Are Craftsman tool boxes lifetime warranty?


Brands similar to Evolv include Craftsman Professional and Craftsman.


Another concern is if Lowes honours the Craftsman lifetime guarantee on its products.

“No matter where the CRAFTSMAN hand tool was acquired, we will respect any lifetime warranties associated with it. We ask that consumers bring in the item in question, and if we have the goods in stock, we will replace it. Customer service representatives may be reached at (883-331-4569) if we do not have the goods in stock.”


Second, is it possible to exchange damaged Craftsman tools at Lowes?

Warranty information for Craftsman hand tools has been updated. As you are most likely well aware, Stanley Black & Decker has acquired the Craftsman tool brand and is currently selling it via Lowe’s Home Improvement. You didn’t even have to bring your receipt in order to get a replacement; they changed it on the spot with an exact or comparable tool.


Also, where can I take damaged Craftsman equipment to be repaired?

Damaged products should be returned to a stocked Retail Partner, or contact 1-888-331-4569 for more information. There is no need to provide evidence of purchase. This applies to any and all Craftsman tools that were protected by the lifetime guarantee, regardless of the manufacturer or the location where they were bought. If they are no longer available, retail partners are required to replace them.


What kind of tools come with a lifetime warranty?

32 Manufacturers Provide Lifetime Warranties

Aldi. Aldi, the low-cost retailer, charms customers with its well-known Double Guarantee.

Craftsman. This manufacturer of hand and power tools has built a solid reputation for offering one of the most well-known lifetime limited warranties in the industry.

Dr. Martens, please stand by.





Tupperware Corporations.


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How long does the Craftsman lifetime guarantee last if you buy it from Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware now carries the Craftsman brand as well, however they do not fulfil the Craftsman guarantee for the lifetime of the product.


Is it possible to replace Craftsman tools at Lowe’s?

A clarification has been made to Stanley’s lifetime guarantee on Craftsman hand tools. According to their website, if the product does not operate as expected for whatever reason, they will replace it. As of December 18, Lowes will only warranty tools purchased directly from them, and many locations will need a receipt.


Is it still possible to have my Craftsman tools repaired or replaced?

The Craftsman warranty policy may be found here, along with other information. The lifetime guarantee is only valid for hand tools and does not apply to items that are intended to be replaced, such as saw blades. According to the agreement, the tools will continue to be offered at Sears and Kmart outlets. They were previously available at Ace Hardware shops, among other places.


Is it possible to return Craftsman equipment purchased at Lowe’s?

We can only exchange things that were purchased through Lowe’s. No. In terms of Craftsman, certain things do not need a receipt and may be exchanged “no trouble” for the identical item if they are the same model.


Who is the current owner of Craftsman tools?

Stanley Black & Decker is a manufacturer of woodworking tools.


Is it true that Craftsman tools are manufactured in China?

It is important to note that the vast majority of Craftsman tools are not manufactured in the United States. They outsource the production of their numerous goods to a large number of third-party producers. Beginning in 2010, several of Craftsman’s hand tools (made by Apex Tool Group) started to be constructed in China in Taiwan, replacing the previous assembly in the United States.


When returning Kobalt Tools, do you need a receipt?

Keep track of your receipts. You may return any Kobalt tools via Lowes, and since it is their brand, they are required to swap the item.


Is the quality of Craftsman tools still good?

Old against new, USA vs. China, but the agnostic answer is that Craftsman products are comparable with all major brands in terms of price and quality. In light of the fact that Craftsman tools are competitively priced with other manufacturers and of high quality for any home user, the subject of product support, and notably the lifetime guarantee, becomes more important.


When did Craftsman first set foot in China?

The Craftsman brand was purchased by the Connecticut-based manufacturer of hand and power tools in 2017 from Sears Holdings Corp., which had moved Craftsman product production to China several years earlier to reduce costs after decades of contracting with manufacturers in the United States, including Stanley, to produce Craftsman products.


Who is the manufacturer of Kobalt?

With the creation of Kobalt in 1998, Lowe’s and manufacturing partner J.H. Williams aimed to compete against competitor merchants Sears and The Home Depot, as well as their respective Craftsman and Husky tool brands. The Danaher Corporation started manufacturing the bulk of Kobalt hand tools in 2003, replacing the former Kobalt Corporation.


Where do snap-on tools have their start?

Snap-on Inc. is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with additional facilities in Elizabethton, Tennessee, and Elkmont, Alabama. Murphy, North Carolina is home to the manufacturing of pneumatic and cordless tools. Conway, Arkansas is home to the manufacture of wheel balancers and tyre changers.


Kobalt Tools are manufactured in the United States.

Kobalt is presently manufactured by JS Tools, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, although the tools are sourced from Taiwan and China. Steelman is another brand that JS Tools distributes under licence.


What tools are still manufactured in the United States?

8 Outstanding Tools That Are Still Made in the United States Hatchet in the shape of an eagle. Channellock Pliers are a kind of pliers that lock into a channel. Klein Lineman’s Pliers are a pair of pliers designed by Klein Lineman. Leatherman Multitools are a great investment. Hammers from Vaughn and Bushnell. Hammers with a lot of grit. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks is a Danish manufacturer of tooling. Bench planes are used for a variety of tasks. Eklind Tools is a company that specialises in hand tools. Hexadecimal keys.


Who manufactures the Husky toolboxes?

The Home Depot is a retailer that sells a variety of home improvement products.