Who is Ainsley Harriott Dating Now? Exploring His Past Relationships, Current Status, Rumors, and Facts.

Who is Ainsley Harriott Dating Now


Ainsley Harriott is a famous British celebrity chef, television presenter, and author. He has been in the spotlight for years due to his culinary skills and charming personality. Along with his professional achievements, his personal life also attracts media attention. Fans and followers are always curious about Ainsley Harriott’s dating life, past relationships, and current status. In this article, we will explore who Ainsley Harriott is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, rumors, and some interesting facts about his personal life.


Who is Ainsley Harriott Dating Now?

 As of 2024, Ainsley Harriott is not publicly dating anyone. He has kept his personal life private and away from the media spotlight. Ainsley is focused on his career, and his social media accounts mostly feature his professional work and achievements. However, Ainsley’s relationship status may change in the future, and we will update this article accordingly.


Past Relationships:

 Ainsley Harriott was previously married to Clare Fellows, a former costume designer, in 198The couple has two children, Jimmy and Maddie. However, after 23 years of marriage, Ainsley and Clare announced their separation in 2012, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple officially divorced in 2013.


Current Relationship Status:

 As mentioned earlier, Ainsley Harriott is not dating anyone publicly. He has not been seen with anyone romantically and has not made any public statements about his current relationship status. Ainsley is focused on his work, and his social media accounts primarily showcase his professional accomplishments.



Due to Ainsley Harriott’s fame and popularity, he has been the subject of several rumors and speculations about his personal life. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed, and Ainsley has not commented on any of them. Therefore, we will not delve into any baseless speculations and focus only on confirmed facts.



 Ainsley Harriott’s divorce from Clare Fellows was a highly publicized event. However, the couple remained amicable and has been co-parenting their children, Jimmy and Maddie, together. Ainsley has not commented publicly on the reasons for the divorce and has maintained his privacy regarding the matter.



  • Ainsley Harriott was born on February 28, 1957, in London, England.
  • He started his culinary career in the 1980s and became a popular television personality in the 1990s.
  • Ainsley has authored several cookbooks, including “Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen,” “Ainsley Harriott’s Friends and Family Cookbook,” and “Ainsley’s Ultimate Barbecue Bible.”
  • He has hosted several television shows, including “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook,” “Ready Steady Cook,” and “Ainsley’s Food We Love.”
  • Ainsley Harriott has won several awards for his culinary skills, including a BAFTA for Best Lifestyle Show for “Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible.”
  • He is also a supporter of various charities, including the Prince’s Trust and Action for Children.



My Final Opinion, Ainsley Harriott is currently not dating anyone publicly. He was previously married to Clare Fellows and has two children with her. Ainsley’s personal life has been kept private, and he has not commented on any rumors or speculations. Despite the public interest in his personal life, Ainsley is primarily focused on his successful culinary career and charitable endeavors.