What does OD compression mean?


Compression or National Pipe Thread tapered ends are available on the fittings we supply (NPT). Compression ends are designed to fit a specified outer diameter tube (OD). A 14-inch compression fitting, for example, is used to join two pieces of tubing with a 14-inch OD.

With this in mind, is it better to use flare or compression fittings?

Compression fittings should be used with all hard copper and soft tubing 3/8″od and lower diameters, whereas flare fittings should be used with soft tubing over 3/8″od. Compression fittings should never be used on gas connections. Flare fittings are used in hydraulic systems to connect tubing.

Is it also true that compression fittings are dependable?

 Although compression fittings are typically thought to be more dependable than threaded fittings, they can have certain drawbacks. Compression fittings, in general, are less vibration resistant than soldered or welded connections. Bending the tube repeatedly might cause the ferrule to lose its hold on the tube.

With this in mind, how does a ferrule fitting function?

The ferrule must be oriented appropriately in order to function properly—typically, the ferrule is positioned such that the longest sloping face of the ferrule faces away from the nut. As a consequence, the ferrule closes the gap between the pipe, nut, and receiving fitting, resulting in a secure connection.

What is the best way to keep a compression fitting from leaking?

To crimp the ferrule onto the pipe, tighten compression fittings using two wrenches (Photo 3). Also, double-check that the pipe or tube is inserted straight into the fitting. A leak will result from misalignment. If the fitting leaks after you turn on the water, try tightening the nut a quarter turn more.

Is it possible to overtighten compression fittings?

If the pipe is clean and correctly cut, compression fittings perform nicely. It’s common knowledge in the trade that not overtightening a compression fitting will provide you with extra thread in the event of a leak while also preventing the olive or fitting from warping. After hand tightening, a nut usually requires one full turn.

A 1/4 compression fitting has what thread?

-1/4-28 thread compression fittings with 4MM OD tubing

What is the definition of a 3/8 compression fitting?

Tube size determines compression fittings. In most cases, 3/8 tubing is an ACT type tube with an OD of EXACTLY 3/8″. I don’t have a measurement for the ferrule, but it appears to be exactly right for sliding over the tube.

How do compression fittings in plumbing work?

A compression fitting is a form of connection that is used to join two pipes together or to connect a pipe to a fixture or valve. The compression ring is driven into the seat when the nut is tightened, forcing it to compress against the pipe and the compression nut, resulting in a watertight connection.

Is it possible to utilise compression fittings with gas?

Compression fittings can be used on gas pipelines, although this should be done by a CORGI-registered specialist. If a soft (copper) olive is used instead of a brass olive on the plastic side, compression fittings can be used to link a length of copper pipe to a piece of plastic pipe.

What is the maximum psi that a compression fitting can withstand?

For high-pressure applications, compression fittings are the best option. Large compression fittings may often be utilised at pressures exceeding 10,000 psig when used in conjunction with a high-pressure tube material like steel.

What is the purpose of flare fittings?

Flare fittings are often used for gasoline, grease, oil, water, vacuum, air lines, L.P., and natural gas and are built for greater pressure applications. Flare fittings with forged nuts can also be utilised for refrigeration, air conditioning, and other applications requiring difficult-to-hold liquids and gases.

Is it safe to use compression fittings on brake lines?

Compression fittings on brake lines are not frequently suggested due to their unreliability. Compression fittings are a suitable brake line repair if you’re fixing brake lines in a vehicle that isn’t a passenger automobile utilised for routine road travel and transportation.

A compression fitting has what thread?

Compression fittings, which are constructed of brass or plastic and feature straight threads, are commonly used on soft copper pipe and small-diameter tubing. Compression threads can be found in places like the angle stop under your sink.