Who is Disguised Toast Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Relationship Status, and Rumors

Who is Disguised Toast Dating Now


Disguised Toast, whose real name is Jeremy Wang, is a popular streamer and content creator known for his gaming content on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. With a huge fan base and an engaging personality, it’s no surprise that fans are curious about his dating life. In this article, we’ll take a look at who Disguised Toast is dating now, his past relationships, current relationship status, rumors, and some interesting facts.


Who is Disguised Toast Dating Now?

As of March 2023, Disguised Toast is not known to be in a public relationship. He has not shared any information about his dating life with his fans, and there have been no sightings or reports of him with a romantic partner. However, it’s important to note that Disguised Toast is a private person, and he may be keeping his relationship status under wraps.


Past Relationships

Disguised Toast has been quite private about his past relationships, and there is not much information available about his dating history. However, he has mentioned in interviews and streams that he has been in relationships in the past.


Current Relationship Status

As mentioned earlier, Disguised Toast is not known to be in a public relationship at the moment. It’s possible that he is dating someone privately, but without any confirmation from him, it’s all speculation.



As with any public figure, there have been rumors about Disguised Toast’s dating life. One popular rumor was that he was dating fellow streamer Pokimane, but both parties denied these rumors. Another rumor was that he was in a relationship with another streamer, Janet Rose, but again, there was no confirmation from either party.



As there is no confirmed information about Disguised Toast’s past relationships, there is no information available on any breakups he may have gone through.



  • Disguised Toast was born on November 25, 1991, in Toronto, Canada.
  • He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Software Engineering.
  • Disguised Toast started streaming on Twitch in 2015 and gained popularity for his Hearthstone content.
  • He has over 3 million followers on Twitch and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Disguised Toast is known for his humor and engaging personality, as well as his ability to create entertaining content.
  • He has collaborated with other popular streamers like Valkyrae, PewDiePie, and Jacksepticeye.



while there is no confirmed information about Disguised Toast’s dating life, it’s clear that he has a huge fan base who are interested in learning more about him. As a private person, it’s understandable that he may want to keep his relationship status under wraps, and it’s important for fans to respect his privacy. Regardless of his relationship status, Disguised Toast is a talented content creator who has made a name for himself in the world of streaming and gaming.