What is MalO app?


MalO is an exhilarating and dynamic experience that will keep you interested and captivated the whole time you are there. The nervousness that comes with social settings may be crippling, yet after only a few hours using MalO, you will quickly forget about the awful feelings of disappointment that come with them.


Is SCP 1471 a boy or a female, as the case may be?

SCP-1471-A is based on a costume known as Breynz the Zombie Werewolf, which was created by Breynz the Zombie Werewolf. Qarrezel, a skilled costume designer from the United States, designed the outfits. The image of the outfit initially published on the DeviantART website in 2012. While it was worn by a female American model known as Tarangryph in the photograph, it was not.


Second, is SCP 1471 dangerous in any way?

SCP-1471. The Foundation is unconcerned about whether or not anomalies are hazardous. They control it if it poses a danger to normality.


Is SCP 1471 a genuine being, as well?

Description: SCP-1471 is a free 9.8MB programme for mobile devices that is available in online application stores under the name “MalO ver1. 0.0.” SCP-1471 does not have a stated developer, and it has managed to avoid the application approval procedure in order to go straight to the distribution stage.


What is the purpose of SCP 1471?

SCP-1471 is a 10MB phone application labelled “MalO ver1. 0.0” that has been declassified. Upon downloading, the user will get continual pictures of a gigantic, wolf-skull-headed monster, known as SCP-1471-A, at locations that they commonly visit every 3-6 hours for the next 3 to 6 hours after the download.


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Is God a Special Class Person?

A Class VIII humanoid reality-altering creature believed to be Ashur, the Assyro-Babylonian god of air and the supreme deity of the Assyrian pantheon, SCP-3740 is a Class VIII humanoid reality-altering entity. SCP-3740 will quickly accept practically anything spoken by any person, so long as it thinks that person is a comparably powerful god to the one who said it.


Who is Special Containment Procedures 001?

Described as a sapient creature or a group of sapient beings, SCP-001 is capable of initiating and exerting control over anomalous events on Earth and in all areas of space that have been seen so far by contemporary scientific means. The Project Serapis (later known as SCP-2798) was launched in response to the message from SCP-001 being intercepted.


Is there a SCP application?

There are around 5 SCP applications available for free for Android.



In order to investigate SCP-963-capabilities, 1’s Dr. Jack Bright, 1 a Junior Staff researcher in good standing, was assigned the task of doing so and was given access to [REDACTED]. The first to see SCP-963-1 was Doctor Bright, who was transferring it by hand through SCP-076-containment 2’s unit and was one of the initial KIBs (killed in breach).


What does Euclid have to do with SCP?

An SCP object is classed as Euclid when its behaviour cannot be anticipated with certainty, either because the item is sentient, because it acts in ways that are inconsistent with existing scientific understanding, or because its nature is currently poorly understood.


What exactly are Special Containment Procedures stories?

In the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name, The SCP Foundation documents the fictitious institution known as the SCP Foundation. In addition, the website features thousands of “Foundation Tales,” which are short tales set inside the world of the SCP Foundation, which may be read online.


What is the purpose of SCP 999?

The removal of SCP-999 triggers SCP-682’s instantaneous reawakening and the release of an unidentified surge of energy from its body, all the while laughing maniacally in the process. SCP-682 is able to escape and murder everyone in its path since all people within the wave’s range fall into severe bouts of laughing.


What exactly is the Thaumiel SCP?

‘Thaumiel’ is an esoteric item class that appears in the SCP Foundation mythology and associated games. It is used for things that do not fall into one of the three basic classes for anomalous objects or creatures (see below).