How do I bookmark a line in Visual Studio code?


There are six correct answers. Select Install Extensions from the drop-down menu and click Enter. Then select Bookmark from the menu bar and hit Enter. Following that, you may choose to tweak the keys that are used to create a bookmark and navigate to it. See this inquiry for more information.

Furthermore, how can I create a bookmark for a piece of code in Visual Studio?

Prior to creating a bookmark, you must first choose a line in your document and set the text cursor on it. Open the Edit menu, pick the Bookmarks sub-menu, and then click “Toggle Bookmark” to complete the process. You may also toggle a bookmark by using the keys Ctrl-K,K. The bookmark shows as a square-shaped glyph in the margin to the left of the code, just above the line break.


Another question that may arise is, “How can I choose a line in Visual Studio?”

 For example, you may use the keys ctrl + E followed by U to select one or more lines in a document. This combination is also effective for uncommenting a single line or a group of lines. This combination seems to be a little unusual to deal with at first, but you will get used to it pretty quickly:) You may also use the Ctrl + X keyboard shortcut to cut an entire line.

Second, what is the best way to bookmark anything in Visual Studio?

Using Visual Studio, you may create bookmarks in your code to save time. Yes, you may toggle a bookmark by using the hotkey combination Ctrl + K + K (that is, Ctrl and K, followed by still another K). Then you may use the shortcuts Ctrl + K + N for the next bookmark and Ctrl + K + P for the prior bookmark to navigate between them.

So what exactly is the point of using a bookmark in Visual Studio

In Visual Studio, you may use the Bookmark feature to keep track of a particular line in your code that is referenced elsewhere in the solution. After that, you may rapidly return to a certain spot or move back and forth between multiple bookmarks as you see fit. This allows you to go around your code far more quickly than you would be able to do otherwise.


In Visual Studio, what is the shortcut for the comment feature?

There are keyboard shortcuts for commenting and uncommenting in Visual Studio, but they are inconvenient double-shortcut combinations: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C to comment, and Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U to uncomment (see below).


What is the best way to choose the current line?

To pick a whole line, hold CTRL+SHIFT and hit the left/right arrow keys to move the cursor all the way to the beginning or end of the currently selected line.


What criteria do you use to choose a line?

Alternatively, if you wish to highlight an entire line of text, move your cursor to the beginning of the line while holding down the Shift key and pressing the down arrow. You may also use the shortcut key combination Shift+End to quickly exit the programme. Tip: To select all text in a document, enter the shortcut key Ctrl+A on your keyboard.


In Visual Studio, how can you select many lines at the same time?

For those of you who have ever desired to change numerous lines of code at the same time in Visual Studio, here’s a fast trick. Simply place your cursor at a location in your code and hit and hold the SHIFT and ALT keys at the same time. Following that, use the up and down arrows to choose the lines you wish to change.


What is the function of the Ctrl f4 key in Visual Studio?

Shortcut for manipulating windows Description The key combination Ctrl-F4 closes the current MDI child window. Shift-Esc This command closes the current tool window. To move the pointer to the navigation bar at the top of a code view, press and hold Ctrl-F2. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Tab cycles through the MDI child windows one at a time.


In Visual Studio Code, how do you pick the whole line?

There are two responses. All you have to do is place the cursor wherever on the line without making any selections, and then execute the required command that has been specified (Cut, copy, or paste). As soon as VS Code detects that there is no text selected, it will automatically select the whole line.


What is the best way to utilise beautify in Visual Studio Code?

Simply right-click on the text and pick “Format code” from the context menu. Visual Studio Code makes use of the js-beautify library internally, but it does not provide the opportunity to customise the style you want to use. The “beautify” addon allows you to customise your appearance. When you insert the semicolon, it will be formatted in the appropriate way.


What exactly does the f5 key in Visual Studio accomplish?

You may start your project in debug mode by using the F5 key, or you can start your project without debug mode by pressing Ctrl-F5.


When executing a Visual Basic application, what is the shortcut key to press to start the programme?

Keyboard Shortcuts The (Add-ins) menu is shown by using the Alt + A key combination. The (Format) menu is shown by using the Alt + O key combination. The keyboard shortcut Alt + Q closes the Visual Basic Editor window and returns the user to the programme. The (Run) menu is shown by using the Alt + R key combination. The (Tools) menu is shown by using the Alt + T key combination.