Whats the difference between an Olds 455 and a Pontiac 455?

Whats the difference between an Olds 455 and a Pontiac 455?


Whats the difference between a pontiac 455 a buick 455 and an olds 445 are they the same? about the only thing the same between them is their displacement. parts are unique to each marque. they share the same transmission to engine bolt pattern, too.


Furthermore, is a Pontiac 455 a big block?

The Pontiac Version of the 455 Even the small displacement 326 CID motor is considered a big block. This is the same year that Pontiac used the HO (High Output) to distinguish their engine from the Oldsmobile Rocket version and the Buick Wildcat engines.


Secondly, how much horsepower is in a 455?

 The 455 High Output generated 335 horsepower and 480 foot-pounds of torque for 1970 and 1971. However, power steadily declined beginning in 1972 when Pontiac reduced it to 300 horsepower and 415 foot-pounds of torque.


Similarly, is a Buick 455 a good motor?

In a word, No, the Buick 455 is not a "weak" engine. It does have it's weaknesses, but they all do, and below the 600 HP level, you need to upgrade no more or less parts than you would have to on many engines.


What is the difference between a Pontiac 400 and 455?

A 400 has a standard bore of 4.120 inches. A 455 has a standard bore of 4.150 inches. By using a standard bore 455 piston in a . 030-over 400 block, you end up with a standard bore 455 on 3-inch mains.


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How much horsepower can you get out of a 400 small block?

With the stock Vortec heads, the low-compression 400 managed to make 376 hp and almost 450 lb-ft of torque.


What is the best Pontiac engine?

V-8, with 370hp, could be ordered through most of the 1970 model year, but Pontiac intended the 455 to phase out the Ram Air IV, even though the RAIV could outperform a 455 in the quarter mile. For specific power output, Hanks believes the 1969-1970 Ram Air IV was the best Pontiac engine ever.


What is the biggest Pontiac engine?

As the large-main-journal Pontiac engines found in Pontiac's full-size cars evolved from 421 to 428 and, finally, 455 cubic inches, Pontiac still went with the well-rounded 400 as its go-to muscle car mill.


How much horsepower does a 454 big block have?

454 Big Block Performance Specs The original LS5 engine was introduced with 390 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, while the LS6 was rated at 450 hp.


What does 442 mean?

The 442 configuration — which stands for a 4-barrel carb, 4-speed gearbox and dual-exhaust — was an options package for the Cutlass until 1968, when the 442 debuted as a model of its own.


What does 2 bolt main mean?

Two bolt means each main cap uses two bolts to hold it down. Four bolt means there are four, which means more clamping force, and less likelyhood that the crank is going to push itself out of the bottom of the engine at high RPM / power.


How much horsepower does a 400 big block have?

195 horsepower


How many litres is a 455

455 cubic inches = 7.456 litres So, 455 cubic inches = 455 × 0.016387064 = 7.45611412 litres. Live Currency Calculator Click Here!


Why do they call it a nailhead engine?

It became known as the "nailhead" for the unusual vertical alignment of its small-sized valves, features that were the result of putting both valves on the intake manifold side of the "pent-roof" combustion chamber used in this engine series.


What was the largest motor offered by Buick in 1970?

The new-for-1970 455 was a foot-full. Consider this: In the muscle car vernacular, Buick's 455 stood as the most powerful domestic engine in terms of torque output for the next 22 years, bested only when Dodge introduced the Viper in 1992 (not forgetting Cadillac's 500-cu.in. V-8 that, in 1970, wrung out 550-lb. ft.


Why is it called a nailhead?

When Buick replaced its overhead-valve inline-eight in 1953, the Nailhead became the company's first pushrod V8. The engine took its name from the small valve covers mounted on top of the heads.


Who made the first v8 engine?

Leon Levavasseur


How much does a Buick 455 engine weight?

about 25 lbs.


How much horsepower does a 401 nailhead have?

General Wildcat 445 (400 & 401 Co. In) (400 & 401 Co. In.) Wildcat 465 (425 Cu. In.) Brake Horsepower @ RPM 325/4400 340/4400 Maximum Torque @ RPM 445/2800 465/2800 Taxable Horsepower 56.11 59.51