Who is Eva Green Dating Now? Past Relationships, Current Status, and Rumours


Eva Green is a French actress known for her captivating performances in movies like “Casino Royale,” “300: Rise of an Empire,” and “Penny Dreadful.” With her striking looks and enigmatic persona, fans are often curious about her personal life, including her relationship status. In this article, we’ll explore who Eva Green is dating now, her past relationships, and any rumours surrounding her love life.

Who is Eva Green Dating Now?

 As of 2023, Eva Green’s current relationship status is unknown. She has managed to keep her private life away from the public eye, so it’s unclear if she is currently dating anyone. However, Eva has been open about her desire to start a family, so it’s possible that she’s in a committed relationship but prefers to keep it private.

Past Relationships:

 Eva Green has had a few high-profile relationships in the past. She was in a long-term relationship with actor Marton Csokas, whom she met on the set of “Kingdom of Heaven.” The couple dated for several years before calling it quits in 2009. After their breakup, Eva was linked to a few other actors, including Michael Pitt and Josh Hartnett, but those relationships were never confirmed.


As a celebrity, Eva Green is often the subject of rumours and speculation about her love life. One rumour that has been circulating for years is that she dated her “Penny Dreadful” co-star, Timothy Dalton. However, Eva has never confirmed or denied these rumours, and there’s no evidence to suggest that they were ever in a romantic relationship.


Eva Green’s breakup with Marton Csokas was amicable, and the couple remains on good terms. In interviews, Eva has spoken fondly of her ex-boyfriend, calling him a “wonderful man” and a “brilliant actor.”


  • Eva Green was born on July 6, 1980, in Paris, France.
  • She is the daughter of actress Marlene Jobert and dentist Walter Green.
  • Eva is fluent in French and English and has acted in films in both languages.
  • She was discovered by director Bernardo Bertolucci when she was only 17 years old.
  • Eva has won several awards for her acting, including a BAFTA for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in “The Casino Royale.”


Relationship Wiki Table:

Partner Relationship Type Year
Marton Csokas Long-term 2005 – 2009
Michael Pitt Rumoured N/A
Josh Hartnett Rumoured N/A
Timothy Dalton Rumoured N/A


While Eva Green has had a few relationships in the past, she prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. As of 2023, her current relationship status is unknown, but fans will undoubtedly continue to speculate about her love life. Despite the rumours and speculation, Eva remains one of the most talented actresses of her generation, with a career that continues to thrive.