What is the theme of loyalty?

What is the theme of loyalty?


Ponyboy comes to the conclusion that when you are a member of a gang, loyalty is vital and expected. When people fail to demonstrate devotion, mayhem occurs. This topic is repeated throughout the novel. The only guideline we have, apart from sticking together, is don't get caught. Two-Bit discusses the rationale of a dispute between two greasers in this episode of the show.


In the same vein, how does loyalty figure into the story of the outsiders?

Loyalty. Ponyboy Curtis, the hero of the film The Outsiders, regards loyalty as a source of pride, dignity, and moral conviction. Despite the fact that he does not like any of the members of his gang, particularly the deadly Dallas Winston, he would go to any length for Dallas and would protect him from harm if at all possible.


In addition to the above, what is the genuine meaning of loyalty?

loyal. Someone who is loyal is dependable and always genuine, much as your dependable dog is to you. Loyalty derives from the Old French term loial, which literally translates as "legal." However, if someone is simply loyal to you because the law demands him to be, it is not real devotion; true loyalty should come from the heart, not from a written agreement with you.


Furthermore, what is the central subject of the outsiders' story?

The idea of class strife is one of the most prominent themes in The Outsiders, and it appears throughout the novel. When a bunch of Socs, West Side affluent kids, jump and torment Ponyboy, a little boy from the East Side in the beginning of the story, this theme is forcefully established. "Hey, grease," one of the Socs remarked in an overly pleasant voice.


Who among the foreigners is the most dependable?

First and foremost, Johnny demonstrates his loyalty to Ponyboy by shielding and defending him from the Socs. Second, Bob's companions were disloyal because, when Bob was killed, they departed the park, despite the fact that they might have provided him with assistance.


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Is the narrative of the outsiders based on fact?

The Outsiders is a non-fiction work of literature. Non-fiction indicates that it is not based on a real tale, while fiction means that it is based on a genuine story.


What exactly does the phrase "remain gold" mean?

It is derived from a line in the film/book The Outsiders that references to a poem by Robert Frost, and is spelled "Stay Gold." In this sense, "keep gold" refers to being loyal to oneself, being innocent, uncorrupted, immaculate, and so on.


What motivates Dally's loyalty?

One of the reasons why the kids in this story remain loyal to their gang is to ensure their own safety. When Johnny assassinates Bob, Dally assists Johnny by providing him with an escape plan as well as money to purchase food. "When you're in a gang, you're expected to defend your fellow members.


Who was killed in the film Outsiders?

Dallas Winston, a greaser and hood, is killed by a police officer after being shot by him. It's probable that he committed suicide in some way. Immediately after Johnny's death, Dally is overcome with sadness and rage.


What is the lesson of the story about the outsiders?

Hinton's theme in The Outsiders is that class struggle is futile, unnecessary, and damaging, and that it should be avoided. "Greaser," as Ponyboy refers to himself, is a name that is "used to classify all of us lads on the East Side," as he explains in chapter one (pages 1 and 2).


What is the greaser code of loyalty, and how does it differ from other codes?

It is simply the belief that each member will stand up for one another no matter what the circumstances are, and they are prepared to go to tremendous measures to assist another member in their time of need.


What is the significance of being loyal?

On a more intimate level, loyalty represents commitment and devotion to another, which allows respect and trust to emerge between people. Business and personal relationships depend on our ability to be loyal to one another. When we have faith in someone, we may take the risk of forecasting their behaviours and behaviour. This is why loyalty is so crucial.


What is the primary source of disagreement among the outsiders?

It is in a state of confrontation with the Socs, a well-to-do gang that is both physical and symbolically impoverished. Ponyboy's buddy Johnny is killed by one of the Socs during a fight, and the two flee the scene. With more emphasis placed on their adventures on the run, the central conflict morphs into Ponyboy's challenges with maturing into a young man of his own choosing.


What is a theme statement, and how does it work?

Generally speaking, the topic statement is a line or two that summarises the subject of a work of art, entertainment, or literature. When discussing a composition, the theme should not be confused with the major concept or storyline of the piece.


In what ways does the subject of family play a role in The Outsiders?

Because he comes from a working-class neighbourhood on the East Side of town, his social standing is unjustly set. The development of the family's relationships is a recurring subject throughout the storey. During the adolescent years, family ties may become strained, but for the Curtis family, the right to be together as a family is a daily battle for survival.


What do green eyes represent in the view of outsiders?

This half of him enjoys going to movies, painting pictures, and reading, and the green in his eyes indicates that side. Cherry's green eyes indicate the fact that she, like Ponyboy, is an outsider. She and Ponyboy are the only characters in the novel that have green eyes, like watching sunsets, and don't fit in with the greasers or the Socs, among other characteristics.


What exactly does the two-bit switchblade symbol represent?

Aside from being his most valued possession, Two-switchblade Bit's exemplifies the contempt for authority on which greasers have always prided themselves, in a number of ways. First and foremost, the blade has been taken. For the second time, it signifies a feeling of personal power that comes with the ability to engage in violent behaviour.


What is it about family that is so significant to outsiders?

Pony and his brothers place a high value on the importance of family. Despite the fact that they do not have parents, they are a family. The devotion that the greasers feel for one another might be thought of as a form of family. Nobody else is going to stand up for them, so they have to do it themselves.


Is the concept of "outsiders" still applicable today?

More than that, despite its age, Hinton's novel The Outsiders continues to be a touchstone for people who were born decades after Hinton completed his high school education in 1945. The age of Socs and Greasers has passed, but the adolescent dynamic that Hinton saw continues, despite the fact that the names of the organisations have changed over time.