What does CVS mean in medical terms?


CVS is an acronym for chorionic villus sampling, which is also known as chorionic villi sample. It is a biopsy of a villus of the chorion performed at around 10 to 12 weeks of gestation to acquire foetal cells for the purpose of prenatal detection of chromosomal disorders.


In the same way, what does CVS signify in the medical field?

Chorionic villus sampling is a method used for prenatal diagnosis in the first trimester of pregnancy. CVS is an abbreviation for CVS. The goal is to identify any significant anomalies that may be present in the foetus during the examination. Tissue is removed from the villi of the chorion, which is a component of the placenta, and then processed for diagnostic testing.


What does CVS stand for in banking?

CVS is an abbreviation for Computer Vision Syndrome, which is also an acronym. Known as CVS, the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) is a tool that allows code developers to store and retrieve several development versions of source code at the same time. CVS is often used to maintain track of each developer’s work in a distinct working directory, rather than in a shared working directory.


In addition to the above, what is the meaning of CVS?

Consumer Value Stores are retail establishments that provide goods and services to consumers at a reasonable price.


What does the letter Rs mean in medical terms?

Rhinovirus is an abbreviation for respiratory syncytial virus.


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What is the complete spelling of CVS?

CVS Pharmacy was once a subsidiary of Melville Corporation, under which it operated under the name Consumer Value Stores at the time. Melville eventually changed its name to CVS Corporation in 1996, after the sale of a large number of nonpharmacy shops by the company.


What is the significance of CVS?

It was formed in 1963 by Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland, who were also named as co-founders. Consumer Value Stores were the name given to these establishments. The original shop logo, which was created in 1964, transmitted both the acronym and the whole phrase. For this reason, the iconic “CVS pharmacy” emblem really signifies that “this business is both a Consumer Value Store and an independent pharmacy.”


What exactly is CN stand for?

The Canadian National Railway Company CN stands for Common Name. CN. Connect with us (ITU-T)


In medical terminology, what is a curriculum vitae?

CV is an abbreviation for coefficient of variation, which is also known as cardiovascular or closing volume.


What does the acronym CV stand for, and how did it come to be?

Curriculum Vitae (Curriculum Vitae)


What is the difference between CVS and CNS?

Physical examination that is relevant (CVS = cardiovascular system; CNS = central nervous system; MSS = musculoskeletal system). Publication that served as a model. An way of dealing with balance issues and falls in older people.


In medical terminology, what is CN?

c.n. is scheduled for tomorrow night. The CNS is an abbreviation for central nervous system. The c.n.s. will be taken the next night.


What does the abbreviation PT mean in medical terms?

Physical therapy is a kind of treatment that involves moving about.


What is the full meaning of the abbreviation ABC?

The most prevalent meaning of ABC is “English Alphabet,” which is the most popular definition. All three letters A, B, and C are used to begin the sentence. The acronym ABC, which is rather often used, may also mean: In business and economics, activity-based costing (ABC) is used. The American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).


Is CVS an acronym for something?

CVS is an abbreviation that stands for Computer Vision Systems. CVS [this is not an acronym] is a pharmacy that specialises on preventative medicine. (formerly known as Consumer Value Stores; drugstore) CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is an acronym that stands for Concurrent Versions System (open source software) CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) is an acronym that stands for Computer Vision Syndrome. CVS Convenience Store (often known as CVS) is a convenience store that sells prescription drugs (financial reporting)


What exactly does Walmart represent?

originally answered: What did the name “Walmart” signify when it was first used to refer to the company? Sam Walton was the company’s founder, and the original name “Wal-Mart” was apparently an abbreviation for something like “Walton’s Market,” since Sam Walton was the company’s founder.


Who is the company that owns CVS?

CVS Health is a pharmacy that specialises on preventative health care.


Who was the visionary behind CVS?

Stanley Goldstein is a writer and director who lives in New York City. Ralph Hoagland is a well-known author. Sidney Goldstein is a well-known author.


What corporation is in charge of CVS?

CVS Health (previously known as CVS Corporation or CVS Caremark Corporation) is an American healthcare company that owns a number of brands, including CVS Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy chain, CVS Caremark, a pharmacy benefits manager, and Aetna, a health insurance provider, among others. CVS Health is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.