivo.' In the homosexual male community, this is referred to as a 'Catcher.'


When do you say you're going to "top someone off"?

Top off is defined as follows: 1: to bring (something) to a close in a dramatic or stunning manner Dessert and coffee were served to round up the evening. The win brings the coach's illustrious career to a victorious conclusion.


What does the term "top off" imply sexually?

A term used to describe the dominating partner in a sexual relationship or experience, particularly the penetrator in anal intercourse, in slang (opposed to bottom).


What is the definition of top energy?

Top Energy Limited (Top Energy) is a New Zealand-based energy distribution and generating business with its headquarters in Kerikeri. Top Energy is the owner and operator of the power transmission and distribution network in New Zealand's far north, which includes the towns of Kaitaia, Kerikeri, and Kaikohe. The service area is 6,822 km2 and provides service to 30,825 clients.


What exactly is head head?

The Meaning and Application of the Phrase The head> element serves as a container for all of the head components in a document. The head> element may include a title for the document, scripts, styles, meta information, and other metadata, among other things. The following elements are permitted to be included inside the head> element: title> is an abbreviation for (this element is required in an HTML document)


What do you think is the best?

The definition of the term "top." (This is the first of five entries.) the most elevated point, level, or portion of something: the peak, crown (2) a piece of clothing worn on the upper torso the top of a plant, particularly the aboveground section of a plant that has edible roots (3) tops of beets


What exactly do you mean by "adaptable"?

The very definition of adaptable. one who is knowledgeable in several areas, disciplines, or talents as well as one who is fluid in transitioning from one thing to another 2: having a wide range of applications or uses; a versatile construction material Variable means that something is always changing or fluctuating: a versatile temperament.


What exactly is a "top girl"?

Top Girls is a play written by Caryl Churchill that premiered in 1982. The storey revolves on Marlene, a career-driven lady who is deeply committed to the advancement of women in business. The play explores the many roles that women may play in contemporary society, as well as what it means and takes for a woman to be successful.


What exactly is a dom?

-dom is an abbreviation for (Entry 3 of 3) 1a: a position of dignity: office dukedom. b: realm: the jurisdictional domain of the kingdom. Freedom is defined as the condition or reality of being free. the holders of a certain post, profession, interest, or officialdom; the officialdom itself