What do possums eat in captivity?


Small rodents, insects, worms, slugs & snails, frogs, and birds are the principal sources of nourishment for this species. Aside from that, opossums consume vegetables, berry hulls and nut shells, fruit, rubbish, pet food, and bird seed.


In light of this, what should you provide possums with as a food source?

Small quantities of fruits and vegetables may be added to their diet to make it more nutritious. Possums should not be fed nuts, cheese, onions, dairy products, green potatoes, or other junk food, according to the USDA. Place food in containers and store them in high, protected regions. Allowing for natural foraging will be encouraged if the food is dispersed around the enclosure.

Possums are able to consume bread, as some people believe. 

It is not advisable to provide food to brushtail possums in your backyard. Avoid all unhealthy (and possibly life-threatening) foods such as bread, cakes, and biscuits, as well as raw meat and cooked bones, to the exclusion of all others. Some foods have the potential to induce life-threatening diseases.


To put it another way, what foods are harmful to possums?

Imbalances in one’s nutritional intake Possums do not eat human food since it is not natural for them, and it may make them ill. Brushtail possums in bushland generally consume leaves, flowers, fruits, and insects, although they will sometimes eat other things.


What kinds of veggies do possums consume?

The Ringtail Possum’s favourite meal is Eucalyptus leaves, which are abundant in the area. They, as well as Brushtails, consume flowers, fruits, and vegetables. They like eating the flowers in your garden, especially the roses, gardenias, fuchsias, and passionfruit.


Is it possible for possums to consume bananas?

Brushtail Toxic plants are known to be tolerable to possums, which have been found to consume trees that other animals consider poisonous. Possums will also consume insects, moths, grubs, snails, birds’ eggs, and young birds, among other things. Possums also eat a variety of other foods that we may cultivate for ourselves, such as: Apples, pears, grapes, and bananas are examples of fruits.


What methods do you use to entice possums?

Possum feeding stations may be as basic as a handful of bowls on the ground, or as elaborate as a large enclosure. Fruits and vegetables, as well as meaty treats like cat chow, are particularly popular among opportunistic possums. Don’t leave out any human food, particularly junk stuff. Possums may like this kind of diet, but it is detrimental to their health.


Possums have been known to consume dog chow.

Dead animals, insects, rodents, and birds are all on the possum’s menu, as are insects. They also eat eggs, frogs, plants, fruits, and grains, among other things. Possums are also known to devour dog food, cat food, and table leftovers, which is a sad fact of life. It’s not unusual to see a possum digging through your trash cans while on your property.


What draws possums to your yard is a mystery.

Opossums are scavengers that will eat just about anything if they can get their hands on it. They are drawn to overflowing or odorous garbage cans, exposed compost piles, and other containers that may be left out in the open. They like to locate their home near bodies of water or damp soil.


Possums are known to prey on cats.

During the night, they feed on a variety of foods, including fruits and nuts, green plants and insects. They also consume small animals such as meadow voles, mice and rats, as well as snails, snakes, frogs, birds and their eggs. Opossums do not feed on cats or other big animals, but they will attack them if they are cornered or if they are in a competition for food with them.


Is it possible for possums to consume grapes?

To be sure, opossums do carry fleas on their bodies (as do all wild and some domestic animals). They trap and devour rats, roof rats, mice, and dead animals of all kinds, including raccoons and bats (carrion). Their favourite foods are overripe fruit, berries, and grapes. And they consider snails and slugs to be delectable delicacies!


Is it harmful to possums to eat chocolate?

Poses, unlike humans, are able to recognise when they are beginning to overburden their systems with toxins, according to Australian National University researcher Dr Karen Marsh. “Unlike people, who may gorge on chocolate or hot chips till we make ourselves sick,” she adds.


Is it dangerous to have possums around?

Observing Opossums via the eyes of adults Opossums are advantageous since they are known to consume hazardous insects and unpleasant pests such as cockroaches, rodents, and snakes, which might make having them around a good thing for certain people. On the other hand, having opossums around can be dangerous because they can bite people. According to research conducted by the Environmental Institute of Houston, a single opossum may consume up to 5,000 ticks every year.


Is rat poison effective against possums?

A variety of small animals, such as possums and bandicoots, are known to ingest poisons, such as snail bait or rat bait, which has been set out to attract and kill a variety of rodents, including rats, mice, and rabbits.


What kinds of odours do possums despise?

Possums are deterred by the scent of a possible predator, so you may sprinkle dog or cat hair about your property to prevent them. Try using ammonia, mothballs, or garlic to deter possums from entering your home, since these are all aromas that they despise.


What is the best way to know how old a baby possum is?

Check to see whether the opossum’s eyes have opened since you last saw it. A kit’s eyes will typically open when it is 55 to 70 days old, depending on the species. A possum with open eyes is estimated to be at least 70 days old at the time of discovery. If you are monitoring an opossum in the wild, make a note of whether or not it is still taking its mother’s milk.


What is the appearance of possum faeces?

Despite being smaller in size than koala poo, brushtail possum excrement may vary in colour from greenish brown to dark brown or black, depending on whether they’re helping themselves to fruit trees in the garden or eating leaves.


Do young possums have illnesses that are contagious?

The opossum is a carrier of illnesses including leptospirosis, TB, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease, amongst others. Aside from fleas and ticks, they may also have mites and lice on their skin and hair. Opossums are known to be hosts for cat and dog fleas, which are particularly prevalent in metropolitan areas.


What is the best way to prevent possums off my roof?

A light in the roof cavity should be left on for many days and nights to entice the animal out of your home (this may deter the possum as they like to sleep in the dark). As an alternative, you may rent a possum trap from Kennards Hire for a few hundred dollars. Traps are also available for rent from certain municipal governments.