Will Walmart test my car battery?

Will Walmart test my car battery?


To summarise, Wal-Mart lacks the necessary skills to properly identify a damaged battery and will not respect the warranty term for Everstart batteries. Instead, go to ANY auto parts shop and get a vehicle battery.


In this sense, how long do Walmart vehicle batteries last is an important consideration.

Consumer Rights ranked Walmart's EverStart Maxx Batteries in the centre of the pack, according to the organisation. They weren't the best, but their Life Test, Reserve Capacity, and Cold Cranking Power were all much higher than the industry average. One item we forgot to mention was the warranty length, which is 36 months for a complete replacement and 60 months for a prorated replacement.


Also, how can I determine what kind of battery my automobile requires? You'll need to know the group size of your car's battery in order to choose the appropriate battery for it.

Step 1: Examine your old battery to determine its group size.

Step 2: Consult your owner's handbook to determine the appropriate group size.

Step 3: Look up the size of the group on the internet.

Step 1: Take a look at the label on your battery.

Step 2: Consult your owner's handbook.

Step 3: Conduct an internet search.


People frequently inquire as to whether automobile batteries are less expensive at Walmart.

Walmart offers lower prices, but returns and exchanges are more difficult. I believe a reasonable price for a battery is $50-75 with a guarantee of 3-5 years. The average/high side is between $100 and 115.


Is it true that Walmart provides free auto battery replacement?

Installation of batteries is provided at no cost. Walmart Auto Care Centers are the only locations where we will install batteries for free. We will not install batteries bought elsewhere.


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Are the EverStart batteries sold by Walmart any good?

EverStart: EverStart batteries fall under the category of low-cost or inexpensive automobile batteries. Although this is a smaller battery, it functions well in all weather conditions. It does not need any maintenance at all. It is only available at Walmart, but do not let this deter you from purchasing it since it is a fantastic vehicle battery.


Can you tell me whether the Maxx EverStart batteries are any good?

Maxx, please get going. Affordable EverStart batteries are characterised by their excellent levels of dependability and longevity in operation. In spite of the inexpensive price, the company ensures that the everstart batteries will be of great quality. Products in a variety of pricing ranges are available in the product line that is represented by this particular brand.


Who manufactures the EverStart batteries that Walmart sells?

The majority of EverStart batteries are manufactured by Exide, with a few exceptions manufactured by Delphi. Johnson Control no longer manufactures batteries for Wal-Mart, nor do they manufacture Interstate Batteries (now made by Exide.) Optima and Duralast are two of the most popular JCI battery brands.


Who is the manufacturer of EverStart Maxx?

Who is the manufacturer of EverStart batteries? Johnson Controls manufactures EverStart batteries, which are available at Walmart. The EverStart product range includes automotive, marine, powersports, and lawn and garden batteries, among other types of batteries. Johnson Controls is a battery manufacturer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with headquarters in Milwaukee.


What is the return policy for automobile batteries at Walmart?

Throughout 90 days of purchase, you may exchange your new vehicle battery for a free replacement, and you can exchange your used car battery for a free replacement within the warranty term of the battery you purchased. When you purchase a new battery, remember to bring your old one with you so that you may take advantage of Walmart's free battery disposal service.


What is the warranty period for Walmart batteries?

Walmart's Everystart batteries come with a 5-year guarantee, and if anything goes wrong with your first battery within the first year, you will get a replacement battery at no cost. You will get a pro-rated discount on your next battery purchase if you have purchased batteries within the past two years.


Is a receipt required for the Walmart battery warranty?

For EverStart batteries, which are essentially a Walmart brand, the company will fulfil the warranty period specified on the battery's product packaging. If it is not a battery purchased from Walmart, you do not have a receipt, and they are unable to identify how old the battery is, they will most likely refuse to replace it.


What is the average cost of a vehicle battery?

The cost of a vehicle battery is a significant expense. According to CostHelper, an average automobile battery will cost between $50 and $120, while quality batteries will cost between $90 and $200 per battery. According to service providers on Angie's List with whom we interviewed, the typical battery cost is between $75 and $120 per battery. The cost is influenced by a number of variables, including the kind of battery used.


Is it cheaper to buy vehicle batteries at Walmart or AutoZone?

Batteries at Walmart Walmart auto batteries are available for purchase both online and in-store. EverStart is the name of the store's brand. Prices for auto batteries at Walmart were from 10 percent to 25 percent lower than those at Autozone, PepBoys, Advance Auto Parts (except for online orders) and Salvo Auto Parts. A Walmart promo code is not required to purchase a battery from the retailer.


Is the EverStart Maxx a dependable battery?

EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 65S, EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery, Group 65S This EverStart battery has 700 cold cranking amps, which is a good amount of power. It is a battery with a top post. It is one of the most dependable sorts of cells that you may use to charge your engine's batteries with electricity.


Is AutoZone willing to pay you money for your old batteries?

Bring in your old vehicle battery to AutoZone for recycling and you'll get a $10 AutoZone merchandise card in exchange for it.


Are Duracell automobile batteries of high quality?

The Advanced DA62 vehicle battery from Duracell is a respectable model that provides high capacity, cold cranking amps, and overall performance at a reasonable price. Despite its inexpensive cost, it has outstanding endurance, allowing it to outlast the majority of its rivals.


What is the best brand of automobile battery in terms of longevity?

What is the best car battery brand to use in order to get long-lasting results? DieHard Batteries are a kind of rechargeable battery that is very durable. DieHard batteries, which were sold by Sears and are now regarded to be one of the finest automobile battery brands available. Odyssey. NAPA. Kirkland. Optima. AC Delco is a company that manufactures air conditioning and heating systems. Duralast and EverStart are trademarks of Duralast Corporation.


How long do automobile batteries last on a single charge?

When operating under these circumstances, you may anticipate your automobile battery to last around six years. A automobile battery has a lifespan of between two and five years on average. Because you live in a cold area, if you reside in the northern United States, the longevity of your automobile battery will be significantly extended.