What is my stuff on Hulu?


You have complete control over what gets into My Stuff, which is your own storage place for whatever you want to keep track of. You may save your favourite episodes, movies, and other media to My Stuff, and we’ll keep track of what you’ve previously seen and what you still have to watch. When new episodes of your series are uploaded, we’ll notify you by displaying badges on your profile page.


In a similar vein, you could wonder, “How can I discover my things on Hulu?”

In My Stuff, you’ll find them listed under the Networks section, and on the Home screen, you’ll find them listed under My Channels.


In the same vein, what channels are available on Hulu?

Hulu Live TV Entertainment Add-On – Hulu Live TV Entertainment Add-On – In exchange for an extra $7.99 each month, you may access the following additional channels: DIY, Lifetime Movies, and so on. It’s the Cooking Channel, just in case you didn’t know.

In addition to the live channels listed above, Hulu will provide the following live channels via its Hulu Plus Live TV service:



ACC Network is an acronym that stands for Advanced Computer Communications Network.

Animal Planet is a television network that broadcasts animal shows.

The Big Ten Network.



There is a cartoon network called Cartoon Network.


Just to put it another way, how can you label a programme as “unwatched” on Hulu?

How to delete the history of your Hulu watching sessions

Access your Hulu account by logging in.

To access your history, hover your cursor over your name at the top right of the screen and choose History.

You may now go through each programme one by one, removing any stray titles that you don’t want to muddle up the process.

Alternatively, choose “Remove all videos” from the drop-down menu at the top left to start again.


Is Hulu available for free with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime membership costs $99 per year (or around $8.25 per month), but it provides unlimited, free two-day delivery on many products as well as many other benefits. Access to the company’s expanding library of streaming TV episodes and movies is also included. Hulu Plus is $7.99 per month or $95.88 per year, depending on how many months you subscribe. Netflix and Amazon do not display advertisements to you.


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Is there a Hulu TV Guide available?

Using the enhanced live guide and new live collections, our Hulu + Live TV subscribers will be able to do the following: access a complete two-week grid guide that allows viewers to know what’s coming up next, record forthcoming episodes, movies, and games in advance, and channel surf to their heart’s content


What is the purpose of the advertisements on Hulu?

On-Demand Networking Services As a result of the fact that this additional programming is provided at the network’s discretion and is not included in the Hulu streaming library, you may encounter advertisements while viewing. Select seasons or episodes of a programme may be available in our streaming collection, but others are only available to Live TV members via the network’s streaming service.


What content is available on Hulu Basic?

Hulu Basic, which costs $5.99 per month, is the most cheap streaming subscription available on the market. You’ll have to go through a few advertisements, but you’ll get access to all of Hulu’s programmes, including The Handmaid’s Tale, Brooklyn 99, This is Us, and Seinfeld, in exchange for a little fee. Ad-free versions are available for $11.99 a month for those who cannot stand advertisements.


Is it possible to add Disney Plus to my Hulu subscription?

You may purchase the package by going to Disney, ESPN Plus, or Hulu’s websites. For those of you who already have a Hulu or ESPN account, you’ll need to merge the two accounts on your computer. Here’s what you should do. Disney Plus includes content from Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and other studios.


What is the best way to skip to live on Hulu?

If you’ve stopped or rewinded your live stream, you may use the Go to Live button (found above the Play button) to jump directly to what’s now broadcasting in real time.


What are the costs of Hulu add-ons?

Adding HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime to your Hulu subscription will cost you $14.99 per month, while Showtime will cost you $10.99 per month. Customers who subscribe to live TV may upgrade to a cloud DVR with unlimited screens and an upgraded cloud DVR with enhanced cloud DVR for $14.99 a month.


Is it possible to download from Hulu?

Hulu (No Ads) and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV members will be able to download selected programmes and movies on their mobile devices if they have a compatible device. If you subscribe to a different plan but wish to download material to view later, you may change your plan at any time from your Account page by clicking on the Change Plan button.


How do you remove numerous programmes from Hulu at the same time?

Remove all recordings from your computer. As soon as you reach the limit of your available storage space, the older recordings will be destroyed to create way for the new ones. To manually remove recordings from your DVR, go to the Manage DVR area of My Stuff and click on the (–) sign next to the recordings that you want to remove.


Is there a Hulu Desktop application available?

Please keep in mind that the Hulu app is available for a number of Android TV models, but not all devices running the Android TV operating system will be supported.


What is the procedure for removing programmes from Netflix?

When you first use the Netflix app, select the menu button in the upper left corner and then scroll down to “Account.” It should be tapped. Scroll down until you reach the “My Profile” area, and then choose “Viewing activities” from the drop-down menu. You may unsubscribe from every programme you’ve ever viewed simply hitting the “X” next to the show’s name in this section.


What is the best way to handle my Hulu DVR?

Hulu will automatically erase older footage when you begin to run out of storage space, but you may also actively remove anything that you’ve recorded from your account. To watch live television, use the Hulu for Live TV app on your iPhone or iPad, or the Hulu app on your Apple TV. Choose My Stuff from the drop-down menu. To manage your DVR, you must scroll all the way to the right and click Manage DVR.


What is the best way to add channels to my Hulu profile?

Navigate to NETWORKS – BROWSE. Scroll down to the last two rows, which are marked ON-DEMAND ONLY and A-Z respectively. Locate the station you wish to watch and keep the cursor hovering over it. If there is a check mark, it indicates that the channel is in your My Channels. If there is a positive, it isn’t in my sphere of influence.


What is the process for adding sports to Hulu?

Select “Sports Teams” from the “Interests” drop-down menu to add the professional teams you wish to follow. As soon as you’ve chosen your favourite teams, Hulu will propose games to you and alert you of forthcoming games depending on your preferences.