How much does a Stihl 461 weight?


DISPLACEMENT 76.5 cubic centimetres (4.7 cu.

THE WEIGHT OF THE POWERHEAD IS 6.6 kg (14.6 Ibs.) CAPACITY FOR FUEL: 800 cc (27.1 oz.)


What is the weight of the Stihl 660, and how big is it?

Specifications in terms of technology

91,6 cm3 of volume displacement

5,2/7,1 kW/bhp in terms of power output

1) 7,4 kg in weight

1.4 kilogrammes per kilowatt-hour of power

2) The sound pressure level

101 decibels (A)

In addition, how much does a Stihl chainsaw weigh is another question. 6.4 kilogrammes (14.1 lbs.) 600 ml (20.3 oz) (20.3 oz.) 350 cubic centimetres (11.8 oz.)


Also, I’d want to know how much a Stihl 461 costs.

SALE PRICE $ 1,079.95 with a 20 percent discount “a bar and a 3/8 chain SALE PRICE $ 1,099.95 with a 25 percent discount “a bar and a 3/8 chain In the event that you have many days of harsh and difficult cutting ahead of you, you might consider purchasing the STIHL MS 461 saw.


How many cubic centimetres does a Stihl 461 have?

76.5 cubic centimetres


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What does the MS designation on a Stihl chainsaw mean?

Model numbers for Stihl chain saws begin with the letters MS, which are an abbreviation for the German term motorsagen, which translates as “motor saw.”


What is the greatest Stihl chainsaw for all-around use?

The Stihl MS 461 chainsaw is regarded as one of the greatest Stihl chainsaws available. It offers enough power to satisfy the needs of a professional user while being lightweight enough to be carried about all day.


What is the displacement of a Stihl 460 Magnum in cubic centimetres?



How many cubic centimetres does a Stihl 170 have?



What is the displacement of a 066 Stihl chainsaw in cubic centimetres?



What is the price of a Stihl 460?

The MS460 with the 20-inch bar is priced at $989.95.


What is the CC rating of a Stihl 044?

Specifications. In the Stihl 044 chain saw, the engine is a single cylinder, two-stroke design with a displacement of 70.7 cubic centimetres. A 70.7 cc engine is equal to 4.31 cubic inches in displacement. The engine operates on a 50:1 gasoline and oil combination, with 50 parts gas and 1 component oil in total.


How many cubic centimetres does a Stihl 360 have?

The volume ranges from 35.2 to 55.5 cc (2.15 to 3.39 cu.


Was wondering what kind of chainsaws professional loggers use.

There are a few Stihls, Husquvarnas (XP series), and Johnserreds (which are pretty much the same as Huskys), as well as several Dolmars, Oleo Macs, and a handful of others in the Pro grade category. Because the Pro Mac 610 is a 60cc saw, something like a Stihl MS 362 or a Husky 357XP would be a suitable replacement at this point in time.


What exactly does the term Stihl Magnum mean?

Stihl USA refers to all of their major forestry models as “Magnum,” such as the MS 441, MS 460, MS 660, and MS 880, as “Magnum.” There is no increased power; this is merely a marketing ploy. See STIHL MS 441 STIHL Magnum® Chain Saw – Fuel Efficient Professional Chain Saw | STIHL for further information.


Who is responsible for the production of Stihl chainsaw engines?

All of these facts concerning Stihl Inc., the Stihl World group, and even your own personal Stihl chainsaw are likely to have escaped your notice. They are a company that manufactures in-house. Stihl has more than 1000 patents to his name. Their first saw weighed in at more over 100 pounds. They were the first to manufacture a gasoline-powered chainsaw. They designed and built a Tractor.


In your opinion, what is the best heavy-duty chainsaw?

Check out the best chainsaw on the market in the video below. WORX WG303 received the most votes overall. Husqvarna 455 Rancher 2-Stroke Gas-ChainSaw, model 455 Rancher. The best value is: The Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw is a high-performance tool. The BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 Chainsaw is a high-performance tool. DEWALT DCCS690M1 XR Brushless Chainsaw (Dewalt DCCS690M1) EGO Power+ 14-Inch Cordless Chain Saw is a powerful cordless chain saw. GreenWorks 20362 Cordless Chainsaw has a 10-inch cutting capacity.


What is the largest saw that Stihl manufactures?

With an output of 880 MAGNUM, the Stihl MS 880 MAGNUM is the most powerful model in the Stihl professional chainsaw lineup. Compared to the Husqvarna 3120XP, it has a little better power-to-weight ratio and weighs a little less.


What is the greatest professional chainsaw on the market today?

Review of the Top 7 Professional Chainsaws for 2020 Husqvarna Rancher 460cc engine. Editor’s Picks for the week. Makita DCS6421RFG. Makita DCS6421RFG. The Most Powerful Professional Chainsaw on the Market. CS-600P is an emulation of the CS-600. Professional Chainsaw with the Highest Safety Rating. Jonsered CS2245 is a CS2245. The best 18-inch professional chainsaw on the market. Husqvarna Rancher 455 cc engine. Remington RM4618 Outlaw rimfire rifle. Chainsaw from XtremepowerUS.