Who is the dad in high school musical?


Bart Johnson.


Also, who plays the dad in high school musical?

Barton Robert “Bart” Johnson (born December 13, 1970), is an American actor, best known for his role as Coach Jack Bolton in the High School Musical film series.

Bart Johnson

Born Barton Robert Johnson December 13, 1970 Hollywood, California, U.S.

Nationality American

Occupation Actor

Years active 1993–present.


Also, what college did Troy Bolton’s dad want him to go to?

Troy is very close to his dad, who wants him to get into a good college with a basketball scholarship, most likely University of Albuquerque.


Hereof, what is Troy’s dads name in high school musical?

OK, we’re officially obsessed with Troy Bolton’s dad — er, Bart Johnson. High School Musical lovers know Johnson as Troy’s dad throughout the first three films, who was also the East High School basketball team coach (cue “Get’cha Head in the Game”).


Are Sharpay and Ryan twins?

Sharpay and Ryan Evans (Sharpay’s fraternal twin brother) are the co-presidents of the East High Drama Club and her parents are the owners of the Lava Springs Country Club. At the country club, she has a group of three backup singers called The Sharpettes.


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How old is Gabriella Montez?

“Gabriella Montez” is played by 18 year old Vanessa Hudgens. She was born on december 14 in Salinas,California.


How old is Sharpay Evans?

Sharpay Evans General Information Gender: Female Age: 18 Hair Color: blond


Is Zac Efron married to Vanessa Hudgens?

Did Zac and Vanessa ever get engaged,  Although there was a rumour that circulated the web in 200that the Baywatch star had actually popped the question to the brunette beauty while they were on a trip to Japan together, it turned out not to be true. So no, the former couple were never engaged to be married.


What position did Troy Bolton?

It is revealed in the second movie by Sharpay that Troy also played on the golf team. Troy earned the position as captain of the basketball team in his junior year after joining the team as a sophomore.


Did Troy Bolton get into Juilliard?

At the end of the musical, Ms. Darbus reveals that both Kelsi and Ryan have won the Juilliard scholarship, and Troy reveals he has chosen to attend the University of California, Berkeley to be close to Gabriella, play basketball, and perform in theater.


What is Troy Bolton’s real name?

Zac Efron.


How old is Troy Bolton?

Troy was born at the mini Basketball Arena in Albuquerque (currently called Basketball Court! USA!) on Saturday 15 August, 1992 at 11:59pm to Mr and Mrs Bolton. His full life began when he was brought home. At the age of 6, Troy met Chad Danfoth and Zeke Taylor in Kindergarten.


Who is Zac Efron engaged to?

Efron began a romantic relationship with model and entrepreneur Sami Miró in September 2014.


How old are they in HSM?

IMDb Rating: 5.2 Actor Age then Age now Zac Efron 19 32 Vanessa Hudgens 18 31 Ashley Tisdale Unknown – Lucas Grabeel 22 35.


Who sang for Troy in HSM?

Zac Efron.


When did Troy and Gabriella start dating?

Awww! Troy and Gabriella would be 26 or 27 years old today, which is seriously MIND-BLOWING. In real life, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens met on the set of High School Musical in 2005, began dating some time after, and broke up in 2010.


Is there going to be a High School Musical 4?

Stop Everything: High School Musical 4 Is Officially Happening. This is not a drill, Wildcats: High School Musical 4 is actually happening. Disney Channel just announced that it’s officially returning to East High for a new instalment of the hit TV movie franchise.


How old was Zac Efron in HSM?

Zac Efron was 17 in High School Musical when he played the character ‘Troy Bolton’. That was over 14 years ago in 200Today he is 32, and has starred in 32 movies in total, 28 since High School Musical was released.


Did Zac Efron sing in HSM?

Zac Efron didn’t sing at all in the first movie When filming for the original HSM was taking place, Efron unfortunately couldn’t hit the high notes necessary for his role. Because of this, singer/actor Drew Seeley took over the vocals while Efron just lip synced.