What is Whitecough in real life?


Whitecough is a minor chest ailment that may affect any Clan cat at any point in time. In the absence of prompt and meticulous treatment, Whitecough will develop into Greencough. The following are some of the symptoms of this dreadful disease: irregular breathing, mucus in the eyes and nose, wheezing, sluggishness, phlegm flowing from the nose and mouth, and sometimes vomiting.


In light of this, what exactly is Whitecough?

Chronic bronchitis is an infection-induced inflammation of the windpipe (trachea) and the airways that branch from the trachea (bronchi), which may be life-threatening. Acute bronchitis is often brought on by viral infections in the respiratory tract. Acute bronchitis is generally indicated by the presence of symptoms of the common cold that are followed by a cough.


Also, do you know what the symptoms of Greencough look like?

Coughing that is frequent and generates mucous is defined as

There is a lack of energy.

When breathing, there is a wheezing sound.

There’s a fever.


Also, what exactly are Deathberries in the real world?

Deathberries, also called as yew berries by Twolegs, are a sort of toxic fruit that resembles red olives in appearance. They have the ability to kill a cat in seconds. According to the Tribe of Rushing Water, they are referred to as “night-seeds.” They are also harmful to most other creatures, including Twolegs.


Is it possible for StarClan cats to die?

It is possible for a StarClan cat to be killed again, however they will disappear forever and will appear in a new location.


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What is the cause of green cough?

In most cases, green or yellow phlegm is an indication that your body is battling an illness and should be avoided. White blood cells are responsible for the hue. You may notice that you are coughing up yellow and green phlegm over time. A clue that the sickness is evolving from viral to bacterial in nature is the presence of pus in the stool.


What is the cause of Yellowcough?

Yellowcough. There’s a nasty chest infection going on. Redcough. Redcough is a severe chest ailment that gets its name from the way cats sick with the virus cough up blood.


What is Blackcough in the context of warriors?

Infections of the lungs There is little information available regarding blackcough; the black colour may indicate blood.


Is it possible for yew berries to kill you?

Only the red portion of the fruit is edible; the seed within is not. The Yew has the ability to kill you in a matter of seconds. There is just one edible component of the tree that is completely safe and little. The remainder is poisonous.


What herbs do warrior cats rely on for protection?

Cats in need of healing are treated with herbs, which are administered by medicine cats. Alder Bark is a kind of tree native to North America. This medication is used to treat toothaches. The leaves of the beech tree. This is used to transport other herbs inside the house. Blackberry Leaves are a kind of plant that grows on trees. Bee stings are relieved by chewing them to a pulp, which helps to reduce swelling. Borage leaves are a kind of herb. Burdock Root is a herb that has been used for thousands of years. Burnet. Catchweed. Catmint.


Is it true that yew berries are poisonous?

The poison in yew branches is retained even after they are cut away by strong winds or trimming. Despite the fact that the berries are innocuous, the seed contained therein is very dangerous. Even if the seed is not eaten, it will pass through the body without being digested; however, if the seed is chewed, it may cause poisoning with as little as three berries.


What exactly is the warrior code?

There are sixteen distinct regulations that should be observed by all Clan cats, and these are outlined in detail in the warrior code. It is taught from the first moons of kithood until an elder is confronted with the possibility of death. It is stated that as long as the Clans adhere to the warrior code, they will be safe from danger.


What is the name of Ravenpaw’s warrior clan?

Cherith claims that if she had the ability to create a warrior out of Ravenpaw, she would have named him Ravenwing. In light of the fact that Ravenpaw believes in StarClan and the warrior code in the same way as the Clans do, it is quite possible that Ravenpaw will join StarClan after his death.


What is the purpose of Jayfeather’s stick?

Thornclaw discovers the stick during the Omen of the Stars arc and immediately starts using it to get Berrynose and Spiderleg out of the muck when they become entangled in it. Jayfeather, on the other hand, bursts out from the foliage and complains, telling Thornclaw to take care that it is not hurt in any way.


What caused Hollyleaf’s death?

She had no intention of allowing him to perish. When she exposed the information, she fled and “died” in the tunnels that were falling around her. She was rescued by Fallen Leaves and has been living in the tunnels for moons and moons since that time. One day, she returned to ThunderClan and died while rescuing Ivypool from Hawkfrost, who had struck her with a deadly arrow.


What can be done to alleviate a green cough?

Suggestions for Getting Better Feelings Maintain enough hydration. Drinking lots of water, as well as other fluids such as broth, may help thin mucus and make it easier to swallow. Smoking should be avoided. If you smoke, you should think about quitting. Take into consideration using an over-the-counter drug. Over-the-counter drugs may assist to alleviate your symptoms, making it simpler to relax and recuperate throughout your recovery period. Take in the steam.


What caused Spottedleaf to abandon StarClan?

We have not yet seen Tigerstar or Spottedleaf because they were reborn as a solitary, rogue, or Tribe cat, or maybe as a kittypet, which is why we have not yet seen them.


Who is the originator of the name StarClan?

Stargazer. Stargazer was the first cat in StarClan to ever walk on its own two feet. StarClan was founded by him after his death as a paradise for cats. The name was chosen in honour of his daughter Star, as well as maybe himself, though I don’t believe he would have been so greedy. Silverpelt is the name given to the night sky by Stargazer in honour of his companion Silver, who is also known as Silverpelt.


Is Needletail a member of the StarClan?

Needletail is a silver-gray she-cat with white chest hair and green eyes. She has a long tail and a short tail. Needletail, on the other hand, sacrificed herself in order to rescue Violetpaw when it was revealed that she was working against the Kin. She arrived in the form of a ghost and guided Violetpaw to Tree, where she was welcomed into StarClan.