What is my AMC Stubs number?

What is my AMC Stubs number?


Under the "Wallet" option on your AMC Stubs Dashboard you will be able to access your AMC Stubs membership number, virtual card, saved credit cards, and gift cards.

Another question was, "How can I discover my AMC Stubs number?"

Under the "Wallet" option on your AMC Stubs Dashboard you will be able to access your AMC Stubs membership number, virtual card, saved credit cards, and gift cards.

The issue then becomes, how much does it cost to become a member of AMC Stubs?

The cost of an AMC Stubs Premiere Membership is $15 for the year. Federal, state, provincial, and municipal taxes may be levied on membership fees in line with relevant federal, state, provincial, and local legislation. We reserve the right to adjust the Membership charge at any moment, however changes will only apply to new and renewal Memberships.

What is an AMC stub member, and how does it work

Members of AMC Stubs may earn points and receive incentives only on purchases that are qualified for AMC Stubs. Members of AMC Stubs are entitled to one big popcorn refill on the day of purchase only, unless otherwise stated. Gourmet popcorn is not included in this offer. Members may only use their AMC Stubs membership and privileges at participating locations. Prices and perks are subject to change without notice.

What is the purpose of AMC Stubs Premiere?

With an AMC Stubs A-List subscription, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the AMC Stubs Premiere advantages at no additional cost. In other words, you'll get free size upgrades on popcorn and fountain beverages, free refills on big popcorn bags, and even priority lane service at the box office and concession stands!

Is AMC still offering $5 Tuesdays? Is it still offering $5 Tuesdays?

Discount Tuesdays are offered every Tuesday by the theatre chain to its AMC Stubs and AMC Stubs Premiere members, who may acquire a ticket for as little as $5. The reduced pricing varies depending on where you are. Most of the time, the discounts are more than 50 percent off the standard ticket price, which is particularly true for nighttime performance periods.


What is the best way to acquire $5 Tuesday movie tickets at AMC?

When they reserve their seat at the box office, online, or via the AMC app on Tuesday, AMC Stubs members will get a $5 ticket to any movie showing at an AMC theatre on that day as part of the $5 Ticket Tuesday promotion. After that, they may spend an additional $5 for the tiny popcorn and drink combination.


Is it true that AMC checks ID?

Members must be 16 years old or older to participate in the programme at this time because they must provide a government-issued photo ID to establish that they are who they claim to be. After competitors like as MoviePass and the now-defunct Sinemia had issues with user fraud, AMC has been striving to find a means to combat this problem.


What is the purpose of the convenience fee charged by AMC?

For example, AMC charges a "convenience fee" for customers who book tickets via the company's website. Currently, that amount is $1.42 per ticket, which is rather reasonable. In addition, they are not presently accepting returns on any "convenience" fees. If you have your AMC Stubs membership number on hand and submit it during the checkout procedure, they will waive the charge for you.


Is it worthwhile to be a member of the AMC?

In addition to these fantastic perks, A-List members are entitled to all of the advantages of AMC Stubs Premiere, which is ordinarily priced at $15 per year. Given the fact that AMC is the biggest theatre chain in the country, having A-List membership seems to be a worthwhile investment if you often attend movies at AMC theatres, which I do on a regular basis.


Is it worthwhile to see the AMC premiere?

It's not worth it, in my opinion. They reward you with 100 points for every dollar spent, which is equal to 10 cents (10 percent cashback). However, you must spend $50 in order to qualify for a $5 reward incentive. Due to the high cost of membership, you'll need to pay $150 each year to break even on your investment.


What is the price of an AMC premiere?

AMC Premiere, which costs $4.99 a month and provides subscribers with access to commercial-free versions of AMC's series as well as extras such as bonus footage, sneak peeks of upcoming episodes, and exclusive behind-the-scenes features, will now be available on YouTube TV's channel lineup, which costs $40 a month and includes a variety of programming.


How much does AMC charge per month for a list?

In the 16 states where the app is most popular, the Stubs A-List programme, which is the theatre chain's monthly subscription service that enables consumers to view three movies a week for $19.95 a month, will raise its monthly pricing to $29.95.


Is the AMC $5 Tuesday deal valid all day?

Tuesday has been designated as "National Discount Day" by AMC Theaters, the biggest movie theatre chain in the United States of America. The $5 basic 2D tickets were available every Tuesday to AMC Stubs members, including those who had a free membership. The discounted pricing for premium tickets were also available to all members, including those who had a free membership.


What can I do to avoid the AMC convenience fee?

You will not be reimbursed for convenience costs; however, you may avoid paying convenience fees by joining AMC Stubs: On our site, our app, and our partner sites, AMC Stubs A-List and Premiere members never have to pay any ticketing costs, and fees are eliminated for Insiders who purchase four or more tickets.


What are the advantages of AMC Stubs?

Every visit includes a free popcorn refill, and every Tuesday you may save up to $5 on tickets while also receiving a $5 prize when you reach 5,000 points. For every $1 paid at the box office and concession stand, you will get 100 points. In order to get a $5 reward, you just need to spend $50, which is five times quicker than the standard programme.


On what day does the AMC a list re-start each week?

When does the week start and when does it end? The week runs from Friday to Thursday, and your A-List weekly privileges are reset every Friday morning, allowing you to see the most recent releases every week of the year.


What is the best way to obtain $5 movie tickets at AMC?

For only $5, AMC Stubs members may purchase a Cameo Combo (a fountain drink and popcorn the size of a cameo) at any AMC or AMC CLASSIC cinema. Remember to bring your virtual card, actual card, account number, or login email address with you to the store when you make a transaction.


What is the best way to obtain free popcorn at AMC?

When you join up for the AMC Stubs programme, you may take advantage of benefits such as free popcorn refills, reduced movie tickets, and a birthday treat. It's completely free to sign up, and for every $1 you spend, you'll get 20 reward points. When you achieve 5,000 points at any level, you may redeem $5.