What kinds of literary techniques does the crucible use?


Situational, dramatic, and linguistic irony are all used by Arthur Miller in his play ‘The Crucible’ to portray absurdity and make a point.


Similarly, many wonder what types of literary strategies are used in the Crucible by Arthur Miller’s play.

After everything is said and done, Arthur Miller used themes, tone, and many sorts of irony throughout his play. Of course, he used a variety of other literary methods, including imagery, grammar, diction, and figurative language, among others. However, these are the three that I have chosen to share with you.

Also, what role does allusion play in the Crucible’s plot?

However, despite the fact that Danforth and Parris attempt to show that the Devil is deceptive and may deceive even the most upright of men, Proctor discredits their arguments by referring to the individuals who levelled the allegations and their potentially unfavourable reputations. The Crucible has several references to biblical characters and events.

As a result, one can wonder what kind of writing is represented by The Crucible.


The crucible makes use of a number of symbolic representations.

It is the doll that has been discovered on Elizabeth Proctor’s shelf that has been a traditional emblem of voudoo and witchcraft for hundreds of years. Symbolizing the transition of good into evil in The Crucible, the doll (as well as Rebecca Nurse) represents the turning of good into evil: dolls, in a normal society, reflect childlike innocence and offer pleasure.


In the crucible, what exactly is a metaphor?

“This farm is a continent when you travel by foot by dropping seeds in it,” says a character in Act 2 of The Crucible, as an example of a metaphor. Proctor uttered this quote, and it is true. This may also be represented in terms of exaggeration.


Is irony a literary device or a plot device?

Irony is a literary technique that describes a disparity or incongruity between what is expected of a situation and what is really happening. The discrepancy between the surface meaning of anything that is stated and the underlying meaning may be referred to as a semantic difference. A discrepancy between what could be anticipated to happen and what really happens might also exist.


An example of dramatic irony in the crucible may be seen here.

When Elizabeth is called to the stand to testify, there is an example of dramatic irony in action. Elizabeth is at a loss for what to answer when Judge Danforth inquires as to why she dismissed Abigail Williams, since she is unaware that John has already revealed his affair with Abigail to the authorities.


What kinds of literary techniques can you think of?

This lesson examines some of the most prevalent literary strategies that may be found in works of fiction. Allusion, diction, epigraph, euphemism, foreshadowing, imagery, metaphor/simile, personification, point-of-view, and structure are some of the literary devices that will be covered.


Is foreshadowing a literary technique or just a cliche?

It is a literary method in which the author delivers an early clue of what is to come later in the tale by using a word or phrase that is already in the text. Often seen at the beginning of a tale or chapter, foreshadowing helps the reader form expectations about what is going to happen in the next chapter or storyline. Foreshadowing may be used in a variety of ways by a writer, depending on the situation.


Who told me that my name is well-known in the village?

My reputation in the community is excellent! I will not allow it to be suggested that my name has been defiled! “Goody Proctor is a liar who spreads rumours!” She denies everything that occurred in the forest until Parris brings it up, and she denies everything she did with Proctor until Parris brings it up.


What is the underlying subject of The Crucible? –

The concept of goodness is a prominent issue in Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible. As a result of their religious upbringing, almost every character is obsessed with the notion of goodness. Once all, the most important thing in life is how one will be judged by God after they die.


What is the significance of the crucible as an allegory?

In response to accusations of communism levelled by a government committee headed by Republican Senator Joseph P. McCarthy, dramatist Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in response. It is an analogy or metaphor that links McCarthyism to the Salem witch trials, as shown in this play.


Was there a message contained inside the crucible?

information on Expert Answers One of the most important implications of “The Crucible” is that mob mentality, whether in a religious or political context, leads to unthinking (and, as a result, immoral and irrational) acts in all situations. This drama depicts the consequences of such activities, which result in the persecution of innocent individuals.


What brought the Salem witch trials to a close?

The suspected witch’s claims were immediately dismissed by the community, and the trials were brought to a close as the accusations became even more outrageous. Governor Phipps abolished the Court of Oyer and Terminer in 1693, and all proceedings were transferred to a higher court of appeals. The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 were declared unconstitutional by the general court of the town in 1702.


What was Arthur Miller attempting to accomplish with The Crucible?

“The Crucible,” written by Arthur Miller, tells the storey of a community preoccupied with unearthing “witches” and the challenges that they face. A primary goal of Miller’s novel is to expose the defective mechanisms that are often employed to judge one’s guilt or innocence as a witch, as well as to present a fictional account of the witch trials.


What’s the difference between the Crucible and the Salem witch trials, you may wonder.

“The Crucible” was written at a period in which Communism was gaining strength and many individuals were being falsely suspected of being Communist spies, just as many people were being falsely convicted of witchcraft in Salem at the time of its publication. An infamous court trial that took place in Salem, Massachusetts, was dubbed “The Salem Witch Trials.”


What is the cause of Proctor’s death?

Execution by means of a hanging


What is the significance of the crucible?

One of the most compelling arguments in favour of include The Crucible in the curriculum is the historical context in which it was written. Only a small number of the novels assigned for class are based on actual historical occurrences. Reading about these events is crucial because students may learn from their failures in the past and prepare themselves better for the future.