Why are Trojan condoms called Trojan?


Trojan condoms are thus named because they assist you in entering the building securely. Oedipus! The impassable walls of Troy are being referenced here. No one has ever attempted to force their way past those barriers.


As a result, what exactly are Trojan condoms?

Trojan condoms are constructed of high-quality latex and are designed to help lower the risk of unintended pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted illnesses. Trojan condoms are available in more than 30 different variants, and each condom is subjected to electronic testing to assure its dependability.


Furthermore, what size Trojan condoms are available?

Compared to the ordinary Trojan condom, Magnum condoms are a little bit bigger. Magnums have a length of 8.12 inches and a width of 2.12 inches, according to the website Condom Depot. Trojan’s normal ENZ condom, on the other hand, is 7.62 inches in length and 2 inches in width.


Also, do you know which Trojan condoms are the most effective?

The Top 10 Trojan Condoms for 2020

Trojan Naturalamb 3 Pc – 2 pack Condom Lubricated Natural Skin Trojan Naturalamb 3 Pc – 2 pack Condom Lubricated Natural Skin

Trojan ENZ Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms, 36ct. Trojan ENZ Spermicidal Lubricated Condoms, 36ct.

Trojan Pleasure Lubricated Latex Condoms, 40 Count, Trojan Pleasure.

Trojan Stimulations 36ct Lubricated Ultra Ribbed Condoms are lubricated and ultra ribbed.

Trojan Ultra-Thin Latex Condoms, 36 count, are made of latex.

TROJAN-MAGNUM 36ct Large Size Condoms are available in a variety of colours.


What is the quality of Trojan condoms?

Trojan BareSkin Lubricated Latex Condoms are the best choice for him. As compared to their ordinary condoms, Trojan claims that this one is 40 percent thinner. They have a reservoir tip and a generous amount of lubrication for comfort, and their texture is silky smooth. These condoms are not only excellent in avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but they also feel wonderful.


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Is Durex a superior product than Trojan?

When it comes to selecting a certain brand and kind of condom, the decision is mostly up to you and your personal tastes. There is no one sort of condom that is inherently superior than another. Both Durex and Trojan provide a broad range of safe and effective condoms that have been thoroughly tested and shown to work.


Are Trojan condoms manufactured in the United States?

Trojan Condoms Files a Class Action Lawsuit Against the “Made in USA” Label. Church & Dwight “is a significant American maker of home items, including the Trojan brand of male condoms,” according to the class action lawsuit. As of 2006, Trojan brand condoms accounted for 69 percent of condoms bought in drugstores in the United States. ” Which condoms have the finest feel?

For pleasure, these are the top ten best-feeling condoms. Concealment Durex Extra Sensitive Condom CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THEM. Kimono MicroThin is a very thin kimono. Condoms from LifeStyles that are very sensitive. Durex Condom Invisible is a condom that is almost invisible. Okamoto 0.04 Zero Zero Four Condoms are manufactured by Okamoto Corporation. Trojan Supra Bareskin Condoms are made of non-latex. Zioxx Ultra Thin Condoms are as thin as they possibly can be. Lifestyles Selection Sampler from SKYN.


What is the shelf life of Trojan condoms?

By just glancing at the condom’s expiry date, it is simple to determine the truth about the situation. The expiry date for most condoms is five years after they are manufactured, while condoms containing spermicide are only good for three years after they are manufactured.


Are Trojan condoms infused with spermicide?

Latex condoms that are thinner than conventional TROJANTM Latex Condoms. Designed to provide a more natural appearance. Nonoxynol-9 is the active component (7 percent ). Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide is included on this condom for the sole purpose of providing further protection against pregnancy.


What exactly is a Trojan?

An infection with a Trojan horse, often known as a Trojan, is a form of malware that is frequently disguised as genuine software. In order to obtain access to users’ computers, cyber-thieves and hackers might utilise Trojan horses to their advantage. Users are often fooled into installing and running Trojans on their computers via the use of social engineering techniques.


Is it OK for a girl to purchase condoms?

The poll also revealed that males account for more than two-thirds of condom purchases, and that 65 percent of women had never purchased condoms before. However, the findings of the poll imply that women who opt to purchase condoms may not be subjected to as much social shame as they formerly were — which is exactly what should be the case.


Do ultra-thin condoms have a high failure rate?

These are trash, and they are prone to breaking. When compared to taking out, they are far less effective. This product line should be discontinued by Trojan. Also, even though they are “ultra thin,” it still feels like a condom is being worn.


Which condoms are the most effective at extending their usefulness?

In addition to a climax control lubricant on the inside, Trojan Extended Latex Condoms contain a silky-smooth lubricant on the exterior, which provides longer lasting sexual pleasure. Benzocaine (a moderate desensitizer) is included in Climax control lubricant, which helps to: extend sexual enjoyment and performance; and avoid premature ejaculation.


Is Trojan Ultra Thin a safe programme to use?

Extra safety is provided via a special reservoir end. Latex condoms that are thinner than conventional TROJANTM latex condoms. TrojanTM Sensitivity Ultra Thin Condom is rated 3.4 out of 5 by 174 customers. Rated 5 out of 5 by Yankee93 from Great product! This is my go-to condom!


What is regarded to have a large girth?

Of course, it’s not just about the length; there’s also the girth to take into consideration. When flaccid, the average circumference on that front was 3.7 inches (9.31 cm), whereas the average erect circumference was 4.6 inches (10.2 cm) (11.66 cm).


Is Trojan Enz a little creature?

Trojan ENZ condoms are my preferred general-use condoms since, in comparison to other condoms, they are very elastic. That means you can wrestle the thing onto any penis if the situation calls for it. The Tang Center also sells Trojan Magnums and Kimono Maxx, which are $2.50 for a bag of ten if you know that your standard condoms will be a bit too tight.


What is the effectiveness of pulling out?

What Is the Effectiveness of Pulling Out? Pulling out of a relationship is not a viable method of preventing pregnancy. It is effective around 78 percent of the time, which implies that over the course of a year of utilising this approach, 22 out of every 100 women will get pregnant. Condoms, on the other hand, are 98 percent effective when they are used properly every time.


Do Trojan naked skins detach from their bases?

The lubricant in BareSkin condoms is a high-quality water-based lubricant that is designed to last. A COMMON MYTH is that Trojan BareSkin Condoms are too thin and would quickly break. REALITY: Any latex-condom should be used in conjunction with a water or silicone-based lubrication to reduce dry friction, which has the potential to induce condom breakage in the first place.