What is the longest chemical formula?

What is the longest chemical formula?


Titin is referred to as by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). This is the biggest known protein, and as a result, it has the most complicated chemical name. It comprises a total of 189,819 letters when written in its entirety.


Which brings us to the question of what the chemical formula of titin is.

It has a theoretical isoelectric point of 6.01, according to calculations. The protein's empirical chemical formula is C169,719H270,466N45,688O52,238S911 and it has the following structure: It has a theoretical instability index (II) of 42.41, which indicates that it is a very unstable protein.


Who knows what the molecular name of Titin, the world's biggest known protein, is.

"isoleucine" (required ellipses) is the "chemical name of titin, the biggest known protein," which is the "chemical name of isoleucine." Furthermore, there is significant debate as to whether this is a legitimate term.


Also, what is the most difficult chemical formula that has ever been discovered?

Maitotoxin is one of the most complex chemical molecules ever discovered in a live thing, and it is one of the most toxic. It is a poisonous polyether molecule with a fatal dose that is on the scale of nanograms for mice, making it very dangerous.


What is the chemical formula for the element io7?

Iodine oxide is a chemical compound.


Formula for a molecule

I2O IO \sName

diiodine monoxide is a chemical compound that is produced by the breakdown of diiodine.

iodine monoxide is a kind of gas.


I2O IO CAS registry 39319-71-6 14696-98-1 Appearance 39319-71-6 14696-98-1

Unknown purple gas has been discovered.


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What word does it take three hours to say?

A guy has been heard spending more than three hours trying to speak what is apparently the longest word in the English language, according to the recording. The chemical name for titin (also known as connectin) is 'Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl isoleucine'. It is the biggest known protein and is the largest known protein. It contains a total of 189,819 letters.


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There are 45 letters in all.


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Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, according to the definition, is a lung condition caused by breathing very small silica dust particles.


What is the complete chemical name for titin?

isoleucine is required for the production of the protein titin, which is involved in the creation of striated muscle.


What is the protein's chemical formula?

Despite the fact that amino acids may have a variety of different formulae, those found in protein always have the same general formula. In the chemical formula RCH(NH2)COOH, C is carbon, H is hydrogen, N is nitrogen, O is oxygen, and R is a group that varies in composition and structure and is referred to as a side chain.


What is the shortest term you can think of?

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What is the composition of titin?

In addition to immunoglobulin (Ig) and fibronectin, titin is a multi-domain structure that has been discovered to be constituted of two kinds of domains comparable to immunoglobulin (Ig) and fibronectin. Titin contains around 300 Ig and fibronectin domains, as well as kinase domains that are located near to the carboxyl terminus of the protein.


What is the naming convention for chemicals?

A prefix is used in the naming of molecular compounds in order to specify the quantity of a certain element present in the molecule. "Mono-" represents one, "di-" represents two, "tri-" represents three, "tetra-" represents four, "penta-" represents five, and "hexa-" represents six, "hepta-" represents eight, "nona-" represents nine, and "deca" represents 10.


What is the largest compound on the planet?

What is the biggest organic compound that has ever been discovered? - Quora is a question and answer website. The molecule, known as PG5, is the largest synthetic molecule ever discovered in a stable, defined form, according to the researchers. PG5 has a diameter of 10 nanometers and contains about 15 million carbon atoms and 40 million hydrogen atoms. It has a molecular weight of 200 million grammes per molecular weight unit (approx).


What is a compound name, and how does it work?

An acronym is a name that appears in a single name-relationship system. An example of a compound name is as follows: Jon Ruiz, cn=homedir, cn=Jon Ruiz, cn=People There are three components to an LDAP name, and this is the string representation of one of them: ou=People cn=Jon Ruiz cn=homedir cn=homedir


What is the definition of a simple molecule?

Simple molecules are composed of one or two components and a small number of atoms. Chemical bonds are responsible for holding molecules together. Simple molecules like water are kept together by covalent bonds, and they are examples of this kind of molecule. When atoms exchange electrons from their outer shells, ionic connections are formed.


Which of the following is a complicated molecule?

Molecular complexes are created by loose connection of two or more component molecular entities (ionic or uncharged), or the equivalent chemical species, to form a molecular entity. In most cases, the bonding between the components is weaker than that of a covalent link between the components.


How many different types of chemicals are there?

Because of the many ways in which carbon may connect with itself and other atoms, there are more than nine million different organic molecules. Inorganic compounds are those compounds that are not deemed to be organic by their constituents (see below Inorganic compounds).