What is our lounge?

What is our lounge?


What is ourlounge.com and how does it work? ourlounge is an optional platform that McDonald's restaurants may choose to adopt in order to create a simple and engaging website for their restaurant crew and management teams. ourlounge gives access to tools and information that crew and management may utilize in their own restaurants.


Furthermore, how can you register for a membership at our lounge?

To register as a crew member, go to Ourlounge.com and establish an account. (If you already have an account, you can skip to the next step by logging in.) Once your account has been created, please click the "Bravo!" symbol to confirm your participation. Following the redirection, you will be taken to mcdperks.perkspot.com, where you will click "Create An Account."


Furthermore, how big of a discount do McDonald's workers receive?

In addition, you will get a 50 percent discount when you buy two value meals at any time, but only at the location where you work. For any other item, there is no provision for a 50 percent discount. Corporate workers (although I'm not sure about franchisee employees) may take advantage of a discount program called McDPerks, which offers a range of discounts to employees.


What exactly is Peoplestuff, other from that?

People Stuff is an online employee portal that allows workers to reserve vacation time, update their address and personal information, book training courses, and check their payslips from anywhere at any time.


What hours does McDonald's shut on Christmas Day?

The holiday is observed by 92 percent of local merchants, and four out of five eateries are closed, according to Womply, a small company software vendor. Many big restaurant brands will be closed on Wednesday as well, although many Starbucks, McDonald's, and Dunkin' Donuts stores, as well as IHOP, Denny's, and Waffle House locations, will be open.


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What is the source of the meat used in McDonald's hamburgers?

Where does McDonald's beef come from? was the question that was first answered. It is derived largely from cows bred in the United States, but also in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. They make hamburger patties from the scraps of cuts such as chuck, round, and sirloin, which are crushed and molded into patties by hand.


How can I resign from my position at McDonald's?

Simply inform your shift supervisor of your intention to retire and submit a signed resignation. If you live in a state where you have the right to work, please be kind and provide two weeks' notice.


What is the procedure for receiving holiday compensation at McDonald's?

Pay for Holidays You are entitled to four weeks of paid vacation every year, or a pro rata share if you work for a portion of the year. In the case of employees who work 5 days a week, they are entitled to 20 paid days of vacation each year. According to the rules, you are not permitted to roll over unused vacation days to the next year.


What kind of discount do McDonald's workers in the United Kingdom receive?

McDonald's provides its 85,000 employees in the United Kingdom with an employee discount card as soon as they begin working for the company. A medium extra value meal for £2.99 is included, as is a morning extra value meal for £1.99, and a toasted deli sandwich meal for £2.99. There are five basic savings available to employees with the card.


What is the best way to obtain my payslip on Metime?

Some individuals also get their pay stubs through email. If you haven't worked it out by now, here's what you should do: Log in to the Metime service. Navigate to the navigation bar at the top of the page's right-hand side. Select 'People Essentials' from the drop-down menu. If you click on this, you will be sent to the People Essentials Page. On the left-hand side of the page, there should be a green box with the following text:


What is the procedure for receiving my McDonald's employee discount?

To find out whether a certain restaurant is participating, launch the McDonald's Global Mobile App and choose "Locations" from the drop-down menu. Afterwards, choose a restaurant in your vicinity and click on "Deals at this Location." Whether or not the restaurant is a participant, the National Employee Discount offer will be shown on this page.


Is it possible for me to work less hours?

Is it possible for your employer to limit your hours or fire you? The quick answer is that it is only possible if your work contract permits it. Your employer may only terminate your job or compel you to work less hours if your employment contract permits it. If this is not the case, your employer will be required to negotiate a modification to your contract.


Is it possible for me to adjust my schedule at McDonald's?

Yes, you have the option to adjust your timetable.


How can I update my McDonald's bank account information?

DIY - Make changes to your PERSONAL information Enter the website metime.mcdonalds.com.au. "My Profile" may be found on the left-hand side of the website. Change requests may be made by selecting the "Change Requests" option and entering new bank and contact information. These contain the following information: address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and so on.


What is the best way to update my email address in our lounge?

The following actions should be followed in order to change your email address on MyStuff and in ourlounge: When you are signed in, click on your initials/profile image in the upper right hand corner of the webpage, next to the 'Welcome xxx' message, to access your account information. Click on 'Details' in the right-hand menu to get more information. Change the email address associated with your account.


What is the process for changing my availability on Dayforce 2019?

To make changes to the availability, choose Edit from the drop-down menu. Select Edit Default Availability from the drop-down menu. Dayforce reflects the availability at the time of writing. As soon as you move your cursor over a given day, you will see the options for Not Available, All Day, and Copy Previous Day.