How do I cancel my Better Homes and Gardens magazine?


How to Terminate Your Subscription to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Go to No API.jsp on your internet-enabled device and fill out the form.

Log in using your Account Number and Email Address to access your account (or your full name, email address, and billing address)

In the left-hand sidebar, choose Your subscription status from the drop-down menu.

Select “Cancel” from the drop-down menu next to the “Active Subscription” heading.


How can I update my mailing address for Better Homes & Gardens magazine, just to be clear

You may make changes to your mailing address using our online customer support centre. The online customer support centre may be accessed by clicking here.


Also, how can I cancel a magazine membership that I no longer want?

Subscriptions to magazines may be cancelled.

Find the magazine in your list of current magazine orders by searching for it.

To cancel your membership, click Cancel subscription.

For your modification to be effective, follow the on-screen instructions.


What is the process for cancelling my Southern Living subscription?

Subscription, account, change of address, cancellation, and trial problem inquiries should be sent to

Southern Living PO Box 37508 Boone, Iowa 50037-0508 is the company’s mailing address.

Toll-free number is 1-800-272-4101. is the e-mail address.

Southern Living magazine’s mailing address is shown below.

205-445-6000 is the number to call.


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Change the address of the Do It Yourself magazine?

What should I do if I want to alter my mailing address for Do It Yourself magazine? Logging into your account and changing your address is a simple process that can be completed online. To change your address, go to ‘My Active Subscriptions,’ click on the address change option next to the magazine you want to change, and input your new address. That’s all there is to it!


How do I keep track of my magazine subscriptions?

Steps Make a list of all of your subscriptions and keep it handy. If you want to improve your management of magazine subscriptions, you should start with a list. Organize your bills according to their due dates. Rearrange your to-do list according to its due date. To pay invoices on specified days, make a list of the dates. Set up alert systems to notify you when anything happens. Make whatever invoices you can that can be automated. Please report any problems that are not addressed. Notify us of any address changes.


What is the best way to contact Better Homes & Gardens?

If you have any other questions about your subscription, please contact us at 1300 301 567 or If you have any questions about the television show, please contact 02 9394 2468 or If you have any questions about the magazine, please contact 02 9394 2496 or


What is the best way to send a magazine?

After 60 days, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will no longer forward periodicals to your new address, so notify the magazine of your relocation as soon as possible. If your relocation is just temporary, the United States Postal Service will simply discard your magazine. If your relocation is permanent, they will return the magazine to the sender, along with your new mailing address information.


What is the best way to read a magazine label?

On the bottom of the cover of magazines that are received in the mail, you will typically find mailing labels. The majority of them contain the same basic information, such as your address, subscription number, and the date on which the subscription expires. To decipher magazine labels, simply follow a few simple rules of thumb. Turn your magazine upside down so that it is now facing you.


What is the best way to keep track of my magazine subscriptions?

Distribute this page to your friends and family. Always keep track of your magazine subscriptions, including account numbers and expiration dates, in a separate notebook or folder. You can also contact the magazine publisher directly if lists aren’t your thing – or visit the magazine’s customer service website for account information and renewal prices.


What is the procedure for updating my address with InStyle magazine?

Current subscribers can also renew their subscriptns, change their mailing addresses, and order gift subscriptions or back issues of their favourite magazines. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone at 800-274-6200 to inquire about a subscription or back issue. What is the best way to find out more about an item that has been featured in InStyle magazine or on


How do I make a change to my mailing address on my Hearst magazine subscription?

Making a change to your shipping address Using a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, log into your Hearst Magazine account. Select the sign in or login option from the drop-down menu. A login option will be provided to you, and it will be either your email address or your account number. To change your shipping address, choose the option that best suits your needs.


Is it against the law to subscribe someone to a magazine?

The purchase and delivery of an item is legal, but it is unlawful for someone to order an item and have you billed for it without your consent…


My Money magazine subscription has been cancelled. What happened?

Meredith Corporation recently announced that Money magazine (which has approximately 400,000 subscribers) would cease publication after the current June/July issue. Kiplinger has acquired the direct-to-publisher (DTP) subscription file from Money magazine (which has approximately 400,000 subscribers). Meredith will continue to be the owner and operator of the digital Money brand in its current form.


How do I cancel my subscription to magazines that I receive in the mail?

Create a user account on to begin. The Direct Marketing Association’s consumer website can be found here. It enables you to unsubscribe from all catalogues at once or from a specific set of catalogues that you’d like to stop receiving emails from. You can also choose not to receive magazine and credit card offers if you don’t want to.


What is the process for unsubscribing from Maghelp?

Our website provides several options for updating your billing information and credit card number, changing your subscription, or cancelling it. Please see the following for more information: Automated Phone Line (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week): 1 (877) 755-8491. 1 (877) 755-8550 is the number to call for live customer service (9 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET). You can reach us by email at Update:


Can magazine subscriptions have a negative impact on your credit?

You should, of course, carefully read the fine print, but if you receive calls or letters from actual collection agencies stating that your unpaid subscription has been turned over to collections, it is possible that this will appear on your credit report.


What is the cost of a Time magazine?

Awarded for its coverage of politics, health, business, technology, science, entertainment, and the news from around the world, TIME is a leading American news magazine. The cover price is $5.99 for each copy. TIME magazine, published by TIME USA, LLC, publishes 14 double issues per year at the moment. Each issue counts as two of the 52 issues in a year’s worth of subscriptions.