How old is Bryan from daily bumps?


Concerning Bryan. Bryan was born on January 20th, 1990, and is presently 25 years old. He has two brothers and one sister.


In light of this, how old is Oliver, based on his daily bumps?

Oliver Lanning is a fictional character created by author Oliver Lanning. Oliver Lanning is the son of Missy Lanning and Bryan Lanning, who are both well-known vloggers. In spite of the fact that he is just three years old, he is already well-known for his adorable video uploads on his family’s YouTube channel, ‘DailyBUMPS.’


Also, how old is Finley according to the daily bumps?

Finley Lanning was born on the 24th of October in the state of California. His arrival had been anticipated for quite some time, since he arrived more than nine days beyond his expected due date.


In a similar vein, you could wonder how old Bryan and Missy Lanning are.

Missy Lanning’s parents, Jim and Suzanne Hollister, welcomed her into the world on October 27, 1989, in California. Cassie and Jimmy are her two siblings; Cassie is her sister and Jimmy is her brother. She is married to Bryan Lanning and has two amazing boys, Oliver and Finley, who are the love of her life.


What is the true name of Missy Lanning?

Melissa “Missy” Lanning (née Hollister) is a YouTuber who is most known for the YouTube channel Daily Bumps, which she and her husband created together. Missy Lanning is also the name of her own YouTube channel. She is the eldest of Jim and Suzanne Hollister’s three children. Jimmy and Cassie are her two younger siblings.


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Is it possible that everyday bumps misplaced a baby?

Rough Spots on the Road They received a phone call from the doctor a few of weeks after they had misplaced the baby, informing them that it had been a boy. Following his death, they began attempting to conceive again, and she became pregnant again quite fast. They held an ultrasound party when they were 16 weeks pregnant, and they discovered they were having a boy. After that, they lost him at the age of 20 weeks.


What were the reasons for Missy and Bryan Lanning’s divorce?

On the 8th of August, 2008, Missy and Bryan exchanged wedding vows. However, due to the demands of college and employment, as well as the fact that they were not spending much time together, they decided to divorce. Both of them moved out with each other and Missy returned to live with her family once again.


What is the address for the daily bumps?

Bumps on a daily basis. INQUIRIES SHOULD BE SENT TO MAILING ADDRESS 25060 Hancock Ave, Suite 103-#342, Murrieta, CA 92562 (Murrieta, California) Follow the everyday exploits of a high school student.


What is the address of Missy and Bryan Lanning’s home?

They stayed in Idaho for a few years before returning to California and purchasing a large home with Missy’s family, with Missy and Bryan renting out their share of the property.


What kind of dog is Luna from Daily Bumps and what is her name?

This and other German Shepherd-related pins were discovered by Evelyn Pets.


What type of dog is Karma, the dog that is bumped on a regular basis?

Karma is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Border Collie.


What is the net worth of Bryan Lanning?

Bryan Lanning has a net worth of less than $2 million. Bryan Lanning has a modest but comfortable net worth, which may be assessed to be less than $2 million, which allows him to live well. At the time of writing, he has just under 345,000 followers and a diverse variety of upload dates for his YouTube account.


What is the monetary value of daily bumps?

Daily Bumps has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Daily Bumps is a daily vlogging family based in California that is comprised of the father Bryan, the mother Missy, and their two boys Oliver and Finley. They have been vlogging since 2009. They also have an Australian Shepard dog named Karma and a Bengal cat named Zuri, who are also members of the family. They are believed to have a net worth of $10 million dollars.


Who is this Cassie persona?

In her channel, SoCassie, Cassie Hollister is most known for publishing pranks and challenges as well as reactions, comedy videos, and vlogs. She is also renowned for posting pranks and challenges on other people’s channels. As of June 2018, she has more than 449k members, which is a significant amount of money.


Who are the members of the daily bumps family?

In an open letter to their fans, popular family vloggers Bryan and Missy Lanning, who upload videos on YouTube under the moniker “Daily Bumps,” discuss the condition of their relationship.


What is the age of Bryan from Team Edge?

Team Edge is a YouTube Team Channel that is run by Matthias (born September 20, 1988 [age 31]), J-Fred (born October 16, 1991 [age 28]), Bryan (born June 23, 1986 [age 33]), Bobby (born September 25, 1993 [age 26]), and Connor (born May 23, 1996 [age 23]). Matthias is the team leader.


When did Ellie and Jared exchange wedding vows?

The 13th of November, 2009


What is Ellie’s and Jared’s annual income?

Ellie and Jared have a combined net worth of $1.5 million.


What is the total number of subscribers for daily bumps?

When Bryan became a part of the initiative, Daily Bumps grew in popularity. This Southern California family’s vlogs of ordinary life have amassed over 2 million viewers as a result of one vlog after another. In addition, they make between $229,000 and $3.7 million each year.