How do I quiet noisy strut mounts?


Remove the wheel and liberally saturate the top (and bottom) of the strut coils with WD-40, silicone, engine or transmission oil, or other lubricant of your choosing. The strut bearing is located at the very top of the strut coil and may need additional spraying in order for the lubricant to enter through the small space in the rubber seal to reach the bearing. Make sure to do it on both ends.


Another question is whether a strut mount may generate noise?

The need to replace strut mounts may be caused by a number of different factors. The most typical instance is when a worn-out strut mount makes a clunking or rattling noise, which may be quite annoying. Mounting bracket for the front strut. When a metal plate separates from the rubber within the mount, this sort of noise may be heard. It can also be heard when an old strut bearing wears out.


In a similar vein, why does my car clang when I drive over potholes?

If you hear a clunk as the suspension moves over bumps, the most likely cause is excessive clearance in a joint as a result of wear and tear on the component. Simple things like a loosened strut gland nut or something more subtle like a shrunken and dried-out rubber bushing might be the source of the problem.


And what type of noise does a faulty strut create as the result?

When the strut is squeezed, the knocking sound that is often heard is created by the strut “bottoming out” or making metal-to-metal contact with the surrounding metal. This is most likely due to worn out or damaged struts if you hear a banging or clunking sound originating from the region around the front or back tyres.


Can I use WD40 to lubricate my shocks?

Your shocks were completely unaffected by the WD40.


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What is the source of the noise coming from my new struts?

Occasionally, when a strut bottoms out, the metal-to-metal contact might result in a banging sound that can be heard from from either the front or rear tyres. Another possible source of suspension-related noise is tyre cupping, also known as scalloping.


What causes the failure of strut mounts?

While in service, strut mounts are exposed to significant vibration, and like with any rubber-to-metal bonded component, they are vulnerable to wear with time. The wear and tear on strut mounts and bearing plates may cause noise, steering binding, and even steering pull if they are not replaced.


What is the proper way to lube strut bearings?

Apply lubricant to the struts Raise the car with the help of the jack. Remove your hands off the steering wheel. The oil in the aerosol can should be used to spray lubricant on the turn plate, strut bearings, and bushings, among other places. Filter out any excess oil from the syringe and inject it into the turn plate, strut bearings, and bushings as needed.


What does it sound like when a control arm is malfunctioning?

The presence of a deteriorating ball joint or control arm bushings is indicated by a variety of symptoms such as a clicking, popping, or cracking sound as the wheel is spun. If you come to a complete stop, push the gas pedal, and/or spin the steering wheel repeatedly, the clicking and popping will eventually develop into a squeaking sound.


What does it sound like when a suspension is failing?

Squeaking or creaking sounds coming from your suspension while you round corners might indicate that your ball joints are beginning to wear out. There are a variety of indications that a ball joint has been compromised. On addition to creaking cornering, you may also hear a banging sound while travelling over bumps in the roadway.


What does it sound like when a stabiliser link is not working properly?

In the event that you’re driving down the road and you begin to hear a loud clunking, rattling, or metal-on-metal scratching sounds, it’s possible that the stabiliser bar links are making the noise. This kind of noise will be made by the sway bar as the links get worn out, which will be heard most often while driving around curves or going over speed bumps.


What is the lifespan of strut mounts?

A well placed replacement strut mount should survive many years, say 10+ years in the case of my 2002 GC, which still has the original strut mounts on it, despite the fact that it is driven on salty roads in the winter.


What is the maximum amount of time you can drive with defective strut mounts?

Eight hours of driving on a tyre with a strut in such condition will rapidly eat away at a tire’s life expectancy.


Is it necessary to repair all four shocks at the same time?

The answer is yes, you must replace both shocks at the same time. One new shock may (and will) have a negative impact on the handling and, therefore, the safety of the vehicle. It is possible that the new shock will have different damping properties than the previous one, resulting in strange steering behaviour, loss of traction on one wheel, and other issues.


What happens if a strut breaks while you’re on the road?

A strut’s function is to absorb the bounce that occurs when your automobile drives over bumps on the road. Drivers and passengers will find it highly unpleasant to drive with a broken strut, and it is extremely dangerous in an emergency situation. It might also cause harm to other parts of your vehicle.


Approximately how much does it cost to install a strut mount?

If you need to have the struts changed, you can expect to pay between $600 and $800 for the service. In terms of overall cost, the strut mount is one of the more affordable components of the system. This element is often changed during strut installation since it is inexpensive (prices range from $10 to $40) and of high quality.


Is it necessary to repair both the front and rear shocks at the same time?

Even though it is not required, it is generally advised that they be replaced in pairs, for example, both front struts and both rear shocks.. This is due to the fact that a fresh shock absorber will absorb road bumps more effectively than an old one. It is not necessary to replace the spring if it is in excellent condition since it may be re-used with the new strut.