What is the answer to Question 100 on the impossible quiz?


If each Polo mint has just one hole, then two Polos will have two holes (one each), hence “two” is the right answer.

In a similar vein, what is the solution to the impossible quiz?


a quartet (holes in the words “A Polo”, alternatively holes in a polo sweater: 2 for hands, 1 for head and 1 in the bottom)

No, but there is a tin can. (Wordplay: A tin can can’t box a match.)

a.k.a (O.K backwards)

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Also, on the difficult quiz, what is the solution to Question 24? 

24th question (The Impossible Quiz) Question 24 of The Impossible Quiz is the game’s second unskippable question, as well as the game’s first safe question, meaning you can’t lose a life here. A little box with different coloured stripes is present.

Then there’s the matter of how many questions are in the impossible quiz.

There are 100 questions total, with the Epic 10 at the end. The answer is “No one knows that,” since the game believes that no one who has gotten to this question has made it all the way to the finish, therefore no one knows that this Quiz has 110 questions in total.

What is the answer to the difficult quiz question 50?

Question 50 of The Impossible Quiz asks you to do a basic yet crucial activity. “Remember:,” states the question, which is followed by a colour code and a numeric code. “Blue, red, blue, yellow” is the colour code, whereas “108 = 4 8 15 16 23 42” is the numerical code.

What is the alphabet’s seventh letter?

The letter g is the seventh in the English alphabet. The letter G is a consonant.

What are the primary components of the shampoo difficult quiz?

Because the “cham” in “Babycham” sounds like “sham,” and “faeces” is a synonym for “poo,” the solution is “Babycham and human faeces.” When you put them together, you get the term “shampoo.”

On the impossible quiz, how do you get past Question 5?

Because the open area is related to the screen boundary, you must move the pointer off the screen to go beyond this. Circumnavigate the maze and reach the spot marked by the second dot, which is also connected to the screen’s edge. To proceed, click the dot.

What is the answer to the difficult quiz question 12?

“Click the smallest,” states Question 12 of the Impossible Quiz. There are four different-sized circles beneath the question, all of which are clickable possibilities. This question comes from the Impossible Quiz Demo, where it was the sixteenth question. The third circle from the left is NOT the correct answer.

What is the solution to the 15th question on the impossible quiz?

To answer this question, use the in-game keyboard to write “horse,” as a horse makes the sounds specified in the message, and there’s a silhouette of a horse right there. You lose a life if you press the wrong letter.

What is the solution to the 40th question on the impossible quiz?

The third labyrinth question in the game is Question 40 from the Impossible Quiz. The “maze” will appear in front of you once you move your mouse over to the red dot on the left side of the screen as normal.

On the impossible quiz, what is the answer to question 49?

“Which is the proper spelling?” asks Question 49 of the Impossible Quiz, referring to which of the four alternatives below is the accurate spelling of the Quiz’s creator’s name. “Slap-Me-Do,” “Slapp-Me-Do,” “Spapp-Me-Do,” and “Splapp-Me-Do” are the options.

What do you name a fly that doesn’t have wings?

“What do you name a wingless fly?” asks Question 36 of the Impossible Quiz. The solution to the question is “A walk,” since the fly happens to fly, and a fly without wings cannot fly, thus “walk” is an acceptable word for it, as walking is the only way it can travel.

What’s the solution to the 38 Impossible Quiz?

The line “Mary Rose sat on a pin” appears in Question 38 of The Impossible Quiz, where the options are “O RLY?”, “Mary Rose,” “Burst her heaps,” and “Ahahahaaha!” Because the “Rose” in her name is a pun on the past tense form of “to rise,” the right answer is “Mary Rose.”

On the impossible quiz, what is the solution to question 65?

On the upper portion of the screen, Question 65 from the Impossible Quiz states “Click the largest,” and there are five circles of various sizes: four in a row below the task, and one above the I in the word “Click” in the task.

On the impossible quiz, what is the solution to question 64?

As a result, “Egg > 28” is the right answer to this question. The response itself is illogical and arbitrary. The idea is that the other options are either completely incorrect or subjective fanboyism.

When you’ve completed the impossible quiz, what happens next?

The game’s last question, and the tenth and final of The Epic 10 questions, is Question 110 from the Impossible Quiz. This implies that if you’ve used at least one of them before arriving here (or if you didn’t acquire one of the two Skips in Question 84), the game is effectively unbeatable.

On the impossible quiz, what is the solution to question 18?

It may appear perplexing at first, but the answer to this question is the hammer. It’s a reference to American rap legend MC Hammer’s song “U Can’t Touch This,” which featured the well-known words “Stop Hammer Time!”

What is the answer to the difficult quiz question 14?

“What can you put in a bucket to make it lighter?” asks Question 14 of the Impossible Quiz. “Gypsies,” “Torch,” “A hole,” and “Canned laughter” are all plausible solutions to this topic.