What size is Trojan Enz?

What size is Trojan Enz?


a close fit

Brand Features

Dimensions: the length and breadth

Caution Iron Grip should be worn. Fit for a Snugger A snug fit, a narrower width, a silicone-based lubrication, and a reservoir tip are all advantages. 7 inches (178 mm) in length Width: 1.92′′ / 49 mm Height: 1.92′′

Trojan ENZ Latex, lubricated, straight-shape, tighter fit, reservoir tip Trojan ENZ Latex

7.50 inches / 190 mm in length 2 inches (50.80 mm) in width

 In light of this, what exactly is Trojan Enz?

Description of the product. Condoms made with Trojan ENZ Lubricant are our most popular and trusted condoms. They feature a silky smooth lubricant that provides comfort and sensitivity, as well as a unique reservoir end that provides additional security. Each condom is subjected to electronic testing to assist assure its dependability.

In a same vein, is Trojan Enz beneficial?

In addition to being a best-selling item on Amazon, the Trojan ENZ condom is lubricated and manufactured of latex. It has a traditional design with a reservoir tip for greater safety against spills as well as increased enjoyment.......................................... If you're seeking for a simple method of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, these condoms are a perfect choice.

As a result, the issue is whether Trojan Enz is a tiny virus.

Trojan ENZ condoms are my preferred general-use condoms since, in comparison to other condoms, they are very elastic. That means you can wrestle the thing onto any penis if the situation calls for it. The Tang Center also sells Trojan Magnums and Kimono Maxx, which are $2.50 for a bag of ten if you know that your standard condoms will be a bit too tight.

Is the size of all Trojans the same?

The normal Trojan, the Magnum, and the Magnum XL are all 2 inches broad at the base of their respective models. The base must be cinched tightly in order to hold the object in place. There is a little variation in length between the two. A Trojan Non-Lubricated is 7.8 inches long, but a Trojan Lubricated is 7.8 inches long.

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What is the shelf life of Trojan Enz condoms?

The expiry date for most condoms is five years after they are manufactured, while condoms containing spermicide are only good for three years after they are manufactured.


Is spermicide present in all Trojan Enz?

Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide is included inside this condom for the purpose of providing additional protection against pregnancy alone; it is not intended to provide further protection against AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Each condom is subjected to electronic testing in order to increase its dependability. Always insist on Trojan as a backup plan. Made in the United States of America.


Is it more common for condoms to be lubricated on the inside rather than the outside?

Although most condoms are pre-lubricated, adding additional water-based or silicone lubricant may make condoms feel even better and help prevent them from breaking. Apply a few drops of lubrication to the head of your penis or the inside of the tip of your condom before rolling it on, and/or distribute lube over the exterior of the condom after you've put it on and are ready to go.


What kind of lubricant does Trojan employ?

It is meant to lubricate and moisturise the skin of the penile and/or vaginal regions, as well as to improve the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity while also supplementing the body's natural lubrication. TROJANTM BareSkinTM is available in a variety of flavours. This product is compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms made of natural rubber latex and polyisoprene.


What is the reliability of Trojan condoms?

According to Planned Parenthood, when used appropriately, male condoms are 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, while female condoms are 95 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. If the results are based on more average use, the percentages decrease to 82 percent and 79 percent respectively. Condoms may also prevent some skin-to-skin contact in particular situations.


What are the many types of Trojan condoms available?

We have the whole variety of Trojan Condom Types and Sizes in stock and ready to ship to you today. Trojan The Edge Condoms are available for $2.95. Trojan Nirvana Condoms are available for purchase from $3.95 to $15.99. Trojan Pure Ecstasy Condoms are available for purchase from $2.25 to $12.99. Trojan Groove Condoms are available for purchase from $2.25 to $13.99. Trojan Bareskin Studded Condoms are available for purchase from $2.25 to $12.99.


How many men are in possession of a 7-inch?

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 15% of all men have organs that are larger than 7 inches in circumference and only a tiny 2% have organs that are larger than 8 inches in circumference. The study also revealed that the average penis measures slightly more than 5 inches in circumference when pressed hard.


Is it common for condoms to sag a little bit during use?

Condoms shatter or slide off entirely during intercourse on average in roughly 2 percent of cases, typically as a result of improper usage. It is possible to reduce slippage during withdrawal by pressing the rim of the condom against the base of the penis when withdrawing after ejaculation is completed.


What is the name of the condom brand that is the smallest?

What is the purpose of measuring? Condom Size Chart - RipNRoll.com's Small Sized Condoms are available in a variety of sizes. Condom Name Condom Length Condom Circumference Snugger Fit by Lifestyles Brand Condom Circumference Snugger Fit by Lifestyles Brand 7.75" or 190.5mm 3.6" or 91.44mm Extra Sensitive by Durex Brand 7.75" or 190.5mm 3.88" or 98.552mm Extra Sensitive by Durex Brand 7.75" or 190.5mm 3.88" or 98.552mm Condoms in the Ultra Shape measure 7.80" or 198.12mm in length and 3.88" or 98.552mm in width.


Is it OK for a girl to purchase condoms?

The poll also revealed that males account for more than two-thirds of condom purchases, and that 65 percent of women had never purchased condoms before. However, the findings of the poll imply that women who opt to purchase condoms may not be subjected to as much social shame as they formerly were — which is exactly what should be the case.


Do ultra-thin condoms have a high failure rate?

These are trash, and they are prone to breaking. When compared to taking out, they are far less effective. This product line should be discontinued by Trojan. Also, even though they are "ultra thin," it still feels like a condom is being worn.


What is the size of Trojan condoms?

Inappropriately sized condoms may shatter, and inappropriately sized condoms may fall off the penis entirely. In addition, improperly fitted condoms may be painful during sex. The size is large. Characteristics of the Brand Size: Dimensions (length and breadth) Latex, tapering at the base, lubricated, reservoir tip: Trojan Magnum Latex 8.07 inches (205 mm) in length 2.13′′ (54 mm) is the width of the item.