How do you get all attacks in Prodigy?


All-Out Attack is a spell that may be used in Prodigy. In the words of the development team, “When your energy is completely charged, you may unleash an All-Out Attack starting at level 10!” Any team will be wiped out if all three of your team members still have hearts remaining in them. “However, the smaller your active fighting squad is, the less damage it will be able to do.”


Similarly, one would wonder how one goes about getting epic assaults in Prodigy?

The Epic Attack option will be available on your combat menu, and it will be dependent on the Epic that you now hold. You will see your Epic appear on screen, unleash their Epic Attack, and then disappear. If you answer the math question right, your Epic will return. The Epic attack will provide the experience to the wizard or pet who was currently visible on the screen at the moment of the attack.


Second, what is the most powerful relic in the world of Prodigy to possess?


Name Element Power

Fire Relic Fire Relic Fire Relic Fire Relic Fire

Fire Relic with a lot of power


Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Basic

Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Relic Ice Strong

In a similar vein, one can wonder how many spells are available in Prodigy?

You will also note that you now have just four spells instead of six, which is due to the fact that they are more potent. Those who wield Wands or possess Relics that have POWERFUL spells connected are now restricted to particular Wizard levels. Wizard spells obtained via quests are now referred to as Relics.


What is the best way to defeat Titan Prodigy?

When you defeat the Titan and pull down his shield, he will begin to lose hearts in the main world. Once he is vanquished, you will gain rare Titan Shards that can be used to purchase new goods, so be sure to keep coming back!


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Is Prodigy a shady game to play?

It’s both bad and addictive. It also has mild violence, which teaches children that violence is OK as long as there is arithmetic involved! As a result, avoid being a prodigy! And, as previously said, it is begging for money; purchasing items in games (in-app purchases) is equivalent to purchasing air! It is utterly ineffective!


What is the best way to acquire a free epic in Prodigy?

— Prodigy. Make an offer. To link your Epic with another account, go to and enter the username and password for the account that you’d want to use with your Epic. Because anything this epic can only be used once, please be certain that this is the account you want to tag it to. Select “Unlock” after entering the one-of-a-kind code printed on the box lid.


When it comes to Prodigy, what does it cost to be a member?

Kids may play Prodigy for free, and instructors do not have to pay anything to make it available to their students. Families, on the other hand, may buy a premium membership for $8.95 per month or $59.88 per year, which is available for purchase.


In Prodigy, what exactly are epics?

Legendary pets that can only be gained by purchasing a toy and scanning the code that is included with the pet that you choose to purchase are known as epics in the game. They have incredibly excellent stats, and by purchasing them, you will be able to perform a specific Epic Attack based on whatever epic you have purchased. They are composed of components that are complementary to their wielder.


In Prodigy, at what level do you get a score of zero?

You can reach to Level 52 if you work hard. With the Zero power, you may do massive damage to your opponents while making it seem as though they are being drawn by an unseen gravitational field. It deals around 102-295 damage. Due of the age of this spell, Prodigy has decided to delete it.


Is it possible to trade in Prodigy?

Members have the opportunity to capture over 100 fish! Please keep in mind that there is presently no trading option available in the game for pets or things.


What is a formidable opponent to Prodigy?

On the basis of Yugi-OH, one might infer that Water is weak against Plants, and Plants are weak against Fire, and Fire is weak against Water, and so on. The elements of fire, water, and earth are duplicated.


In Prodigy, how can you make the concentrate spell to work?

Activating Focus Spells occurs when you get the highest possible score on the last portion of any arithmetic question. You are then informed by Noot that you are able to use Focus Spells, and the player is sent to a video screen, where they must watch and properly answer two questions in order to swiftly win the fight.


Is Mystile a living organism?

It does not originate from or transform into anything.


What is the greatest level you can achieve in Prodigy?

Rushboy70/The highest level you can achieve on Prodigy is level 70. Everyone claims that the highest level is 100, however I’ve seen individuals with levels as high as 999 and even higher.


What does Dragic become into as he grows older?

Dragic is evolving into Dragling in the Prodigy Math Game.


In Prodigy, how many levels are there in the dark tower that you can climb?

There are 100 floors in all.


What is the best way to capture a firefly in Prodigy?

It is possible to capture a Firefly by pursuing it around the area and clicking on it until you catch it.