How many candies does the Candiest person?


“How many sweets does the world’s sweetest person have in his or her possession?” “In an ancient forest stands a very old tree, on which reside the most intelligent creatures on the planet.” This three-headed creature is supposed to have 60 roots, 360 branches, and 2160 leaves.


In the same vein, how many sweets does the Candiest individual in the world’have in his or her possession?

It is stated that this three-story tree has 60 roots, 360 branches, and 2160 leaves, and that it may be found in an ancient forest with the world’s most intelligent creatures living on it.


In a similar vein, how do you open the candy container?

To unlock the candy box, you must first gather the four designated stones (P, L, A, and Y), then travel to the castle and battle the enormous nougat monster before placing the stones on the tower. This is a really active question.


What exactly does tossing candy on the ground accomplish in this context?

Throwing candies on the ground will cause the smiley to say things to you and dig a hole in which he will discover a large room with a chest in it (you will receive a Chocolate bar from this room if you throw 1630 candies on the ground). Throwing additional candies on the ground will have no effect, and the smiley will simply continue to eat the giant candies and say *nom*.


What is the maximum amount of health you can have in candy box 2?

No maximum maximum health has been established for you to obtain through eating candies (the function on row 4 in the code below maxes out at 900), and you must consume approximately 2 700 000 candies in order to achieve this. Any candies consumed after that have no effect on your health or maximum maximum health.


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What is the purpose of the witch’s hat in candy box 2?

The Sorceress’ Hat, which costs one billion (one billion,000,000) lollipops, increases the effectiveness of potions and spells when on missions.


I’m not sure how to go inside the candy box in candy box 2.

The Talking Candy is acquired by successfully setting the P, L, A, and Y stones in the appropriate locations. By conversing with him, the candy box will be opened.


What is a candy box, exactly?

Candy Box! is a single-player incremental browser video game that was created by a 19-year-old French student under the alias “aniwey” and launched in April 201Candy Box! is an online text-based role-playing game that makes use of ASCII graphics in place of conventional artwork.


What is the secret to getting chocolate bars into candy box 2?

According to the Candy Box 2 wiki, you can only obtain a total of 13 chocolate bars: you can purchase one at the shop; you can earn one by throwing 1630 candies on the ground; you can earn three by answering the squirrel’s questions; you can find one in the cave; you can find three beneath the tree after finding the map (rocks) in the cave; and you can find four in the pit.


How can you get past the candy box at the castle’s entrance?

The quickest method to accomplish this stage is to use a berserk potion and have a sharpened sword or higher, enabling you to kill the monsters in 1-2 hits. You should make it to the end after being transported back once. A Sword of Flames permits farming in this level.


What strategy do you use to beat yourself in candy box 2?

This must be the unenchanted version, since the enchanted ones will not function. The second item required is the Octopus King’s Crown, which can be obtained by fighting an Octopus King in the mountain and which boosts your self-confidence.


Which weapon is the most effective in Candy Box 2?

It is the most powerful melee weapon available in the game, doing 315 damage while moving at a “extremely sluggish” pace. Despite this, it boasts the highest DPS of any weapon, coming in only slightly ahead of the Scythe. 2 Answers.


What is the secret to getting the heart plug in candy box 2?

Obtaining the Heart Plug. The Heart Plug is an item that can be found in the Cave entrance. To find it, you’ll need to follow the arrows that will randomly appear on either the left or right path until you reach a chest, which contains the heart plug.


What is the best way to download my Candy Box 2 Save?

To use this text in Candy Box 2, you must first unlock developer features until you see the save button in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, in the save screen, scroll down to the loading section and paste your text in the text load subsection, and you will be at your desired point in the game.


The anti-gravity potion in Candy Box 2 is made in the following way:

Anti-Gravity Potion: Place 1,000 candies in a cauldron and bring it to a boil until it is lukewarm. Remove the cauldron from the heat and add another 1,000 candies. Bring the cauldron back to a boil, but this time bring it all the way to boiling point. Pour the brew into bottles.


Is it possible to acquire more than 100 lollipops in a second?

Yes, it is possible to receive more than 100 lollipops per second, but not by just planting additional lollipops. 100/s is the maximum base rate; in order to gain more, you must collect the following items: shell powder – 3x Lollipops (earned by jumping off a dock picking it up from the floor)