Does subway make 6 foot subs?


Subway on the Run!

All of your favourites are neatly packed and ready to go. Items that are currently available include: a 6-inch sandwich, chips, and a freshly baked cookie are all nicely packaged in a compact to-go box for your convenience. a footlong sandwich, chips, and a freshly baked cookie are all simply packaged in a simple to-go box for you to enjoy on the move.

Then there’s the matter of how much a 6-foot Subway sandwich costs.

Menu and Pricing for Subway Catering

GIANT SUBSCRIBERS When it comes to size, 3 ft. will serve 10-12 people, and 6 feet will serve around 20-25 people.

Food Size Price

$48.00 for a 3 ft. Giant Sub

Giant Sub 6 ft. (96.00 dollars)

$144.00 for a 9-foot Giant Sub


As a result, the issue is, what exactly is a large sub at Subway?

 Prices for Subway Catering

Food Size Price

Three-foot Giant Subs serve 10-12 people, whereas a six-foot Giant Sub feeds 20-25 people.

Submarine Giant 3 ft., $51.99

$99,98 for a 6-foot Giant Sub

$149.97 for a 9-foot Giant Sub


In the same vein, how many passengers can a 6 foot subway car accommodate?

There are 25 persons in total.

What is the best way to cook a huge sub?

Place the cooked bread on a serving tray and cut it in half so that it is divided into two layers. 1 tablespoon each of oil and vinegar on the bottom half of the pan, and 1/4 teaspoon of Italian seasoning on top of the bottom half. Provolone cheese, salami, ham, pepperoni, lettuce, and tomatoes are sprinkled on top.


What is the cost of Costco sandwich platters?

The following are the alternatives available at our local Costco: $32.99 for a Croissant Sandwich Platter (serves 16-20 people). Chicken & Swiss Rollers (serves 20-24 people): $32.99 per serving. $39.99 for a Shrimp Platter (serves 20-24 people).


What is the maximum number of subs that can be served on a subway platter?



What is the cost of a Subway catering platter?

Subway’s Catering Services Combo Platter in the Classic Style $38.00 Create Your Own Platter for $38.00 The Flavor Craver Platter is priced at $3Fresh Fit Platter from Subway is $38.00; Toppings Platter is $10.00.


How many people can be served by a 3 foot sub?

Our 3 foot subs can serve around 10-15 people. The sub may be made entirely of one kind of meat, or it can be divided in half. (1/50 Italian and 1/2 Ham & Cheese, for example). Our 4 foot sandwiches can serve around 15-20 people.


What is the maximum number of sandwiches that can be put on a platter?

There are 56 quarters on each plate (14×4 sandwiches).


How much does a Jimmy John’s party platter set you back?

Prices for Jimmy John’s Menu Items Price for a Serving of Food Platters for a Get-together Any Substitute Can Be Used Sandwiches for 5 people Platter with 15 pieces for $28.50 Sandwich Platter with 30 Sandwiches for $56.00 Party Subs


Is it true that Costco sells meat and cheese trays?

Trying Yet Another Party Platter at Costco The Meat and Cheese Platter is $26.99 and feeds 16 to 20 people, which is truly a terrific price. It contains three pounds of meat (one pound each of chicken, ham, and roast beef), as well as 28 pieces of cheddar cheese (8 to 10 slices each of provolone, cheddar, and Swiss).


What is the cost of a 6 inch subwoofer?

They serve footlong sub sandwiches in two sizes: 6-inch and 12-inch, which are both known as footlongs. Prices for Subway’s menu items. Price for a Serving of Food a six-inch meatball marinara for $3.99 Footlong Pizza Sub with Melt $7.49 Six-inch Pizza Sub with Melt $4.99 Roasted Beef Footlong (nine dollars and forty-nine cents)


A 6 foot sub at Walmart costs how much?

Items on the Walmart Catering Menu with Prices Sub Sandwich 4ft $28.00 Sub Sandwich 6ft $32.00 Sub Sandwich 8ft $32.00 Pinwheel Tray Small 12″ $14.00 Pinwheel Tray Medium 16″ $24.00 Pinwheel Tray Large 24″ $14.00


What is the cost of party subs at Walmart?

Prices for Walmart’s Catering Menu 12″ Small Food Price Display (serves 6-8) Medium 16″ $14.00 16″ Large (serves 12-16) $26.00 18″ x 18″ Extra Large (serves 15-20) $34.00 Tray for Sandwiches


What does a 6 foot hero cost in terms of money?

 The 6-foot (or, in football jargon, 2-yard) hero has emerged as one of the most valued players at Super Bowl parties, alongside beer and guacamole, among other things. Its size makes it a celebratory main dish, but its pricing makes it a particularly cost-effective option. Prices vary, but on average, a foot costs roughly $15 to rent.


What is the definition of Italian BMT?

When it comes to Subway sandwich shops, the acronym B.M.T. (Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest) is a play on the Brooklyn Manhattan Transit system, which was a part of the overall motif of the first Subway sandwich restaurants. It’s made using Black Forest ham, Genoa salami, and spicy pepperoni, among other things.


What is a subway platter, and how does it work?

Sub-Platters are a kind of plate that is smaller than a standard plate. For social or business gatherings when there are more mouths to feed, Subway® Platters are the perfect solution! Each Subway® Platter has 16 neatly proportioned Three-inch Subs, making it the ideal choice for meetings or large groups of people to eat together. You may also customise your order by include salads, cookies, beverages, and crisps.