Can you cancel an order from 1800flowers?


Cancelling a Purchase Order

Please note that if you have requested that your purchase be delivered on a certain date in the future, we will do all we can to accommodate your request. If you want to cancel your purchase, please contact us using one of the ways listed below: Please contact us at 1-800-227-5387. Send an e-mail to custserv@1800BASKETS.COM to reach our customer care staff.


Is it true that 1 800 Flowers always delivers on time?

Flower delivery that is prompt, as well as excellent customer service For same-day delivery, you must make your purchase by the following deadlines in the time zone of the gift recipient: 2:30 pm weekdays, 1:45 pm Saturdays, and 11:45 a.m. Sundays in the recipient’s time zone. Simply call 1-800-356-9377 or use our secure online flower ordering system to make an order for flower delivery.


In addition to the aforementioned scenario, what happens if flowers are brought but no one is home?

If the intended receiver is not there to receive their flowers, a letter will be placed at the delivery address designating the undelivered item as ‘perishable’ and asking that it be picked up. Depending on the circumstances, deliveries may be left in a safe location determined by the driver, which may be on the recipient’s property or with a neighbour if necessary.


Also, did you know that you can send flowers anonymously with 1800flowers?

Yes, you have the option of sending an anonymous message. Except for the details given on the greeting card purchase form, your receiver will not get any other information about the reservation from you. Consequently, if your name is not included on the card statement, the receiver will have no means of knowing who delivered the flowers.


When ordering flowers from 1800flowers, what is the service charge?

Total Order Amount (Including Shipping Fees)

$75.00 to $99.99 $14.99 $100.00 to $149.99 $19.99 $150.00 to $249.99 $19.99 $150.00 to $249.99

$25.99 $250.00 to $349.99 $35.99 $250.00 to $349.99


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What method is used to distribute 1800 flowers?

Your purchase will be sent to a local flower shop, where it will be skillfully crafted and personally delivered to the recipient on your behalf. You may have them delivered the same day if you make your purchase by 2 pm Monday through Friday, 1 pm Saturday, and 11:30 am Sunday in the recipient’s time zone.


What time does FTD typically deliver flowers to its customers?

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


Is it possible for you to find out who delivered you flowers?

It is possible to send anonymous bouquets to anyone; but, if the receiver requests to know who gave the flowers, we are required by law to inform them of the sender’s identity. In this day and age of stalkers and other unscrupulous individuals, the florist must be able to identify the sender, and the receiver must be safeguarded and informed.


How much does it cost to have flowers delivered?

All of our unique gifts, flowers, and plants are delivered by FedEx®, UPS®, or the United States Postal Service® inside the United States. Charges for standard shipping and same-day delivery services begin at only $17.99 per order, while pricing may vary depending on the delivery location and calendar day in question.


What is the best way to get flowers sent to someone?

Our same-day flower delivery service is available on the majority of our flower arrangements if you need something last-minute. Simply make your order before 3:00 PM Monday through Friday, or before 12:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday (in the recipient’s time zone), and our local florist will deliver the flowers the same day!


What else might you give in place of flowers?

Our Top Picks for Sending Gifts Instead of flowers, you’ll get guaranteed happy tears. Create the prettiest care package ever to send as a “Party” to someone. Please provide delicious ice cream. Treat them to a day at the spa, a massage, or a class in yoga or meditation. Send a warm cup of soup to make someone feel better. Give yourself the gift of a professional house cleaning. Send magic in the shape of a unicorn.


What does a bouquet of white roses symbolise?

White symbolises innocence, purity, sympathy, and spirituality. yari2000/Shutterstock. White roses were traditionally employed as a sign of real love in ancient times, a connotation that would later become associated with the red rose, which has become its trademark. This classic wedding flower, also known as the bridal rose, is a white rose with a pink centre.


Which is the most reliable online florist?

The Most Professional Flower Delivery Services for Any Occasion (That You Can Order Online) 1-800-Flowers is the best overall choice. Among the best options is FTD. BloomsyBox is the best subscription service. Amazon is the most convenient option. Lula’s Garden is the best place to buy succulents. ProFlowers is the best option for same-day delivery. Urban Stems is the best option for those on a tight budget.


Is it strange to receive anonymous gifts?

Sending unwanted presents to someone who plainly does not want to be noticed is something that should not be done under any circumstances. As long as you are just shipping one gift at a time, everything should be OK. It is always preferable, though, to express your admiration for someone in person. Doing anything anonymously these days may be a little unsettling.


Is 1800flowers a company that uses local florists?

Flower Delivery Options that Meet Your Specific Requirements Flower Delivery by a Local Florist on the Same Day – Flower orders placed with us for same-day delivery are all personally delivered by one of our professional local florists.


Is Flower Delivery a Confidential Service?

Flowers have been delivered, and everyone is delighted! However, while sending flowers via Social Flowers, you have the option of putting ‘Your Name On The Order” as ‘Anonymous’ instead of ‘Your Name On The Order’. This is the only name that the Recipient will see.


What is the best way to send flowers anonymously?

How to send flowers in an anonymous manner. Visit and choose the arrangement you want to send. Fill out the form with your information, including your address and phone number (we will advise you by sms when the flowers are dispatched and delivered). Fill up the blanks with the recipient’s information.


What time does 1800flowers deliver their flowers?

From 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.


What is the best way to give someone a gift when I don’t have their address?

Karma is a new software that allows you to give presents to pals instantaneously, even if you don’t know their actual location. Karma is a service for “in-the-moment giving,” allowing you to send anything from a bottle of wine to a fuzzy teddy bear to pals through SMS, email, and Facebook, depending on your preferences.