What are Clytemnestra’s various motives for killing Agamemnon?


There are several different reasons for Clytemnestra to murder Agamemnon, including their daughter’s sacrifice, her romance with Aegisthus, and Agamemnon’s dominance over her. “But him!” cries Clytemnestra in response. Are there any allegations that you have brought against him? He might have just as well been slaughtering an animal for all he cared.


Another question is: why does Aegisthus murder Agamemnon?

As a result of Helen’s kidnapping and subsequent deportation to Troy, Agamemnon was compelled to sacrifice his own daughter Iphigenia in order to placate the gods before setting sail for Ilium. In the meanwhile, when Agamemnon was abroad fighting in the Trojan War, Clytemnestra turned against her husband and began having an affair with Aegisthus.


In a same vein, why was Agamemnon’s wife responsible for his death?

Return to the country of Greece Several sources, including Pindar and the tragedians, claim that Agamemnon was killed in a bath by his wife alone, after being entangled by a blanket or a net that had been put over him to prevent him from resisting. Clytemnestra was also responsible for Cassandra’s death.


How does Clytemnestra assassinate Agamemnon is detailed in this chapter?

According to traditional accounts of the myth, Agamemnon is slain by Aegisthus, the lover of his wife, Clytemnestra, upon his return from Troy. In some later versions, Clytemnestra either assists him or kills him in the comfort of his own home. Clytemnestra waited until he was in the bath before entangling him in a fabric net and stabbing him in the back of the neck.


What do you think the central topic of Agamemnon is?

The fundamental topic of Agamemnon is more of a conundrum than it is a message of hope or encouragement. The short version is that justice will be served, and those who transgress will suffer as a result. However, woe be to those who carry out that justice by exacting revenge, because they will almost certainly transgress in return, and as a result, they will be forced to suffer.


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Who was responsible for Priam’s death?



What is the name of Agamemnon’s wife?



What city is Troy situated in?



Who was responsible for Paris’s death?



Who was responsible for Achilles’ death?

Achilles’ most illustrious achievement during the Trojan War was the death of the Trojan prince Hector outside the city’s walls. In spite of the fact that Achilles’ death is not explicitly mentioned in the Iliad, other sources agree that he was slain at the conclusion of the Trojan War by Paris, who shot him in the heel with an arrow.


Nestor is either a Greek or a Trojan?

Nestor was originally from Gerenia, and he was an Argonaut who assisted in the battle against the centaurs and in the pursuit of the Calydonian Boar. Nestor became the King of Pylos when Heracles assassinated Neleus and all of Nestor’s siblings, allowing him to ascend to the throne. His sons Antilochus and Thrasymedes fought on the side of the Achaeans in the Trojan War, and he was one of their leaders.


What was the length of the Trojan War?

a period of 10 years


Who is involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Agamemnon?

It tells the storey of Agamemnon, King of Mycenae, who returns home after fighting in the Trojan War. After 10 years of battle, Troy had been defeated, and the whole Greek nation could lay claim to triumph. Agamemnon returns home to find his wife, Queen Clytemnestra, waiting for him, having been plotting his assassination.


Who was responsible for Helen of Troy’s death?

Menelaus and her husband subsequently returned to Sparta, where they lived peacefully until their deaths a short time later. According to one version of the event, Helen, who was widowed at the time, was forced from her home by her stepsons and fled to Rhodes, where she was hung by the Rhodian queen Polyxo as retribution for the murder of her husband, Tlepolemus, during the Trojan War.


What caused the death of the real Achilles?

What causes Achilles’ death? Achilles is murdered by an arrow thrown by the Trojan prince Paris, who was a friend of Achilles. It is generally agreed that the deity Apollo was responsible for guiding the arrow into his susceptible area, which was his heel. Achilles is burned after his death, and his ashes are combined with those of his long-time buddy Patroclus.


In Agamemnon, who was responsible for Cassandra’s death?

Captivity and death are two extremes. Agamemnon of Mycenae then took Cassandra in as a pallake (concubine), and she lived happily ever after. While Agamemnon was gone at war, his wife, Clytemnestra, betrayed him by accepting Aegisthus as her lover. Agamemnon was unaware of this until he returned home. Clytemnestra and Aegisthus then assassinated both Agamemnon and Cassandra in a single night.


What was Agamemnon’s method of murdering his daughter?

Agamemnon, the commander of the Greeks, mistakenly kills a deer in a forest dedicated to the goddess Artemis during a battle at Aulis. She punishes him by interfering with the weather, causing his fleet to be unable to sail to Troy as punishment. Agamemnon’s oldest daughter, Iphigenia, will be sacrificed, according to the prophecy of the seer Calchas, in order to please Artemis.


Was Cassandra of Troy ever found out what happened to her?

Grecian artists considered Ajax’s rape of Cassandra to be a favourite scene. Cassandra was captured by Agamemnon at the distribution of the spoils after the conquest of Troy, and she was subsequently slain with him. She was idolised alongside Agamemnon in the role of Alexandra.


Is the tale of Troy based on fact?

Archaeologists, literary detectives, and military analysts are now unearthing proof that the mythical Trojan War and the fabled city of Troy were genuine events that took place thousands of years ago. From the archaeological trenches of ancient Troy to the citadel fortification of King Agamemnon, as well as Homer and Hollywood, we are on a quest to uncover the actual account of the Trojan War.