How many calories is in a Whataburger meal?


Whataburger Nutrition Food Calories Protein Whataburger Nutrition

Whataburger Jr. Meal 760 18 Whataburger Jr.

Bacon and cheese Whataburger Jr. 400 190

Whataburger Meal 1330 36 calories

Whataburger Patty Melt 1100 50 Whataburger


In the same vein, what is the healthiest item to order at Whataburger?

A grilled chicken sandwich meal at Whataburger (served on a small bun with no fries, no mayo, no croutons, and no mustard) costs 390 calories, or you can splurge and get the Whatachick’n meal, which is served in the same way but with 530 calories, for the same price as the grilled chicken sandwich meal.


In addition, how many calories are in a Whataburger french fry serving?

Nutritional Values

*Percent Daily Value (DV) for calories: 273 (1143 kJ) Total fat: 15.3 g (24 percent DV*)

Saturated fatty acids: 2 g (10 percent).

0 g of Trans Fat


In addition, one would wonder how many calories there are in a Whataburger chicken strip meal.

When you order the Whatachick’n Strips 3 piece Meal from Whataburger, you’ll consume 1530 calories. The majority of the calories are derived from fat (39 percent) and carbs (25 percent) (51 percent ).


What is the calorie count of a Whataburger number 2 burger?

Nutritional Values

There are 830 calories in this recipe (3473 kJ)

Sodium 1470 mg (61 percent of the total)

Carbohydrates (total): 62 g (21 percent).

Dietary Fiber: 3 g (12% of total)


12 g (grammes)


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Is Whataburger a more nutritious option than McDonald’s?

What makes Whataburger’s quality so much higher than that of McDonald’s and other fast food establishments? And as far as McDonald’s is concerned, their burgers are frozen and then thawed, exactly like whataburger’s. The only difference is that whataburger’s burgers are made from a better grade of quality meat, while McDonald’s beef is made from a lesser grade of quality meat.


Is Whataburger made entirely of genuine meat?

Burgers. Every single Whataburger is still prepared to order with 100 percent pure fresh beef that is never frozen, just as it always has been. The burgers are served on five-inch buns that have been toasted to a crisp.


What is the calorie count of a Whataburger with cheese?

470 calories when combined with cheese


Is the grilled chicken at Whataburger nutritious?

A grilled chicken sandwich is another low-fat menu item that also provides a good source of protein and iron in a single serving. There are 460 calories and 22 grammes of fat in the grilled chicken melt at Whataburger, including 5 grammes of saturated fat in the dish.


What fast food is considered to be healthy?

In light of these recommendations, here are some of the more nutritious alternatives available on fast-food menus: Chik-fil-A offers grilled nuggets as an entree. Wendy’s offers a grilled chicken wrap. Taco Bell serves a soft taco with grilled beef. Subway offers a tuna salad sandwich. Chipotle serves a steak burrito bowl. At In-N-Out, you can get a Protein Style burger. Burger King serves the MorningStar Veggie Burger.


In order to maintain a healthy weight, how many calories should I eat each day?

The typical woman requires around 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and 1,500 calories per day to shed one pound of weight each week, according to the American Heart Association. Meanwhile, the typical male need 2,500 calories per day to maintain his current weight and 2,000 calories per day to shed one pound of weight every week. This, however, is dependent on a variety of conditions.


Whataburger’s number 1 burger has how many calories?

Whataburger Nutrition Food Calories Fat Amount of fat in a serving

One of the most popular items is the Thick & Hearty Burger, which is available at 1050 64 A.1. Another popular item is the Thick & Hearty Burger Jr., which can be found at 540 35 A.1. Another popular item is the Thick & Hearty Burger Whatameal, which can be found at 1230 55 A.1.


Is it possible to live on 600 calories a day?

Scientists argue that consuming as little as 600 calories per day may add years to one’s longevity. They claim that eating as little as 600 calories per day can add years to one’s lifespan. Michael Mosley, a presenter on the BBC’s science programme Horizon, believes that humans should eat as little as 600 calories per day to maintain their health.


Whatachick meals have a certain number of calories.

Nutritional Values 580 calories a day (2427 kJ) Sodium 1050 mg (44% of the total) Carbohydrates (total): 69 g (23 percent). 9 g dietary fibre (36% of total calories) Sugars 14 g (grammes)


I’m curious how much chicken strips cost at Whataburger.

Prices at Whataburger Price for a Serving of Food Sandwich with grilled chicken – Meal price $6.24 Taco de Cochinita de Pollo $3.94 Chicken Fajita Taco – $6.24 per serving 3. Whatachick’n Strips (Set of 3) – $3.89


Is chicken strips available at Whataburger?

If you reside in the southern United States, you have the option to indulge in a Whataburger meal. It is a fast-food restaurant chain that operates in numerous Southern states. As a result, the Whataburger Chicken Strips are soft and bursting with flavour. Because the breading is well-seasoned, these chicken breasts are not as bland as some chicken breasts may be.


Is Whataburger a bad choice for you?

It has 1220 mg of sodium, 25 grammes of fat, 67 grammes of carbs, and 29 grammes of protein in a single Whataburger serving. However, the widespread perception among the general population is that the Whataburger outperforms its competitors in every regard. In general, the restaurant is one of the least unhealthy fast-food establishments you may choose to dine at.


Are McDonald’s french fries medium-rare?

Caloric Value of McDonald’s Medium French Fries Medium French Fries from McDonald’s have 340 calories in each serving size. The majority of those calories are derived from fat (42%), followed by carbs (12%). (53 percent ).


What is the carbohydrate content of a Whataburger cheeseburger?

Nutritional Values calorie count 740 (3096 kJ) Amount of sodium in grammes: 1870 mg (78 percent) Amount of carbohydrates in grammes: 62 g (21 percent) Sugars: 3 g (12 percent) Dietary Fiber: 3 g 12 g (grammes)