Which country code is UA?




Therefore, whose nation is the United Arab Emirates?



As a result, the question becomes, which nation employs the +380 code?



In light of this, what is the nation abbreviation for the United Arab Emirates?



Is there a two-letter country code that I may use?

Country codes consist of two letters. In the form of a two-letter country code, nations and states (often both well known and less so) are represented by a combination of two letters. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 3166-1 alpha-2 is the most widely used set of two-letter country codes in use today.


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What does the abbreviation UA mean?

United Artists is abbreviated as UA. UA stands for United Airlines. UA stands for Universidad de Alicante (Spain)


What exactly is UA?

“User agreement” is the abbreviation for this.


What is the name of the CN country?

The country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the People’s Republic of China is cn. Cn is an abbreviation for Chinese. Administration of domain names in the Chinese mainland An arm of the Ministry of Industry and Information oversees the administration of the country’s economy.


What nation does area code 38 belong to?

* Recipient of the Governor’s Award for International Trade in Connecticut in 1994 * +1 USA and Canada +38 Yugoslavia +380 Ukraine +381 Serbia, Republic of +385 United Kingdom and Ireland +38 Croatia


What is the area code for +7?

Telephone numbers in Russia and Kazakhstan are part of a unified numbering strategy, with both countries using the international dialling code +7 as their country code. Historically, the national calling code for the Soviet Union was +7, which was used across the country.


What nation does RO belong to?



Is ISO a country code or a prefix?

In the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a country code is a two- or three-letter combination that designates a country or a state. The ISO country codes are globally recognised codes that indicate every country and most of the dependent territories. Example: two-letter suffixes such as and are written with the country code in the middle of them.


What does the nation of Germany stand for?

Definition of an abbreviation DE Germany is a country with a rich history (Deutschland; Internet top level domain) DE Delaware is a state in the United States (US postal abbreviation) DE Desktop Environment (also spelled Desktop Environment) DE German is the language of instruction (German)


What is the abbreviation for the nation of Ireland?

IE is the country code for Ireland. According to ISO-3166 Alpha-2, the country code is Ireland is represented by the two-letter country abbreviation IE.


What is the two-letter country code for the Republic of Serbia?

RS is the country code for Russia. According to ISO-3166, the country code for Serbia is Alpha-2 RS, which is a two-letter abbreviation for Serbia.


What is the two-letter country code for the nation of Vietnam?



What is the two-letter abbreviation for the country of India?

List: The two-letter country code / abbreviation for the country ISO-3166-1 ALPHA-2 ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2 Country AI ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2 Country AI Anguilla AQ Antarctica AG Antigua and Barbuda AR Argentina Anguilla AQ Antarctica AG Antigua and Barbuda AR Argentina


What is the area code for 380?



What is the country code for the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland