Where is the master key mission 7 Dishonored 2?


In Mission 7: Crack in the Slab, the Master Key is used to open the whole home level, which is accessible only by using it. You must first go back in time, after which you must proceed to the dining hall, where the key will be sitting on one of the benches.


The master key in Dishonored 2 has been described in this fashion.

The location of the Dishonored 2 Master Key When you first go inside the house, turn left after passing the pile of luggage and bags and proceed down the corridor to the dining room, which is flanked by two giant statues. The key may be found on a stool near the dining room table.


In a similar vein, how do you get out of Aramis Stilton’s room?

Escape the dining room by going back in time and standing outside until the situation is clear, then returning to the present and walking through the doorway. Return to the present as soon as possible in order to escape discovery.


Taking this into mind, where has Stilton gone since rescuing him?

In the event that Stilton is spared, the Dust District will be restored to its former grandeur under his direction. At the beginning of the quest The Grand Palace, he may also be encountered onboard the Dreadful Wale, where he informs the protagonist of a hidden passageway into the Duke’s vault.


What is the total number of missions in Dishonored 2?

There are nine missions.


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Where has Stilton’s master key vanished to?

The Master Key opens most, but not all, of the doors of Aramis Stilton’s Manor, and it is the only way in and out. It may be stolen from at least two separate guards at the same time: In the Great Hall, there is a single person sitting at the long table.


In Dishonored 2, how do you go inside the hidden passageway?

A button may be found in the shelves on the left side of the central aisle, near the entrance. Push it aside and go into the hidden passageway ahead of you. On the inside, there are a few of valuables in the strange shrine chamber to the left, as well as a blueprint on the desk. To access the vault, go to the rear of the room and use the Duke’s key to unlock the door.


In Dishonored 2, where can I find the crank wheel?

A crank wheel in a case may be found in a corner to the right of the elevator, to the left of the door. The boxes, which are arranged like steps to the right of there, lead to a hole in the wall and a nearby notice warning of a leak. Grasp the crank wheel and toss it through the opening.


In Dishonored 2, where can I find the waiting room key?

The Waiting Room Key is the key that opens the door to the Waiting Room, which is located inside Jindosh Mansion. There are two copies available. One may be located on the couch adjacent to the entrance, guarded by a sleeping guard (depending on your Chaos level), while the other can be discovered in the corridor beyond the door.


What is the best way to travel to Aramis Stilton?

Find Aramis Stilton (in the current day) | Dishonored 2 Mission 7 Guide Once you’ve walked through the door in the dust district, you’ll find yourself inside Stilton’s home. Once entering, take the escalators from the foyer to the first level, where you will enter the room facing the other way. You will discover the first rune as well as a safe.


What happens if I assassinate Aramis Stilton’s head?

The home will be utterly vacant in the present if you murder him in the past. Although the home looks exactly the same as it would if you had knocked him unconscious, Stilton has no new office. There will be signs up around the home indicating that the house has been sold and will be refurbished. You also don’t have any runes or bone charms to pick up, which is a disappointment.


Was Stilton ever killed, and what happened to him?

If you put Stilton to sleep, she will never go seeking for him, and as a result, she will never lose a limb or an eye. If you murder him, it’s the same as if he went insane, and she loses an eye and an arm while trying to find him again.


What is the best way to reach the nice ending in Dishonored 2?

A satisfying conclusion: Replace Duke Abele with his twin; delete Paolo and vice-overseer Byrne, either by killing them or via non-lethal means; and disregard the rest of the crew. Avoid assassinating Anton Sokolov or Meagan Foster. Please save the daughter/life. father’s


Is Billie lurk Meagan Foster, or is she someone else?

In The Knife of Dunwall, Billie Lurk serves as Daud’s second-in-command and constant companion throughout the events of the novel. Meagan Foster, a friend of Anton Sokolov’s, appears in Dishonored 2 as Billie Lurk, who acts as the protagonist’s boatman. Billie takes over the role of the protagonist in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.


What is the best way to utilise the timepiece in Dishonored 2?

A Crack in the Slab is the mission in which it is used. In your hands, the Timepiece’s folding lenses refract light and create a vision of Aramis Stilton’s mansion in a certain time era — either the present (1852), or the past (1849) – depending on the time period you choose. When the artefact is activated, the user is able to navigate between the two eras of time shown on the timeline.