How do you turn on a Sunsetter awning light?


Connect the Power Control Box to a ground fault interrupter (GFCI). For two seconds, the LED lights (which are installed on the Awning) will come on. Figure 13 shows the UP and DOWN buttons on the Remote Transmitter, which should be pressed simultaneously (for about three seconds).


In light of this, how do you switch on the Sunsetter lights in your home?

Connect the Power Control Box to a ground fault interrupter (GFCI). For two seconds, the LED lights (which are installed on the Awning) will come on.


Also, how much does a SunSetter awning weigh in terms of pounds?

Each awning weights between 9lbs and 18lbs per foot of length, depending on the material used. This indicates that an ordinary 18′ wide awning weighs between 160 and 320 pounds on average.


Also, are you aware of how to reset a Sunsetter awning?

How to Reset the Sunsetter Motorized Awnings Remote Control

To disconnect the awning’s power line from the electrical socket, press the centre button on the remote control.

In order to operate the awning manually, insert the manual operation control bar into the manual motor crank and spin it so that the awning opens about 3 feet.

Reconnect the awning’s power cable to an electrical outlet and allow it to rest for one minute before continuing.


What is the maximum amount of wind that a SunSetter awning can withstand?

In controlled testing, all of our models were able to withstand gusts ranging from 55 to 75 miles per hour without being damaged. We do, however, urge that you retract our awnings if the wind is very severe or windy.


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What is the price of a SunSetter retractable awning system?

A simple SunSetter awning measuring 16 feet wide by 10 feet deep costs around $1,330 with a manual crank and approximately $1,650 with a motorised version. Retrofit motor kits cost around $300.


What is the lifespan of retractable awnings?

In most cases, with regular cleaning and maintenance, your awning fabric will endure for 5 to 15 years, and many of them will be covered by a guarantee. The way you take care of your awning will have a significant impact on its lifespan. At least once a month, examine and clean your awning as needed.


A SunSetter awning installation is estimated to cost between $500 and $1,000.

Awning installation costs, on average, $2,549 dollars. Most homeowners will pay between $1,285 and $3,844, depending on their situation. You may expect to spend between $250 to $3,500 for the canopy alone, depending on the style. Providing shade or protection for an outside space is what awnings are all about.


What is the lifespan of cloth awnings?

5 to 15 years


Is it possible to use SunSetter awnings in the rain?

However, even in the case of awning waterproofing, it is crucial to remember that retractable awnings are mainly intended to provide sun protection. However, provided the wind isn’t too strong, you should be able to securely utilise your awnings even in light rain.


What is the operation of a SunSetter awning?

SunSetter Awnings offers both manual and motorised awnings that give shade and protection while completely altering your patio or deck. Contact us now for more information. Our awnings offer pleasant shade that may be beneficial during the hot and humid months, as well as helping to keep the interior of your house cooler by preventing the sun’s rays from entering through your windows and doors. Contact us now for more information.


What is the approximate cost of replacing a cloth awning?

Awnings Made of Fabric Are Expensive Cost of Fabric Awnings by Zip Code Installation Costs for a Basic Best Fabric Awning are $125.00 – $135.00 and $180.00 – $200.00, respectively. Awnings made of fabric – total $400.00 – $425.00 $530.00 – $575.00 $400.00 – $425.00 Awning Fabric – Total Average Cost per Square Foot of Awning Fabric $4.13 $5.53 $4.13 $5.53


Do retractable awnings provide protection from the elements?

In hot weather, retractable awnings may help us stay cool on our deck or patio by blocking out the sun. However, retractable awnings, such as SunSetters, are susceptible to failure in severe winds or heavy rain.


What is the best way to reprogramme my Somfy remote?

For this, find the programming button on the remote control’s rear panel and press it. Use a little screwdriver or paperclip to push and hold the button for a few of seconds until the shade jogs. It is now possible to operate the shade in user mode using the remote control, which has been completed after programming.


What is the best way to reset my Somfy awning?

Starting with the engine being powered up, go to the next step. Remove the power for a total of two seconds. Reapply power for a total of ten seconds. Remove the power for a total of two seconds. Power may be re-applied. The shadow will begin to migrate towards the direction of the sun. When it comes to a complete halt, press and hold the programming button on the rear of the remote control until the treatment jogs twice in succession.