What does feisty mean in slang?


feisty. Feisty is a term used to describe someone who is easily agitated or irritable. Another meaning is “demonstrating bravery or resolve.” If you’re huffy or have thin skin, you’re considered feisty.


Is being feisty a good thing in this situation?

The adjective ‘feisty’ is frequently used as a complement since it denotes qualities such as independence, fieryness, toughness, resilience, and spiritedness, all of which are positive. Are you aware of the additions made by the Oxford Dictionary definition? It states that they are “…frequently when you would not expect them to be.”


In addition, what exactly is a feisty girl?

Fiery, quick-tempered, ambitious, self-assured, and intense: these are the characteristics of a feisty girl. The problem with a feisty girl is that, although she may be completely and utterly serene in certain situations, she can also transform into the gremlin who got wet.


As a result, what does it signify when a man refers to you as “feisty” mean?

“Aw, see, she’s not a pushover,” the expression says. “How adorable.” Some men may occasionally refer to a woman as “feisty” if she maintains her self-respect and refuses to let men to boss her about, or if she makes them earn her trust rather than being submissive. If a guy refers to you as “feisty,” proceed with caution.


What is the best way to utilise the word feisty in a sentence?

Sentence Examples with a Sense of Humor

I don’t want to lose sight of this tenacious little gem.

Sarah snorted and moved her face away from the camera.

In response to the question, Darian said, “I’m quite sure they’re all feisty.”

The lady is a fiery character, but her daughter is just stunning. I owe it to mama to keep her alive for at least a brief period of time until we can be sealed away in the safety of my haven.


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What exactly does the term Fousty mean?

Fusty is an adjective that means it has a stale smell; it is mouldy or musty: fusty rooms that were in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. They are still living in that dingy, gingerbread home, which is out of date in terms of construction, furniture, and the like.


Is “feisty” an adjective or a noun?

The champion is up against a fierce opponent. Feisty legal issues are characterised by their bad temper and abrasive nature.


What is the correct spelling of feistiness?

The champion is up against a fierce opponent. Feisty legal issues are characterised by their bad temper and abrasive nature.


What does a sassy lady look like?

Apparently “saucy” was the original spelling of the term, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as follows: “Impudent, saucy,” “cheeky,” and other like terms. “Strongly worded and provocative.” The words “conceited and pompous” are replaced with the words “self-assured, lively, and daring.”