What is Indoc in the military?

What is Indoc in the military?


Typically, when the term "Indoc" is used in military contexts, it refers to going through some sort of physically and mentally taxing ordeal at the start of a special operations training course or boot camp.


As a result, what does the term Indoc mean in the military context

INDOC (uncountable) is a noun (US, military) Indoctrination is abbreviated as I.D.


In addition, what exactly is Indoc in the Navy?

Class for indoctrination. The Base INDOC course is required training for all active duty military personnel. All active duty soldiers must attend the first 2 days of INDOC class. Navy and Marine Corps personnel are required to complete Navy Pride and Professionalism (NP&P) training. SigSafe is necessary for active duty military troops age 25 and younger.


In this context, what exactly is an Indoc?

Indoctrination is the process of instilling ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies, and professional methodologies into a person (see doctrine). According to some, the difference between indoctrination and education is that the person who has been indoctrinated is not expected to question or critically examine the doctrine that they have learned.


In the Navy, what exactly is a sponsor?

The Role of a Sponsor. A Sponsor is named by the Secretary of the Navy. It is a great honour to be named the Sponsor of a United States Navy Ship or a ship that sails with the Navy supporting the fleet. The Sponsor's role is an important one.


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What is PJ training like?

Because an emergency can occur in the middle of the ocean, PJs must be expert divers. This course physically and mentally prepares candidates for the rigours of upcoming combat dive school. It consists of intense callisthenics, middle- and long-distance running, swimming and, most importantly, water-confidence training.


How long is pararescue Indoc?

The United States Air Force Pararescue Indoctrination Course is a 9 week long mandatory selection course that United States Air Force airmen must pass in order to attend the USAF Pararescue training course.


How long is PJ training?

Once in the PJ Candidate Course, you will be challenged physically for ten weeks in Lackland AFB, Texas. The first phase is known as Team Training and is 8 weeks long. It consists of extensive physical training with swimming, running, weight training, callisthenics and obstacle courses.


Are PJ's special forces?

Air Force Special Operations Command's pararescuemen, also known as PJs, are the only Department of Defense specialty specifically trained and equipped to conduct conventional or unconventional rescue operations. These Battlefield Airmen are the ideal force for personnel recovery and combat search and rescue.


What is the opposite of indoctrination?

"Education" is the opposite of "indoctrination". This relationship is fundamental to both. They both share in the same value - “education” representing the positive value, while “indoctrination” represents the compromise of the same value.


What does self indoctrination mean?

Indoctrination means teaching someone to accept a set of beliefs without questioning them. Indoctrination often refers to religious ideas, when you're talking about a religious environment that doesn't let you question or criticise those beliefs.


What is the purpose of indoctrination?

Indoctrination, on the other hand, is a results-driven approach that aims to instil in people a set of habits and beliefs that align with an ideology or political agenda. A preconceived notion or belief is used to set education policy that ends up promoting a particular political agenda.


How do you indoctrinate someone?

Cults, political entities, and even fans of particular sports teams are often said to indoctrinate their followers. If you indoctrinate someone, the goal is to have that person follow a particular set of beliefs (or a doctrine), rather than being able to think independently or know right from wrong.


Is indoctrination still possible?

Today, indoctrination is widely accepted as a type of bad 'education'. Some have focused on the content taught, some on the methods used to teach, others on the intentions of the teacher, and still others on the outcome the teaching produces in the indoctrinated student.


How much does a PJ make a year?

In addition to the base pay, PJs are eligible for several bonuses, including dive pay, flight or jump pay, and pararescue proficiency pay. If you qualify for all three, you would receive up to $650 per month or $7,800 per year as of publication. This would bring the annual salary up to a range of $28,889 to $43,955.


What is the MOS for pararescue?

Air Force Job: AFSC 1T2X1 Pararescue. Pararescue specialist is one of the most dangerous and most important jobs in the Air Force. Not only do these airmen jump out of aircraft; once they land they provide medical treatment and rescue for their fellow troops.


How do I contact a Navy sponsor?



How do I email my Navy sponsor?

REQUEST A SPONSOR E-mail the Command Sponsor Coordinator: TRSponsor@cvn71.navy.mil and/or cmc@cvn71.navy.mil. In the e-mail subject line type "Request a Sponsor". Please copy and fill out the below required information and paste it into the e-mail: ·


What is sponsorship test in merchant navy?

Sponsorship test. Some reputed shipping company organise Sponsorship Test and select candidates for Sponsorship. Basically “Sponsorship” is Job, Placement & Training assurance in WRITTEN given to a candidate who successfully clears all the phase of “Sponsorship Test” organised by the Approved Shipping company.