How much is a kids haircut at Great Clips?


Great Clips at a Great Price

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Haircut (Per Person)


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Children (10 & Under)

Haircut (Per Child)



What is the current price of a haircut at Great Clips?

Below are the current Great Clips prices; however, for the most up-to-date pricing information, please consult your local Great Clips location. Typical pricing for a normal adult haircut start at about $15, with prices increasing as more services are included. Adult haircuts may be had for as little as $22 at certain privately operated establishments.


Is it possible for Great Clips to do children’s hair?

You can make a difference in a child’s appearance and self-confidence by having your hair trimmed at a participating Great Clips salon and then donating your hair to Wigs for Kids. (The stylist who cuts your hair will provide you with all of the information you need to make this as simple as possible for yourself.)


Is it true that Great Clips offers haircuts for $6.99?

Great Clips is having a haircut sale for $6.99. The $6.99 haircut discount is available at all participating Great Clip locations in Middle Tennessee. Make sure you check with your local Great Clips to see whether they are taking part in the promotion!


Is Great Clips a reputable salon for getting a haircut?

For Great Clips to be successful, quality control and advanced training for stylists are essential. There is no mandated training in full service salons, so you are essentially taking a chance on whether you will get a decent stylist or not. A salon like Great Clips also has a greater volume of haircuts, which means that they are more likely to provide a superior technical haircut to their customers.


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Which is preferable: excellent clips or Supercuts, and why?

Which of the three major national salon chains is the superior of the three? Supercuts boasts the largest selection of styling products and the most comprehensive collection of hair-care information, but Great Clips has more locations and better deals.


What is the cost of a haircut at Supercuts, and how long does it take?

A standard haircut at Supercuts starts at $14.00, which is a reasonable price. If you want to have a haircut plus a shampoo, you will have to shell out $16.00 for the service.


Is it expensive to get a senior haircut at Great Clips?

Customers over the age of 65 may take advantage of a senior discount at most Great Clips locations. When it comes to haircuts, the typical pricing at most Great Clips salons is roughly $14, with seniors receiving a haircut for $12 in most locations. For additional information on Great Clips’ senior discount, please check the section below.


How much does a woman’s haircut cost at Great Clips?

Great Clips prices start at about $15 for a standard adult haircut but actual price may vary by location. Why Choose Great Clips? Great Clips Price List. Service Price Haircut (senior) $13 STYLE Regular $20 Long $30


Senior Day at Great Clips takes place on what day?

Seniors may take advantage of a 10% discount off our standard cheap pricing on Wednesday. A senior haircut, shampoo, conditioning, styling, or perm are all eligible for this offer.


What do you think a reasonable price for a haircut is?

According to the Professional Beauty Association, an association for professionals in the beauty business, the average cost of a woman’s haircut is $43, while the average cost of a man’s haircut is $28, on average. Despite the fact that this is the national average, the real cost of a haircut varies widely.


When you go to Great Clips, how much does it cost to get your hair coloured?

A wide range of styling treatments are available for as little as $25. Aside from that, you may receive the most affordable colouring, perming, and conditioning treatments. Great Clips costs are affordable, and the company offers a wide choice of services to pick from. Great Clips Salon Prices and Service Menu for 2019 are available online. Service Charges: $49.99 for a portion of the service Conditioning Treatment is available for $25.99.


For what reason do hairdressers charge more to cut lengthy hair?

A fact is that many salons charge extra for long hair, regardless of how much product was used, and from my personal experience, the reason for this is simply because it requires “more” – more shampoo and conditioner used, more time to comb out, cut, and style equals more time spent on that client, and potentially taking away time from other clients in the process.


Is it possible to get a haircut discount at Great Clips?

In most salons, students who provide a valid student identification card will get $2 off their haircut. What are some other ways that I may save money at Great Clips? Before visiting a Great Clips store, be sure to seek for Great Clips printable coupons. We also recommend that you take advantage of any special savings available to elderly and children, which may differ from salon to salon.


Is there a student discount available at Great Clips?

As a result of our inquiry, it looks that Great Clips may not be offering student discounts at the present moment.


What is the cost of Great Clips 2019?

Great Clips at a Great Price Haircut Haircut Haircut Haircut Haircut Haircut Haircut $14.00 Children under the age of ten are $12.00. Seniors (65 years and older) pay $12.00.


Is Great Clips a participant in the Locks of Love hair donation programme?

In the event that you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love, Great Clips will provide you with a complimentary haircut. Great Clips has more than 2,800 salons nationwide. Check the salon directory or check for this decal sticker in the salon window to find a salon near you.


What is the cost of a shampoo at Great Clips?

Great Clips at a Great Price Shampoo is available for purchase at a discounted price (Per Senior) 5.00 dollars Formal Style (Per Person) Long – $50.00 (Per Person) $30.00