When should groomsmen get fitted for tux?


A second fitting may be planned if required, however most people who are unable to attend the initial fitting simply stop by any tux shop and have their measurements taken, after which they can email the measurements to the local store. Once again, this should take place about four to six months before the wedding day.


In this regard, how soon do the groomsmen need to be fitted for their suits?

We understand that getting anything made to measure will take more time and will need additional fittings; thus, please anticipate 6-8 weeks for your order to be completed and delivered. When planning a wedding, allow anything from 6 months to 6 weeks, especially if any member of the wedding party is oversize or has a unique fit.


Second, does the bride assist the groom in selecting his tuxedo attire?

A: You’re absolutely correct. As a groom, you should have the option of picking out your own wedding suit rather than having your bride-to-be choose what you’ll be wearing. Then you’ll be able to wear anything you want while she’ll have the impression that she gave her approval.


Similarly, one would wonder how much it costs to be fitted for a tuxedo.

They propose that you hire your wedding party and make your tuxedo selections at least two months before the wedding date to avoid disappointment. The deposit for an individual fitting is $20, and a group fee of $40 is charged for wedding parties that book at the same time as the individual fitting. Each tuxedo rental includes a non-refundable $8 damage charge, which is added to the total cost of the rental.


Is it customary for the groom and groomsmen to wear the same outfit?

Traditionally, the groomsmen dress in a manner that is the same as or similar to that of the groom, although the choice is entirely up to the groom. Even if you do not want for all of the guys in your wedding party to dress in the same suit or tux, it is critical that their attire complements your own in terms of design and feel as much as possible.


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Does Men’s Wearhouse provide tuxedo rentals?

| Men’s Wearhouse provides tuxedo rental and men’s tuxedos for rent.


What should a groom wear on his wedding day?

The groom would dress in a full tuxedo, which would include a vest, white bow tie and tails, and a shirt with striped pants. Along with the exceedingly formal attire, a top hat, a walking stick, and gloves are often used as accessories. Formal — Appropriate for a “black tie” occasion when the groom and groomsmen will be in attendance.


What colour should the bridegroom be dressed in?

Groom Suits in the Color Blue When it comes to a colourful groom suit, blue or navy wedding suits are the greatest options. Generally speaking, the colours you combine with blue tend to stand out more than the colours you pair with them, bringing out the best in your tie, pocket square, or even the dress shirt you choose.


Do the groomsmen have to rent their own tuxedos?

Tradition has it that the groomsmen hire their own suits (together with a tie, socks, and shoes if necessary) for the big day. If the groom is financially able to do so, it is acceptable for him to offer to pay for all or part of the outfits; however, he should make this apparent from the start.


Should the groomsmen wear shoes that match?

You now know what colour and fabric you’ll be wearing, so it’s time to choose your shoes to go with it (a.k.a. the fun part). Make a point of wearing shoes that are the same colour as you and your groomsmen to avoid confusion. It is not necessary for them to be the same exact pair of shoes, but they must be the same colour.


What exactly is the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

Among the most noticeable visual differences is the use of satin in both the tuxedo and the suit. To distinguish them from other suits, tuxedos often include satin facing on the lapels as well as buttons and pocket trim, as well as a satin side stripe running down the leg of the pants. But it doesn’t rule out wearing a bow tie with a suit or an extra long tie with a tuxedo, for example. Yes, you can.


Can you identify the difference between groomsmen and grooms by their attire?

Easily distinguishable from his groomsmen, the groom’s shirt has subtle features that differentiate him from the others. You may choose a different collar for your shirt than your guys, for example, wearing a spread collar for a casual, relaxed style rather than having the groomsmen wear a wingtip collar for a more formal appearance. Consider wearing shirts that are a different colour from your groomsmen.


Can the groom wear a tuxedo and the groomsmen suit up?

The groom and his groomsmen might dress in a variety of fashions. A groom might also make a statement by dressing in a tuxedo while his groomsmen are dressed in black suits.


Will Men’s Wearhouse provide you with a free measurement?

We do not suggest that you take your own measurements. At any of our more than 700 sites around the country, you may have expert measurements taken at no cost. Alternatively, you may phone 1-800-776-SUIT(7848) to find a Men’s Wearhouse location, or you can visit our Store Locator page here.


What is the average time it takes to be fitted for a suit at Men’s Wearhouse?

Visit a Men’s Wearhouse shop near you to get fitted by a trained specialist. Locate a retail establishment. You may get measured in less than 60 seconds by using our Fit Evaluator.


After renting a tuxedo, do you get your money back?

The majority of the time, rental tuxedos must be returned to the business the next day following your event. Those that are returned late will be charged a late fee for each additional day that they are late. In addition to the above expenses, there may be a non-refundable damage charge (about $8), a group fee for wedding parties (approximately $40), and a deposit of around $20.


What is the price of the black tuxedo?

Taking an alternative approach to the rental garment, The Black Tux creates a garment that is constructed from higher-quality materials purchased from Italian mills and that is intended to be worn less often than a standard rental garment. Suite rents begin at $95, while tuxedo rentals begin at $110 per day.


What is the cost of a tuxedo rental at Men’s Wearhouse?

The average cost of renting a tuxedo from Men’s Wearhouse is around $180. Their most affordable tuxes may be rented for as little as $100, while their most fashionable tuxes can be rented for as much as $250. The trousers, coat, vest, neckwear or tie, and dress shirt are all included in the majority of rental packages. Matching shoes may be rented for an additional fee of around $10.


What is the process of being fitted for a tuxedo?

from the novel The Black Tux Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, slightly above your hips, where you would ordinarily wear formal pants to get an accurate measurement. Dressing in jeans or casual trousers, aim for slightly over the waist of the pant, but avoid going over the top, where a belt would be used.