What does Lennie say when he kills Curley’s wife?


The reason I told you, ‘Min’ George, is because I think he’s an all-around lovely man who is wonderful to you. You, on the other hand, never exercise caution. “You are guilty of wrongdoing.”


Similarly, people wonder what Curley’s wife says to Lennie when they meet.

In a conversation with Lennie, Curley’s wife mentions that she once met a person who worked in the movie business. The day she realised that the communication was never going to arrive, and that the life she desired would never be achieved, Curley’s wife married Curley, despite the fact that she “didn’ like Curleyhe ain’t a good fellow” (Chapter 5).


One can also wonder what Lennie does after he murders Curley’s wife and the rest of the family.

Lennie attempts to conceal the body of the puppy for fear that George would not allow him to care to the bunnies. Where does Lennie go when he murders Curley’s wife and leaves the scene? Lennie bolted from the house and went to hide in the bush by the river, as instructed by George.


It’s also important to know how Lennie reacts to the murder of Curley’s wife.

Curley’s wife is inadvertently killed by Lennie, who shakes her and breaks her neck while trying to save her. His intentions are pure, and as is often the case with Lennie, he is unaware of his own power. Her naturally terrified response to Lennie’s caressing her hair causes Lennie to become uncontrollably agitated, to the point where he loses control and kills Curley’s wife.


What causes Curley’s wife to get enraged with Lennie?

Why does Curley’s wife get enraged when Lennie informs her that George has instructed him not tospeak to her?

Curley’s wife becomes enraged because no one speaks to her and she is feeling lonely. Curley’s wife agrees to allow Lennie to brush her hair since he like soft things and she wanted to demonstrate to him that her hair was soft to his satisfaction.


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Candy holds someone responsible for the death of Curley’s wife.

Candy holds Curley’s wife responsible for her death. Candy shows George her lifeless corpse, and George informs her that Lennie was the one who accidently murdered her. Candy recognises that his hopes of one day residing on their own land with George and Lennie have been dashed when he hears this news.


Does Curley’s wife have a soft spot for Curley?

information on Expert Answers Curley is not a favourite of mine. He’s not a good guy, to put it mildly. Besides the fact that she has lost out on possibilities to escape her community, Curley’s wife regrets marrying a pugnacious, violent man who does not treat her with the respect she deserves.


So, what was George’s response to the death of Curley’s wife?

His final move results in her neck snapping off his shoulders. As a result of learning of Curley’s wife’s death, what was George’s first reaction? Lennie is in a state of grief and despair, and he is concerned about his safety.


What was the reason for Curley’s wife’s marriage to Curley?

Because her mother forbade her from following her ambition, she made the decision to flee as far away from her as she possibly could. The argument she provides for marrying Curley is that he is a kind man. As a result, I married Curley. “I went out with him to the Riverside Dance Palace the next night.”


What exactly does Curley’s wife have a problem with?

This chapter makes it quite evident that Curley’s wife despises her husband’s decision to live on the ranch. When she is chatting to Candy and Lennie, she expresses her dissatisfaction with the ranch’s way of life. She despises being confined to a small, cramped space with just Curley as company.


What is Curley’s wife’s reaction to her husband’s accident?

Curley’s wife interrupts their conversation while the guys are discussing and bonding over the dream. Curley’s wife informs Lennie that she is aware of Lennie’s involvement in Curley’s hand injury. Crooks feels threatened by Curley’s wife, who is rude to him. George enters and expresses his displeasure at the fact that they had the same dream.


What does Curley’s wife have to say about it?

Curley’s wife is referred to as “Curley.” Besides Curley’s wife, there are no other female characters that are specifically mentioned in the text. Despite the fact that she does not like her spouse, Curley’s wife confesses that he is an unpleasant person. Curley’s wife is likewise dissatisfied as a result of her unsuccessful attempt to get into the movie industry.


Curley’s wife has expressed her feelings regarding Curley.

In her explanation, Curley’s wife claims that she despises Curley because he “spends all of his time saying what he’s going to do to people he doesn’t like,” and that her marital discontent presents itself in flirty behaviour with the other men on the ranch.


Is it possible that Lennie killed a puppy?

He has accidently killed the dog by caressing it too hard, and he is concerned that George will discover this and prevent him from caring for the rabbits when they move into their new home, so he attempts to conceal the body behind some straw to avoid being discovered. Curley’s wife walks in and attempts to converse with Lennie.


What is the significance of George telling sweets to wait till he is gone?

Why does George instruct Candy to wait until he has left the room before summoning the other gentlemen? So that the other men won’t suspect him of being involved in Curley’s wife’s death. Slim claims he should allow them to murder him because, if they apprehend him and restrain him, whatever they do to him will be worse than death.


What is the name of Curley’s wife?

Her identity is determined by her position as Curley’s wife or Curley’s property. George and Candy refer to her by a variety of nicknames, including “jailbait” and “tart.” She overdoes the cosmetics and dresses in a “whore” manner, complete with crimson fingernails and red heels embellished with ostrich feathers. Lennie is entranced by her and can’t seem to take his gaze away from her.


Is Lennie a scapegoat?

Lennie suffers from a mental handicap, which makes him reliant on George to handle the day-to-day aspects of life in the challenging environment in which they live and work. Lennie is a very naive and good-natured young man; he always means well and is preoccupied with simple pleasures, as his dream with George reminds the reader of his character.


Is it true that Lennie killed rabbits?

Lennie’s portion of the dream consists only of caring for and petting rabbits on the farm, since he enjoys the tactile sensation of stroking soft creatures, despite the fact that he always manages to kill them.


What is the literary representation of candy?

Candy is a retired ranchworker who was injured on the job and now works as a swamper, or cleaner, on the ranch. Candy has been working on the ranch since she was a child. He believes that as he grows older, he will become more ineffective and of little worth as a person. Carlson shoots his dog in such a manner that it reflects his feelings for him.