Who What did Macbeth see at the banquet table?


Despite the fact that he has been successful in murdering Banquo, a murderer informs Macbeth that Fleance has evaded capture. When Macbeth arrives at the supper, he is greeted by the spirit of Banquo, who is seated at his place at the table. He is in a state of shock.


Who else was absent from the dining table, other the two of them?

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In addition to Banquo, was there anybody else who was absent from the feast table?

Macduff is nowhere to be seen.


The issue then becomes, who will emerge at the supper and how will Macbeth respond to their presence?

As a result, Macbeth views Banquo as a danger and has him slain by two hired assassins, with Banquo’s son Fleance escaping with his life. In a later scene, Banquo’s ghost reappears, prompting Macbeth to get alarmed while attending a public feast with his family.


A similar question may be: What does Macbeth observe throughout the supper that no one else can see?

Banquo is killed by the killers (who were hired by Macbeth), but his son Fleance manages to escape. What does Macbeth notice when he returns to the dinner table, and how does he react to what he finds? He has a vision of Banquo’s ghost. No one else notices anything, and they are perplexed.


When Macbeth arrives at the supper, what do you think he will say?

In his speech, Macbeth adds, “Thou canst not claim I did it; never shake/Thy ghastly hair at me.” The feast guests fear Macbeth must be unwell since he is acting in such an erratic manner, but Lady Macbeth assures them that, while Macbeth has these ‘fits’ on a regular basis, he will soon return to normal.


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Macbeth does not murder Banquo personally, thus what is his motivation for doing so.

Due to the fact that he is no longer required to do his own dirty deed, Macbeth does not make an effort to assassinate Banquo. He has ascended to the position of king and may assign such duties to others. Macbeth is noteworthy because he is the king.


What is Macbeth’s motivation for wanting Flance killed?

Macbeth assassinates Banquo because he is aware that Banquo is suspicious that Macbeth is responsible for Duncan’s death. He was also informed by the witches that Banqo’s sons would ascend to the throne. The reason he kills Fleance is the same reason he murders the others. Because the witches predicted that Banquo’s sons would become kings, Macbeth views Banquo as a danger.


What is the source of Lady Macduff’s son’s remark about liars?


What is the significance of Lady Macduff’s son saying, “Liars and swearers are fools?”

 It is implied that, since there are more of them than there are honest people, they should band together and hang the honest people. They are being stupid by putting themselves in danger when they have the ability to defeat the honest people.


Who was responsible for Macbeth’s death?

After Macbeth assassinated Duncan, it was Macduff who was responsible for discovering the corpse. Later, Macbeth assassinated his wife, Lady Macduff, in their home. Duncan’s son Malcolm is persuaded to return from England to Scotland in order to usurp the throne from Macbeth by his father Macduff. When Macduff returns to Scotland, he confronts Macbeth and ends up killing him.


So what exactly is Macbeth’s strategy at the conclusion of Act 3?

Summary: In Act 3, scene 3, the assassins assassinate Banquo, who dies pleading with his son to run and revenge his father’s murder. Fleance is able to flee when one of the killers extinguishes the candle in the darkness. The killers flee with Banquo’s corpse, intending to locate Macbeth and inform him of what has occurred.


Why does Macbeth order the assassination of Macduff’s family?

Answer and explanation: Macbeth assassinates Macduff’s family as a means of punishing him and dissuading him from joining the rebellion against him.


In relation to Malcolm Donalbain and fleance, what does Lennox have to say?

Hecate claims that mortal men are unable to avoid knowing what will happen in the future. Is there anything Lennox has to say about Malcolm, Donalbain, or Fleance? According to Lennox, they have been wrongfully accused of murder. Macduff has travelled to England in order to assist Malcolm’s warriors in their attempt to defeat Macbeth.


Is it possible for Macbeth to identify the ghost? What gives you the confidence that he does?


Is Macbeth able to identify the ghost? What gives you the confidence that he does?

Banquo is recognised by Macbeth, who tells the ghost that he should not hold him responsible for the murder: “Thou canst not claim I did it: never wave Thy gory locks at me.” Banquo is killed, and Macbeth is not held responsible.


What are Banquo’s final comments on the subject?

The peripeteia, or turning moment, of Macbeth’s tragedy is Fleance’s flight from the castle. Banquo’s last lines, in which he orders Fleance to “revenge,” serve to remind the audience of the Witches’ prophesy to Banquo, according to which he would be the father of a dynasty of kings, even though he himself will not ascend to the throne of Scotland.


What does Macbeth undertake in order to get vengeance on Macduff?

Macduff then swears that he will assassinate Macbeth for murdering his family. He explains to Malcolm that in Act Five, Scene 8, Macduff exacts vengeance on Macbeth by confronting him face to face during the last battle of the play. At the conclusion of the play, Macduff is responsible for Macbeth’s death and decapitation.


What is the purpose of Macbeth’s banquet?

He thinks that by assassinating Banquo, he would be able to put an end to the prophesy that Banquo’s offspring will rule the kingdom. However, during the supper, Macbeth’s terror transforms into remorse, and he either sees or imagines the ghost of Banquo. This is noteworthy because it is the first time that Macbeth’s internal strife is made public in the play.


What is the significance of Banquo’s ghost?

A significant reason for the significance of Banquo’s ghost is that it represents the downfall of Macbeth, since it is the only one who can see him, and that it also takes his seat at the table, indicating that Banquo’s sons will reign as kings. The second reason is because it demonstrates Macbeth’s guilt, allowing the quest to see that something is wrong with Macbeth.


Is it possible for Flance to evade the murderers?

As a result, Macbeth perceives Banquo as a danger, and he plans to assassinate him as well as his son Fleance. Fleance, on the other hand, manages to get away from the murder. By the conclusion of the play, we still don’t know where Fleance is, but many people believe that he is somewhere in Scotland, which makes sense.


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