What kind of soups does Bob Evans have?


Soup with Chicken and Noodles. 150 cal. to 290 cal. A substantial soup made with old-fashioned egg noodles, succulent chicken, robust veggies, and aromatic herbs simmered in a flavorful broth.

Beef and Vegetable Soup with a Hearty Base. 120 – 230 cal. per pound

Soup with Cheddar and Baked Potatoes (210 – 390 calories).


Similarly, what kind of soup does Bob Evans serve?

Soup with Cheddar and Baked Potatoes. 210 cal. to 390 cal.


Is there a senior menu at Bob Evans in addition to the one mentioned above?

Bob Evans – They feature a senior menu that has 55 or more items at a discounted price. At a Bob Evans restaurant near you, you may get delicious meals at a reasonable price.


What do they serve at Bob Evans in light of this consideration?

Dinner Slow-Roasted Turkey & Dressing Served on Bell Plates Calories range from 800 to 1170.

Country-Fried Steak with a Southern Flavour. 750 to 3480 calories

Fried Chicken 400-500 calories per serving

Chicken Breasts on the Grill 550 cal. to 920 cal.

Salmon with lemon pepper sauce. 730 calories.

Chopped Steak with Mushrooms and Onions. 870 millilitres of calibre

Dinner with ham steaks. 400-440 cal. per pound

Tender Fried Pork Loin (1150 calories per serving).


I’m wondering how much a quart of soup costs at Bob Evans.

Prices for the Bob Evans Farmhouse Menu

Food Price

Cheddar Soup with Baked Potatoes $5.99

The Original Bob Evans Recipe Chili $7.99

Authentic Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup $5.99

Soup with Broccoli and Cheddar $5.99


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Is there a senior discount available at Bob Evans?

Restaurants that provide discounts to senior citizens. Senior discounts are available at the restaurants listed below. Keep in mind that they may differ from place to location or may only be available at certain locations, so be sure to check with the restaurant ahead of time. Bob Evans Restaurant offers a Senior Menu with smaller servings and a reduced pricing for those over 55.


Is it possible to order breakfast at Bob Evans all day?

Of course, the answer is a resounding no. Brunch is a meal that should be enjoyed and cherished by everyone, at any time and from any location. A new all-day, every-day brunch menu is now available at all 523 Bob Evans Restaurants locations, according to Market Force, which named the company the Best Breakfast Chain for the second year in a row.


What do you recommend I order at Bob Evans?

Bob Evans | Bob’s Best Herb-rubbed Turkey & Dressing | Bob Evans Inc. The secret to a nice turkey, according to Ohioans, is time. Bob Evans Homestyle Fried Chicken is a popular dish in the United States. A comforting staple, this hand-breaded chicken dish is cooked to golden-crispy and juicy perfection. Pot Pie from the Heartland. Meatloaf cooked over a campfire. Steak fried in the country style. Pot Roast that is fork-tender.


Who does Bob Evans Family Meals serve on a daily basis?

With Family Meals for 6-8, you’ll be able to provide something for everyone.


Is potato soup available at Bob Evans?

Soup with Cheddar and Baked Potatoes (210 – 390 calories)


Is Bob Evans a place where you can get spaghetti?

Sauce for Spaghetti and Meat Parmesan cheese is sprinkled on top of this classic meal of pasta and meat sauce. Served with sourdough garlic toast (sourdough bread).


Is it still possible to have crepes at Bob Evans?

At selected locations, Bob Evans is once again offering crepes as a breakfast option for customers. Two crepes are topped with blueberries, creamy whipped topping, and a dusting of powdered sugar in this delicacy, which the company claims is “better than ever.” The dish is available at participating locations only. Sausage Links are among the breakfast meats available.


Is there a salad dressing selection at Bob Evans?

bob evans salads bob evans sauces bob evans dressings Ranch dressing made by Bob Evans salad dressing made by bob evans salad dressing made by Bob Evans


What is the definition of meal planning?

When you plan your meals for the week ahead, particularly for supper, you are referring to the habit of making a trip to the grocery store on Sunday to get all of the goods you will need. Menu planning is an excellent tool for ensuring that you have a well-balanced diet and that your nutritional requirements are met.


Is it true that Bob Evans uses genuine eggs?

“When ordering scrambled eggs, be sure to ask for REAL EGGS!” Bob Evans is the subject of this review. Naturally, if you request sunny side up eggs, this is not a problem since they must be made with genuine eggs. This is only applicable when ordering scrambled eggs.


Bob Evans loaded home fries are exactly what they sound like.

According to the menu description, they are topped with melty cheese sauce, bacon, shredded cheddar, and freshly chopped onions, among other ingredients.


Is there a special birthday menu at Bob Evans?

Bob Evans is giving out free birthday goodies to adults. Bob Evans has launched a new customer loyalty programme, dubbed Bob Evans Rewards, to reward loyal customers. Members who register gain points for purchases, as well as a complimentary Cinnamon Blossom and beverage, just for joining up. Apart from that, members will also get a FREE Birthday Treat on their special day.


Is it possible to get pumpkin pancakes at Bob Evans?

The Pumpkin Pancake Breakfast, which consists of a stack of four fluffy pancakes topped with caramel cinnamon apples, is perfect for people who are craving something sweet in the morning. A selection of freshly made muffins, including Mimi’s favourite seasonal muffin, Pumpkin Spice, as well as juice are provided with the main course.


What is the location of the first Bob Evans Restaurant?

Rio Grande is a city in the state of Ohio in the United States.