What does Trikru mean?


It is the Trikru that live in the vast expanse of forest that surrounds the place where Sky People first arrived. They are also known as the Woods Clan, People of the Woods, Trigedakru, and Tree People. Additionally, their limits extend to the area that was once known as Washington, D.C., but is now known as Tondc.


What are the 12 grounder clans, therefore, according to this method?

The following is a list of the twelve clans:

Trikru or Trigeda are two names for the same person (Forest People)

Azgeda is a Spanish word that means “advanced” or “successful” (Nation Ice)

Floukru is an abbreviation for Floukru (Boat People)

Sankru is an abbreviation for Sankru (Desert People)

Yujleda is a woman who lives in Yujleda (Clan of Foliage)

Ouskejon Kru is a slang term for a person who lives in Ouskejon (Blue Cliff)

Delfikru is a fictional character created by author Delfikru (Delphi)

Trishana Kru is a woman who works in the fashion industry (Bright Forest)


In addition to the 13 clans listed above, what are the other clans in the 100?

The thirteen clans that comprised the Coalition were as follows:










Also, do you know what Wanheda means by the number 100?

Notes and trivia are included. Wanheda is Trigedasleng meaning “Commander of Death,” and it is a title that Clarke Griffin was given by the Grounders.


What is Trigedasleng, and how does it work?

Trigedasleng (TRI-ge-da-sleng), also known as Trig, is the language spoken by the earth-born people, the clans of the mid-Atlantic United States, often known as Grounders. Trigedasleng is pronounced TRI-ge-da-sleng. Trigedasleng, which translates as “forest tongue,” is a language that originated with the Trikru clan and does not have a written system of its own.


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Is Octavia going to die?

Is it necessary for Octavia to die as a result of the Anomaly?

Octavia vanished into thin air when she was stabbed by an adult version of Hope Diyoza (Shelby Flannery), who arrived as the Anomaly was triggered and stabbed her in the back. Even though fans will have to wait to find out what happened to Octavia, there are some signs that she may have died in the process.


Is it true that they are speaking an actual language in the hundred?

The Grounders in the television programme “The 100” communicate in a language known as “Trigedasleng.” According to the creators, this language is supposed to be a descendent of current English, and we are to believe that it emerged as a result of natural linguistic drift.


Is Anya going to perish in the 100?

In the end, Anya (Dichen Lachman) was assassinated by a soldier from the Ark, barely seconds after negotiating a tentative ceasefire with Skaikru. Anya was killed after numerous fascinating scenes in which she butted heads with Clarke and eventually worked with him.


What clan does Luna belong to among the 100?

Luna was born on the planet Earth. She and her brother were both Nightbloods, and as a result, they were both sent to Polis to receive combat and leadership instruction. This group of nine novitiates included Lexa, and they were all from the same convent. When the Commander passed away, the Conclave was attended by the nine novitiates.


What is Clarke Griffin’s age, exactly?

Clarke Griffin’s full name is Clarke Griffin. Fleimkepa (Flamekeeper) Skaikru Ambassador Mountain Slayer Wanheda’s official title is Fleimkepa (Flamekeeper) (Commander of Death) Klark kom Skaikru Clarke of the Sky People Princess Prisoner 319 Klark kom Skaikru Clarke of the Sky People Age range: 18 to 24 years old Affiliation: Co-Leader of the Delinquents Medical Student Organization Originally published in: The Ark


What is Anya’s role on The Hundred?

Dichen Lachman is a fictional character created by author Dichen Lachman.


What is the total number of clans in the 100?

It has been verified that there are twelve Grounder Clans as of the release of “Remember Me.” All twelve Grounder Clans are members of the Coalition, which is an organisation of like-minded individuals. Before Lexa unified the 12 Clans, there were smaller coalitions of clans that worked together.


What is the name of the Ice country in the top 100?

The Azgeda, often known as the Ice Nation, was a Grounder clan that was controlled as a kingdom by a leader who had not yet been identified. King Theo, Queen Nia, and King Roan were all known to have been past rulers. Prior to the formation of the Coalition, Trikru and Azgeda were at war with one another on the battlefield.


What is the significance of Clarke’s given name, Wanheda?

Because of the legend’s dissemination and the giving of a name, she is known as Wanheda by the people of the Ground. She is referred to as the Commander of Death by her enemies. When she arrived to the dropship, she set fire to 300 powerful Grounder soldiers, killing them all in a ring of flames before burning herself alive.


What is the significance of Clarke being referred to as Princess?

Clarke is referred to as “princess” by Bellamy in order to remind the other delinquents that she is “Ark Royalty” and thus cannot be trusted. If the delinquents follow Clarke’s advice, Bellamy will be in grave danger. Aside from that, he has no affection for the individuals who are still on board the Ark.


What is the meaning of the given name Wanheda?

Death’s supreme commander


Lexa is 100 years old, thus how old is she in the 100?

The short answer is that Clarke is 18 and Lexa is probably between 20 and 2Clarke was under the age of eighteen when she was thrown to the ground, according to what we know: (1×01) Clarke: No, I don’t think so.


Is Clarke a member of the Nightbloods?

For a brief period of time during Season 3, Clarke receives a blood transfusion from Nightblood Ontari in order to briefly utilise the Flame. It is said that as a result of this, Clarke became a genuine Nightblood, granting her the ability to resist the radiation that Praimfaya releases on Earth.


What is the meaning of the name Blodreina?

What exactly does the name “Blodreina” mean?

Select the most appropriate response: The Queen of the Reds. “Queen of Blood,” as the title suggests. The Queen of the Evils.