How do I access my Mizzou email?


Click on the button in myZou or go to Webmail and log into your email account using your PawPrint and the newly chosen password to get access to your email.


In a similar vein, the question “How do I log into my Mizzou email” is raised.

Setup for the first time:

Go to to access your email.

To learn more about becoming a new student, click on the link below. At the bottom of the page, click on “Get Started.”

Enter your myZou login and password in the appropriate fields.

Log in by clicking on the Log in button.

The email address for your MU Office 365 account is

For your email account, you need create a strong password.

Return to the webmail interface.

Click on the Submit button.


In a same vein, how can I configure my Mizzou email on my Android phone?

Android 2.2 (Jelly Bean):

All of the applications should be opened.

Make a selection from the Settings menu.

Select Accounts & Sync from the drop-down menu.

At the bottom right of the screen, click on Add Account.

Select Exchange ActiveSync from the drop-down menu.

Fill out the email address area with your complete email address (for example,, where yourSSO is your S&T SSO login).

In the password area, enter the password you used for SSO.

Manual Setup should be selected.


Furthermore, how do I set up my Mizzou email account?

App for sending and receiving emails on an Android device:

Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

Add a new account by selecting it from the Accounts menu.

Select between the Corporate or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync options.

Fill out your complete email address (for example, “”).

To proceed, use the Next button.

Password is where you enter the password from your email account.

To proceed, use the Next button.

In the Server field, enter “”


What is the procedure for changing my Mizzou email password?

Webmail at the University of Missouri

Go to to get started.

Enter your myZou login and password in the appropriate fields.

Log in by clicking on the Log in button.

Select Self Service from the drop-down menu.

In the Office 365 Account box, choose Reset Office 365 Password from the drop-down menu.

New Password requires a new password to be entered.

In the Confirm New Password box, type in the new password you created.

Submit the form by clicking on the Submit button.


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